Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tariq Ramadan’s Take on Toulouse’s Terrorist


A reader, T.B., provides us with a much better rendering of Mr. Ramadan’s thoughts –

“I am able to offer a somewhat more idiomatic translation into English of Tariq Ramadan's French. Ramadan's French is the abstract French of post-structuralism and post-modernism, full of obfuscations. English readers should be aware that the French word "citizen" (citoyen) is freighted with meaning in the language of its origin.”

Here is T.B.'s version:

The problem of Mohamed Merah is neither religion nor politics. A French citizen frustrated by not finding his place, his dignity, and the sense of life in his own country, he will find two political causes for expressing his rancor: the Afghan and Palestinian peoples. He attacks certain symbols, the army, and kills Jews, Christians, and Muslims without distinction. He expresses the political thinking of a wayward young adult within whom dwell neither the values of Islam, nor the thoughts of racists or anti-Semites. Young, disoriented, he has fired at targets who had above all the power and meaning of their visibility. Neither more nor less. A poor boy, culpable and to be condemned, without the shadow of a doubt, quite as if he was himself the victim of a social order that had already condemned him and millions of others to marginality, to non-acknowledgment of his civic equality of right and opportunity [son statut de citoyen à égalité de droit et de chance]. Mohamed, characterized now by his name, was a French citizen by way of immigration before he became a terrorist of immigrant origin. His destiny was quite closely tied to the perception that one had of his origins. In the provocation of it, he had closed his own circle: he had freed himself of the image, previously deformed and degrading, by become the definitive “other.” For the French people of France, there is nothing less French than the Arab-Muslim Mohamed.

[As all of our essay contributors and many of our readers know, I don't find long paragraphs like Mr. Ramadan's conducive to online comprehension. In fact, his sixth grade English teacher would've marked him down on this one simply based on the concept of paragraphs having cohesion.

That's why I broke it up earlier, hoping to have it appear less dense and more accessible. Perhaps someone could suggest the same to Tariq. The boy does go on...]

Merci to T.B. for taking the time to do this. I am most grateful.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Well, I said the chattering class would be all over this. So here’s Mr. Ramadan, like white on rice, with his predictable formulations about root causes.

Below is the Google-translated rendering -- not bad for a machine version. The words in brackets were added for clarity. My guess is about eighty percent accuracy on this. But maybe some of our French readers will provide a better translation:

.... “The problem of Mohamed Merah was neither religion nor politics. [A] French citizen frustrated not to find his place, his dignity, and sense of life in his country, he will find two political causes to express his anger: Afghan and Palestinian peoples.

[He] attacks the symbols, the army, and kill Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. [This] expresses a political thought of a young adult who is confused or inhabited by the values of Islam, not by racist or anti-Semitic thoughts.

Young, disoriented, he shot marks which were mainly the strength and direction of their visibility, neither more nor less. A poor boy, guilty and condemned, without doubt, though he was himself the victim of a social order that had already convicted him and millions of others to marginality, [to] non-recognition of his citizenship status or equal rights and opportunity.

Mohamed, whose name was so characterized, was a French citizen from an immigrant family before becoming a terrorist with an immigrant background. His fate was soon chained to the perception …[of] origins . In provocation, he has come full circle: he was lost in this picture, distorted [and] degrading, to become the “other” final[ly].

For the French of France, there is nothing French in the “Arab-Muslim Mohamed”.
So the French pay for their sins, eh, Tariq? And an adult is not responsible for his actions because his identity limits his choices? If I were a Muslim woman, then, I would be entitled…oh, wait, I forgot. Muslim women are only half-human, so I wouldn’t be entitled to anything. Not to mention that my status as an infidel entitles me only to a place in Hell.

What a wonderfully closed system. Full of grievances and rage, pushing people like this one over the edge instead of taking responsibility for your fellow Muslim’s behavior. This is not compassion; it is the cynical use of another person.

On Tariq’s page, there is a comment section. Here’s one of my favorite responses to his sophistries:

It seems to me that the doctrine of Islam contained in the Koran has widespread support violent behavior!

I think of the suras, for example, asking to kill Jews, Christians and Atheists.
The original French is below the fold, followed by some real information:

.... " Le problème de Mohamed Merah n’était ni la religion ni la politique. Citoyen français frustré de ne pas trouver sa place, sa dignité, et le sens de la vie dans son pays, il va trouver deux causes politiques pour exprimer son dépit : les peuples afghan et palestinien. Il s’attaque à des symboles, l’armée, et tue juifs, chrétiens, musulmans sans distinction. Il exprime une pensée politique d’un jeune adulte dérouté qui n’est habité ni par les valeurs de l’islam, ni par des pensées racistes ou antisémites. Jeune, désorienté, il a tiré sur des repères qui avaient surtout la force et le sens de leur visibilité. Ni plus ni moins. Un pauvre garçon, coupable et à condamner, sans l’ombre d’un doute, même s’il fut lui-même la victime d’un ordre social qui l’avait déjà condamné, lui et des millions d’autres, à la marginalité, à la non reconnaissance de son statut de citoyen à égalité de droit et de chance. Mohamed, au nom si caractérisé, fut un citoyen français issu de l’immigration avant de devenir un terroriste d’origine immigrée. Son destin fut très tôt enchaîné à la perception que l’on avait de ses origines. Dans la provocation, il a bouclé la boucle : il s’est perdu dans cette image, autant déformée que dégradante, pour devenir « l’autre » définitif. Pour les Français de France, il n’y a plus rien de français chez l’Arabo-musulman Mohamed."

And in the comment thread of another post comes some background on this Mohammed and his associates, his salafist associates. It deserves wide attention:

“The latest about the murderer of Toulouse. He had links with spanish salafist circles. I’ve just translated this stuff”:


“Lone wolves” like Mohamed Merah attended the Salafist summit in Tarragona: the CNI suspects that terrorist attacks were planned in several countries, including Spain.

Spanish intelligence services suspect that the salafist meeting held in Tarragona in 2011, which was attended by the murderer of Toulouse, was attended by more “lone wolves”. There are security alert for the possible existence of similar plans in other countries, including Spain.

The killings committed by Mohamed Merah, the murderer of Toulouse fit, according to analysts consulted by the ECD, to the terrorist pattern of “Lone Wolf”, a concept that experts define as acting independently, choosing he himself his objectives and carrying out the attack without aid.

This type of modus operandi makes it extremely difficult to detect in advance any plan and abort it.

The gunman from Sarajevo

The Toulouse attacks have put in alert the special security forces in Europe, which have had for months been analyzing warnings of possible similar actions across the continent since the case of the so-called ‘gunman’ in Sarajevo.

Now, according to informations coming from intelligence services, it is suspected that there might be more Salafist groups preparing similar attacks to those that occurred in France these days, that is, attacks carried out by lone individuals.

And Spain could not be spared from these plans, so special warnings have been raised.

According to this information, the intensification of actions by ‘lone wolves’ could have emerged from the meeting of some radical elements in Catalonia in 2011.

Tarragona, 2011

The ECD informed on wednesday that a group of agents from the CNCA and the Special Central Unit of the Guardia Civil conducted a follow-up operation and identification in Tarragona, in April 2011.

Several suspected members of jihadist circles with violent motivations belonging to the group Salafia Jihadia met there, simulating to belong to cultural associations.

As part of that, according to the intelligence sources, “legal” conference, there were some more confidential encounters among Salafists. Among these there was a young French national of Algerian origin, not filed by the Spanish security services. He was identified as Mohamed Merah, and a warning was sent to France.

Spain sent a dossier on Merah about his participation in these meetings to the General Directorate of External Security (DGSE), an organization equivalent to the CNI. The information was added to the french records of Merah, who had for years been filed because of maintaining links with radical islamic circles in Southern France, and making some trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where it is assumed he could receive military training.

That warning from the Guardia Civil did put Merah’s name in the list of suspects handled by the french police, which eventually led them to the murderer’s home in Toulouse.

The spanish ideologue released

Moreover, last January was reported the release of Mustafa Setmarian in Syria, who has spanish passport and is married to a spanish woman. Setmarian is considered one of the most influential figures of Al Qaeda.

The Syrian is author of “The Call to Global Islamic Resistance”, which
sets out the main bases to continue to carry out “lone wolf”-like attacks. However, consulted sources rule Setmarian out of having any connection with the recent attacks.

Now let's see how long it takes the talking heads to hear about this. I don't mean Tariq; he's not interested. And who can tell? Maybe he already knows.

The French probably already know this. Just as they know the brother (that fellow pictured in the news with the cute pink towel over his head). Let us hope they can act with more alacrity regarding the sib.

Thanks to Hermes for that excellent translation and source.


babs said...

This time I understood exactly what Mr. Ramadan was saying because I have heard it a hundred times before.
No need to investigate words. This same pap has been applied to just about every other ethnic minority in the west; poor boy, unequal opportunity, alienated, blah, blah, blah. No wonder he murdered 7 people!
If I didn't know better I would say that was Al Sharpton talking.

Anonymous said...

On the news just now, they said that he had become radicalised and started reading the Koran ...

Guess that little snippet of truth won't be examined any further though ...

Because obviously there is no connection between the contents of the Koran and the actions of a "mujahideen". Despite the fact that all mujahideen are Muslims, all jihadists are Muslims, and the perpetrator of these horrific attacks in France was a reader of the Koran.

Islamist? Remove the suffix and look at the root.


Isha Merdeka said...

He is (MM) the terrorist like Anders Breivik, among some countries who performs terror in other countries (U know that)

And I think you should add to your favorites:
Matthew 10:34, Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.

May you be an objective and wise!
& sorry... I paste mine:

Dymphna said...

@ Babs--

Yeah, ol' Al, the Grievance Pro, could've written that boilerplate. I thought of him while I was working with TR's piece.

And that's the basic multiculti message all over the world.

Oh - here's a new twist, though also totally predictable:

French Terrorist Spent 15 Days in a Psychiatric Hospital

Now I'm waiting for the stories of bullying in his childhood. We already have the parents' divorce meme, and now the psych hospital meme. Starting to sound like Breivik, eh?

Snaphanen blog (Denmark) sent that link. It was a good excuse to see what he had up. Scrolling down, I found a snip from some multiculti fellow. Snaphanen titled it:

“Det er vores skyld altsammen”

Which seems to be an quote from the piece. Three guesses what it means?

"It's all our fault"

Of course it is. Sure. Whatever...lovely leftist lemmings as far as the eye can see.

That link he sent has some intriguing pages...

Dane said...

I can only hope for French that Le Pen wins the presidential election.

Dymphna said...


According to the talking heads, whose links our readers have been sending, their expert opinion is divided as to whether this is good for Sarkozy and his call for more security or good for LePen who calls for a stop to immigration.

Hermes' translation makes it clear that Sarkozy's "security" has some swiss cheese holes in it.

Here is a video purporting to be the last moments of the killer. I have no opinion as to its validity other than to say it doesn't look like a lethal level from which to jump:

Vido de la mort de Mohamed Merah

Nemesis said...

Only a true believer in the multicultural cause would believe the words of Mr. Ramadan whose use of taqiyya knows no limits!

Qualis Rex said...

@Babs - you are SO RIGHT! This follows the standard script: "See? If a Mohammedan kills other Mohammedans along with the rest of the victims, he's not REALLY doing it in the name of Mohammedanism. He's just crazy or something." First, he did not know the soldiers he killed were also Mohammedans. Second, Mohammedans have been killing other Mohammedans since the begining of Mohammedanism (this is the reason for the Sunni and Shia split). Third, we see this EVERY DAY in Iraq, Pakistan and...well...across the world. They simply chalk it up to collateral damage.

Like I said before, when I hear of Mohammedans killing Mohammedans it almost puts a smile on my face since that's less we will have to deal with. But don't try and convince us it was not done in the name of Mohamedanism. You, Ms Babs, are a very astute woman who I am fortunate to have met.

Anonymous said...

Please, please put something else at the top of your blog. I can hardly bear to look at that bloke's name, let alone read anything about him. It's the "Tony Blair Effect".

Anonymous said...

Btw can I just make the obvious point that if you have a problem with the policies of your country, then you can always do what civilised people do: VOTE!

This guy Mohamed whatshisname got himself a gun and started shooting people, and the msm are trying to excuse his behaviour by saying he disagreed with what the French govt was doing, sending French troops overseas.

There was an election on. All Mohamed had to do was VOTE.

So this we read about him doing what he did because of this or that .. it's all just nonsense.

He lived in a Western democracy. There was an election on. If he was that bothered about French troops going abroad to fight, or about banning the burka, then all he had to do was VOTE.

There is no excuse for what he did. Period.

Anonymous said...

I dearly love those comical equivocators of Islam to Christianity.

Question time:
Whose founder was a bandit, pederast, mass killer of Jews, who delighted in killing in general. Whose so-called Holy book is full of exhortations to kill Christians, Jews and Pagans?

Whose followers even today routinely murder Christians, Gays and Women within their states?

Whose followers today commit violence and threats of violence against those that even dare draw a cartoon figure of their founder?

Whose religious leaders routinely order the deaths of people who leave their religion and those for simply being gay?

Answers: Islam.

Do better next time Lefties. It's no fun sandblasting crackers.

Anonymous said...,11913.html?lang=fr

Mr Ramadan offers his blather in English, on his website, as well as French.

gonzomocha said...

certain sectors of Israeli press reporting that merah apparently visited Israel (maybe transitioned through en route to Judea/Samaria aka westbank)

got to wonder at the source of the financing, which allowed for this apparent french 'slum kid' make these trips

lone wolf or whatever.....his handlers need to be tracked....and neutralised

Papa Whiskey said...

Ramadan's exculpation of Islam, whose "values" supposedly did not "dwell within" this "poor boy," is echoed by French President Nicholas Sarkozy (quoted in the UK Telegraph):

"The Muslim faith has nothing to do with the insane acts of this man."


(This, and much else, may be found at

babs said...

QR - Thank you for the very nice compliment but, I'm just another Bozo on this bus trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Thank God for GOV and other antijihad websites or I wouldn't have a clue. Most people don't.

66chevelle said...

Mohammedan Rhapsody

He's just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity
Easy come, easy go, will you let me go
Bismillah! No, we will not let you go!

Anonymous said...

This is what Sarkozy says:

"Anyone who regularly consults Internet sites which promote terror or hatred or violence will be sentenced to prison."

This is from an article posted on the Drudge Report. Since what exactly it means to promote hatred is subjective, this is troubling.