Friday, February 24, 2012

Denmark Says No

Nicolai Sennels reports that Danes are not all that keen on Turkey’s accession to the EU. I’m not sure how Danish opinion differs from that of other EU member states, but I expect opposition is fairly widespread across the EU.

Denmark: 70.5 percent says no to Turkey in EU
by Nicolai Sennels

Turkey has 80 million Muslims and letting them into EU would be suicide. Islamonausea among Danes is clearly widespread — even on the extreme left.

Translated from “Massive no to Turkey in EU”:

70.5 percent of Danes say no to the idea that Denmark should use the EU presidency to “facilitate negotiations with Turkey with the aim to give Turkey EU membership.” Only 16.7 answered yes. And quite remarkably, there is a majority among all parties’ voters against Denmark’s promotion of negotiations with Ankara.

It is not surprising that only 3 percent of the voters from the Danish People’s Party support Turkish EU membership, while 90 percent are opposed. Or that 79 percent of those who vote for the Liberals oppose.

More noteworthy is that among Social Democratic voters there are nearly three opponents for every supporter of Turkish EU membership (66 percent versus 23). …

Only 21 percent of SF (socialists) voters and 24 percent of the Radicals (green and cultural relativist party) want Denmark to facilitate the way for Turkey, while 36 percent of Enhedslistens (Communists) voters answer yes.


The poll shows strong opposition to EU membership for Turkey in all income groups. Women tend to be more dismissive of Turkey than men.

Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and the author of “Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist’s experiences with the Copenhagen Municipality”.

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commoncents said...


We've been all over this as well on Common Cents...

Anonymous said...

Germany will say no.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gates of Vienna,

I just wanted to pass along the term ISLAMOCRAT, as in "someone who struggles for Islamic Rule."

As the Left so well understands, it is important to label our enemies, and we don't have a lot of good labels for this enemy. Please pass it along if you think it will help our cause.

Best Wishes for all of your heroic efforts,


laine said...

Germans have the most experience with Turks including Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan declaring that German Turks are still under his purview, insisting they should be schooled in Turkish in Germany etc. This is yet another Islamic belief that is little understood in the West. When a Muslim moves abroad, he is still considered a loyal subject to his Islamic country of origin and its ruler. He has no loyalty to the new place. He's an occupier.

bewick said...

@ laine. Posted this news under the UK grooming case. Pakistan is about to extend voting rights to dual nationality Pakistanis living in Britain. Thousands upon thousands of Pakistanis who have never left that country have managed to vote in British elections for years so it sort of evens things up in perverse way.
Pakistan's reasoning is that "British" Pakistanis have sent so much money to Pakistan over the years that they need a reward. THAT money of course left the British economy for good which may have some bearing on our current economic woes.
I am also seriously led to wonder how much was actually taxed given that their are umpteen stories of "British" Pakistani taxi drivers paying eyewatering amounts, in Pakistan, for the wedding of a daughter.

Qualis Rex said...

Surprisingly, when the whole Turkey/EU thing began in 2002 the biggest PROPONENT of Turkey's admission was...Greece. They saw it as a way to gain back their historic lands through eventual EU sanctioned reverse colonialization (i.e. they would begin buying it back and resettling it). I guess their gain is expected to be the rest of our loss, since Greece would hardly be a destination of choice for your average Turkish Mohammedan seeking fortune in Europe.