Monday, February 27, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/27/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/27/2012The German interior minister said that Greece should be encouraged to abandon the euro, and that the Greek economy would have a better chance of recovery if it did. Not long after he made his remarks he was rebuked by Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said she disagreed with him.

In other news, the Spanish government has said that it will have no objection if Scotland joins the European Union after it gains independence. Some Spaniards, however, are concerned that such a move would encourage separatist movements in certain Spanish provinces, such as Catalonia.

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Anonymous said...

The raging bus hijacker in Skien, Norway, is of "Palestinian descent"

Running from a psychiatric institution he hijacked the bus with a hammer Monday night, and later got caught by the police.

Skien: Also known for being the city where Henrik Ibsen was born.

Anonymous said...

Rent a police helicopter

As the Norwegian government is spending billions abroad, at the same time trying to build enough housing for immigrants in Oslo, as there has not been enough ressourcs to keep a police helicopter available for the capital.

UK is now coming to the rescue, offering the Oslo police to rent a UK helicopter.

Anonymous said...

British government censored documentary on EDL because they did not want the public to see how muslim extremists get preferential treatment over patriotic Brits.

Anonymous said...

UK: Housing Benefit Caps: 100 Families Receiving Enough for a £1million Mortgage.

Landlords pocket the inflated Housing Benefit not the families on welfare.


Anonymous said...

Andrine, 21, left this world
after repeated abuse

Her mother had left the phone numbers of the probable abusers with the police, but nothing happened.

It took the Norwegian police several years to bring in some of the suspects.

The gang of Kurds had started harassing Andrine when she was 13. At 21 she could no longer bear it.

Anonymous said...

Støre gives 43 million dollars from Norway to "Palestinian authorities"

The dollars are meant for health, education and security, according to Foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre.