Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wikipedia Has Islamonausea-Nausea

Last month Nicolai Sennels posted his recommendation that we all practice the use of the word “Islamonausea” to counteract the ubiquitous and insulting word “Islamophobia”.

Now it seems that Wikipedia has an issue with the new word. According to Nicolai:

Wikipedia Deletes ‘Islamonausea’

Remember ‘Islamonausea’?

We should all use the word more. In Denmark ‘Islamonausea’ has already been submitted to the Danish Language Committee for new words.

Fear of Islam, ‘Islamophobia’, is what Muslims try to spread using threats and terror. But who is afraid of Islam? We feel sick of all that hate, violence and suppression of women. Islamonausea is the fitting word.

Words like Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism are other people’s guesses about how we feel. We need a word that describes what many of us feel, according to ourselves. A word that does not destroy communication by calling the other party names and designating them as neurotics, but functions as a cultural bridge that allows Muslims to understand what they should do if they want respect.

Google has thousands of hits on ‘Islamonausea’:

Islamonausea Google

Our article here at Jihad Watch ‘Islamonausea, not Islamophobia’ is also doing well. However:

Islamonausea wiki

Alas: IslamoNauseating! Wikipedia Deletes ‘IslamoNausea’ Entry:

Islamonausea deleted

Wikipedia has fear of Islam

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Professor L said...

It's interesting to note that the suggestion has arisen to put it on Wiktionary. While it does have several sources, it can be construed as being deletable on Wikipedia.

If we can get it on Wiktionary, and list it as related to islamophobia (same "symptoms", but different causes), then we may be able to, in time, get its approval on Wikipedia or demonstrate its Sharia compliance more fully. For now, there's too much grey area under the rules given.

Interesting to note that the editor who deleted it (after a massive four responses) is Dutch.

whitney said...

Islmaware! Islamaware!

Chiu ChunLing said...

What's that? Jihad by malware?

laine said...

"Race realist" is a good substitution for the libs' unfounded accusation of "racist". It subtly implies that libs are living in a lala land devoid of facts i.e. they are unrealistic. Similarly, Islamorealist would be a good counter to Islamophobe. "Islamonausea" wastes too much of your precious time defending its obvious negative connotation that libs will bang on about to the detriment of getting your facts and arguments aired.