Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/14/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/14/2012The Moody’s agency has cut the debt ratings of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Malta, and has issued a warning to France, Britain and Austria, saying that the outlook for all nine countries was unfavorable, due to the Eurozone debt crisis.

In other news, an Iranian national blew his own legs off today in a failed grenade attack in Bangkok. Two alleged conspirators were also involved in an alleged plot to kill foreign nationals in Bangkok. One was arrested at the airport, and the other is at large.

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Anonymous said...

Mullah Krekar in the Oslo court Wednesday

Krekar has previously explained(...) how former minister Erna Solberg would have to pay the price if his expulsion would be executed, indicating that even his family/clan would make sure she paid.

- These are not death threats, only information

Will the judge be capable of seeing through the taqiyya here?

The mullah is being defended by lawyer and Salvation Army son, Brynjar Meling.

Back in 2004 a dying man in Bergen, decided to withdraw from his testament a substantial sum of money meant for the Salvation Army, as he had become aware of Meling's position as Krekar's lawyer.