Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Two-Tier System in Action

The English Defence League often discusses the two-tier system of justice and policing in Britain. There are two sets of rules, one applying to Muslim immigrants, the other applying to “persons of British background”. Needless to say, the law lets Muslims off very lightly, if it punishes them at all, while white Britons are punished severely for the same — or much less serious — offenses.

Using CCTV footage from two separate incidents, Vlad Tepes illustrates the two-tier system in action. In the first sequence you’ll see young Muslim women in Leicester beating up a native British girl while calling her a “white slag” and other racially-charged epithets. In the second you’ll see a group of whites in Carlisle hurling racial insults — but using no violence — against the proprietor of a kebab shop.

First case: The girls walked out of court with no prison time.

Second case: The people shouting insults were sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

This is the reality of “justice” in Modern Multicultural Briton:

(Update: See The Cumberland News for the source of the Carlisle video.)


Anonymous said...

is there a link to an article about the carlisle thing? i can't find anything on google...

Nemesis said...

I would like to think that extreme sentence of 15 years was appealed. No Appellant Court would uphold a sentence like that!

Baron Bodissey said...

Vlad sent me the link to the news article, and I've added it just below the video.

Anonymous said...

The longest sentence was 18 months.

Nemesis said...

Just picked up on the sentence being an accumulative sentence for all involved. Still, 18 months for verbal racist abuse is extraordinary, when one compares it with what the Muslim British citizen can expect when he/she partakes of similar actions.

Two tier system is right, the EDL would verify that!

Anonymous said...

The footage looks pretty mild to me. Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans. White countries for everyone.

Edwin Greenwood said...

An even starker example.

Anonymous said...

To follow up on Edwin's example from Sunderland. The muslim who stabbed the man with a broken bottle was given a suspended sentence because "comes from a respectable family".

Can you imagine the outcry, if some public schoolboy had stabbed a muslim with a broken bottle? That the perp came from an elite school would ensure that this crime was a national outrage. And the calls from the rabid left that he was not imprisoned because of his father's wealth and his mother being a JP would absolutely ensure that the sentence would be appealed and he would be sent to jail.

One can see that an example was made of the Cambridge student who swung off the Cenotaph. But of course, when it comes to the "special ones" they can stab people with bottles and get off with light sentences.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Ultimately, the combined effects of widespread injustice and the obvious pursuit of an anti-white agenda will produce a backlash of significant proportions if it is not halted immediately.

Voting for the Freedom party and candidates that are committed to ensuring that the laws are impartially applied is the only way to prevent deterioration into a race war against Arabic nationalities.

Anonymous said...

Actually it won't produce a backlash,because the majority of Native Britons have passed an invisible line into a state of comfort and non-physicality.The apathy which comes with satisfactory comfort and discarding the political system [80%of Native Britons did not vote in the last election ] means that motivating
a nation of couch-potatoes is nearly impossible. They seem to be happy to remain as mere spectators in their own dismantling and destruction.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Well, and the great majority of Muslims really aren't violent extremists...a subject that has been addressed here before.

The police forces which restrain uncontrolled resort to violence are a tiny minority of the population they attempt to control. Once they are at a substantial disadvantage relative to the tiny minority of the population willing to directly engage in violence, then they face a choice between endangering themselves and failing in their duty. We already know which choice they have tended to make in response to violent extremists advocating the total overthrow of Western Civilization.

Are they really likely to go very far to resist those wishing to preserve their own nationality if a 'tiny minority' of them should decide that the political process does not adequately address their concerns?

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Nemesis said...

To Anonymous 2/14/2012 6:32am...... Actually the EDL is a backlash against what is now occurring under this two tier legal system. And I don't believe that the 80 per cent of voters who you believe abstained from voting at the last general election really abstained because they can be generally described as 'couch potatos'. I believe the majority have given up voting for a system for which they regard is simply changing riders on the same horse.

Most folk tend to be apathetic until what they remain apathetic about starts to affect them directly. Then you will see the real stirrings of a society that has been continually dumped on since the end of the Second World War.

Anonymous said...

Chiu: The Western police will respond forcefully to Westerners because Westerners lack oil that runs modern life whereas Muslim supporters abroad control the spigot of oil in the West.

Now, let the Muslims run out of oil - which is closer than most Westerners realize, and we will have a whole different policing situation in the West.

The problem is that Muslims know that they are about to run out of oil and have seeded the West with immigrant Muslims in the hope that high numbers of young Muslims will outnumber older Western indigenous people when the oil finally runs out. Then, Muslims plan to rule by demographics in lieu of access to the scarce commodity of oil.

I recently read an article that the UK government is developing nerve agents that are banned by war treaties for use on its own civilian populations. So, the very scary answer of how the UK police will respond to indigenous civilian turmoil like the EDL is human incapacitating NERVE GAS.

Nerve Gas To Be Used for Crowd Control in the UK?

So, the whole Western world is a de facto concentration camp with nerve gas showers administered by the ultimate police state.

Hitler would be very proud of his leftist inheritors....