Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/23/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/23/2012The latest accident statistics from ski slopes all over Europe indicate that Danes are 100 times more likely than Norwegians to run into a tree or otherwise injure themselves when skiing. Although not as proficient as Norwegians, the Swedes are also far more skilled on the slopes than their Danish cousins.

In other news, Canada is demanding that the EU shore up its European Financial Stability Facility — the euro-bailout fund — before the Canadian government makes any more contributions to the IMF to help the Eurozone.

Meanwhile, President Barack Hussein Obama has apologized to Afghanistan for the Koran-burning incident.

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Anonymous said...

Sport ravens to stop stone throwing footballers in Groruddalen valley, Oslo

Labor party is looking to find solutions to football violence in Groruddalen, the area that Norwegians flee..

Anonymous said...

Razzia at SOS racism, Oslo

False member lists gave tax payers' support. Money used on vacations and other. Organized fraud.

Anonymous said...


SOS racism in Haugesund, Norway.

Anonymous said...

Balkan party - in Oslo
Cultural enrichment in the new Balkan

Special guests this year

Back in 2003 the band Hojfen Balagan was created by children and youths from the South of Sweden. Inspired by traditional Balkan music they went on to play at weddings, clubs and festivals. They have now changed their name to Diskoteka Yugostyle, according to Utrop, "Norway's first multicultural newspaper".

Anonymous said...

In Austria, Cardinal Schönborn puts a preaching ban on radical Islamist who has preached in a Catholic (!) Institute:

Cardinal Puts Preaching Ban On Imam

Hermes said...

Greece to default and get rid of the euro on march 23:

Anonymous said...


Two men in blue jackets
Allegedly foreigners

A man was robbed with hammer, knife, gun by five men in his home in Oslo on Friday night.

Police is looking for two of the men who were wearing blue jackets.

Anonymous said...