Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Classical Liberal Alternative

As part of his North American tour, British Freedom Party chairman Paul Weston appeared on Michael Coren’s program last night in Toronto.

Topics of discussion included the Islamization of Britain, the cowardice of the mainstream parties, the betrayal of its core working-class voters by the Labour Party, and the likely effect that BF will have in the next general election:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.


Nemesis said...

I believe the leader of the British National Party has apologized for his Holocaust denial and accepted its historical legitimacy, and did so a few years ago. Similarly, the BNP now has a membership that reflects the many different cultures that now live in the U.K., including Jews. Perhaps Paul Weston could avail himself of these 'facts' before he again spreads mistruths. Britain First, British Freedom Party and the BNP are all in the same book but speaking from different pages. Fragmented political parties which all spruik the same ideals, but insist on scoring trivial political points against their competitors will all fail in the end.

Pierre_Picaud said...

Now this is the Paul Weston I know! Calm, measured, thoughtful, articulate. Very much: iron fist, velvet glove.

Brilliant work, a far superior performance to his last appearance on Michael's show. Still a way to go yet, presentation-wise (never have your blazer/jacket unbuttoned on TV - it makes you seem portly; and Paul isn't): but brilliant work nevertheless.

He needs as many of these as possible, then he can really hit the UK MSN.