Thursday, February 16, 2012

Here’s What Happens When You Wander Off the Reservation

Filmmaker Eric Allan Bell is a former liberal who used to make the correct kind of movies and work for correct-minded people. Unfortunately for him, when he was assigned to make a documentary about fundamentalist Christians confronting Islam, he decided to do the job properly and investigate both sides of the story he was covering.

Bad move! He lost the gig, and got in trouble with Daily Kos. Heck, they probably even took away his IUUI (International Union of Useful Idiots) card.

It’s good to see someone come to his senses. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bell's fate shows what happens to a liberal who happens to question the PC/MC orthodoxy of the Left.

Banishment, non-person hood. So much for being tolerant of diverse views.

It also shows that the Left is so blinded with hate of the West doesn't even see it's signed it's death warrant by aligning with Muslims.

Though the same can be said of the GOP elites in the U.S. and their support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and Egypt. McCain is a classic example of this.

whitney said...

How Refreshing! A fine example of 'the truth will set you free'. The media constantly portrays anyone against Islam as a ignorant bigot. They don't seem to understand that we are educated and informed bigots. Many of us have gone through a similar transformation and, as a general rule, converts are much more committed than the ones that were born into a belief system.

Anonymous said...

Nice hair.

Anonymous said...

As much as the lefties rage about the oppression of the LGBTQWXYZ community you would think they would have put 2 and 2 together on the question of Islam and said LGBTQWXYZ community by now.

Oh no, the REAL threat is apparently the evangelical Christian community.

Last I looked, Pat Robertson and his ilk weren't doing any of this:

Nemesis said...

Yes, nice hair, LOL! But most importantly, welcome to the fold Eric Bell.

Anonymous said...

Also look at what happened to Pat Buchanan. He got blacklisted after his latest book and now is gone from MSNBC.

The Left in the U.S. is quite intolerant of anyone who expresses a opinion that differs from theirs to the point of silencing them. I suspect it's just a matter of time before those who express a differing opinion will be visited by the FBI or DHS for violating speech laws.

Anonymous said...

I checked the comments to his article on Daily Kos. The lack of engagement with the actual issues he raised was phenomenal!! They just branded him 'islamophobe' and trotted out the ad hominem attacks, even calling him a homophobe, when he quite clearly states that his concerns about women's and gay rights are part of what drove his rethink on islam!

Which is why fairly centre-leftish feminists like me can actually find themselves on a site like this, lol! At least here people look at the issues, even if I disagree with some of the attitudes.


Anonymous said...

HIS HAIR! Liberals are a bunch of unsightly wackos.

Anonymous said...

Let me state in the strongest manner that I am not a hairophobe.

I have very good friends who have long hair, I also think that hair is only skin-deep and that we should all welcome diversity of hair in whatever length, colour or shape they come.

Long-haired men make for a vibrant and strong community, and we certainly should be grateful for the specific hair culture they bring to our otherwise bland, boring, short-haired white old male-dominated society.

Anonymous said...

And folks, please note that one of naziest islamophobes out there, Oskar Freysinger, soon-to-be vice-president of the disgustingly far-right Swiss People Party, wears his hair as long as the freshly-bigoted gentleman above -- only he has them in a pony-tail, which is even worse by conservative sartorial standards, if possible.

(That's him on the left, with Geert Wilders in the center, and René Stadtkevitz of German Die Freiheit party on the right.)

Nemesis said...

Robert....Hair maketh the man? My take on Eric Bell's hair is this; I have no problem with males wearing their hair of choice but, if you are prepared to have hair that long that it falls out over your shoulders then you must also be prepared to accept the notice that it brings with it.