Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eight Months Inside for Mohammed Abdin

A “Welshman” who threatened to behead and/or machine gun police officers was sentenced to eight months in jail today in a Cardiff courtroom. The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are some excerpts from a report on the sentencing posted at Wales Online:

Extremist Mohammed Abdin Jailed for Eight Months Over Threat to Machine Gun Police

A man arrested for threatening to machine gun police officers who stopped a meeting of an Islamic group at a Cardiff community centre was today jailed for eight months.

Mohammed Abdin of Clare Road, Grangetown was given four months for an admitted public order breach that evening and ordered to serve, in addition, a suspended sentence imposed for his involvment in an affray last year outside the American Embassy during a 10th anniversary memorial service for 9/11.

A judge was told this morning that in London last September he was heard to say: “In 10 or 15 years time when we rule, I’m going to hunt you down and then I’m going to kill you.

“I’m going to burn you to death ....... you are going to die”.

The police and council officials intended to serve a dispersal notice because of concerns the meeting going on had been organised by those affiliated to the outlawed Muslims Against Crusades, said prosecutor Jonathan Bushell.

He told Cardiff Crown Court: “There were 25 people inside, the group quickly became hostile and this defendant was the most aggressive.

“He shouted threats, asking what they were doing there, told them to put down their camera and lunged at one of them shouting ‘I’m going to chop your head off... I’m going shoot you with a machine gun’.”

Abdin was said to have continued with his threats while he overturned a table and pushed it towards the police.

The court heard the situation descended into a general melee with Abdin struggling violently as he was arrested.

At the police station he spat repeatedly and asked to stop said “I’ll spit in your face instead”, said Mr Bushell.

“He told the police ‘I’ve got a knife down my pants and I’ll cut your f------ throats with it’.”

When shown video footage of events inside the community centre, Abdin said he’d been angry and it happened in the heat of the moment.


The judge said having viewed the video of events, it was clear Abdin had been the most aggressive person there and had issued a series of threats in a “most disgusting and violent manner”.

“The police and the council workers were only trying to do their job and they did so bravely and with courtesy”, he told the defendant.

“But you subjected them to a sustained and disgraceful display of the most threatening behaviour which brings shame on yourself and on everybody else who was there, some of whom sought to restrain you.

“It is difficult to imagine a more serious example of this sort of (public order) offence for which - I stress - the maximum penalty is six months…”

Abdin was sentenced to four months after the automatic one-third credit for his guilty plea had to be put into effect and told the previous suspended sentence would be ordered to run consecutively because there could not be a clearer case for doing so.

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laine said...

I despise western media's habit of minimizing public perception of Muslim crime by referring to Muslim criminals as "Americans, Canadians, French, British" etc., things they will never be except on paper, a citizenship paper. They are exclusively Muslim, colonists or parasites on Western countries. Their loyalty is only to the Umma, the worldwide Muslim community and their religious beliefs require them to advance Islam to the detriment of every non-Islamic country. It's like importing millions of nazis to the West during WWII or at the very least, millions of Germans who enabled the nazis among them in countless ways. The West can never count on their loyalty, can't predict which ones will blow and attack natives they consider "the enemy", not countrymen. The few trustworthy Muslims are the ones who have put their own lives in danger by baring the truth about Islam to the
West and these are considered apostates by mainstream Muslims. They are a mere handful out of billion cultists.