Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Genocide of White Farmers in South Africa

Most American readers will remember a brutal incident in Texas back in 1998, when a man named James Byrd was chained to the back of a pickup truck and dragged to death.

Because the victim was black and his murderers were white, there was a national outcry about the crime that continued for years afterwards. During the 2000 election campaign the incident was even used for shamelessly partisan purposes — by the Democrats, needless to say.

When the races are reversed, however, silence reigns. When a white farmer was chained to the back of a pickup truck and dragged to death by murderous blacks, there was no great outcry. Outside of his immediate neighborhood in South Africa, hardly anyone was even aware of the crime.

He’s just another statistic. He’s one of thousands of white victims of ethnic cleansing in South Africa.

The process has become so blatant that the leader of the youth wing of the African National Congress implicitly acknowledged that the current regime exercises a measure of political control over it.

“All whites are criminals,” he said. “We will take the land back. Without compensation.”

But that’s not evidence of racism, since it was uttered by a black man. By definition, non-whites cannot possibly be racist.

My guess is that what he was saying can be excused as “redistributive justice against the historical oppressor”. Or some similar Marxist cant.

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Many thanks to Vlaams Belang for uploading this video. Warning: the images and descriptions of violence in this clip may be disturbing to sensitive viewers:

From the notes accompanying the video:
This is a 10-minute extract from the stunning documentary ‘War of the Flea’ from director Rian van der Walt published in 2011. It contains shocking information on the genocide that is being carried out under ANC rule in the ‘new’ South-Africa against the white minority of the ‘Afrikaners’ by farm killings or ‘plaasmoorde’.

It was shown at an international conference in the European Parliament in February 2012, in the presence of farmers’ spokesman Henk Van de Graaf and hosted by Philip Claeys, member of the European Parliament for the Vlaams Belang party.

The full movie is 93 minutes. Did you see it already on your TV-screen? We didn’t, either. Compare this to the worldwide hysteria in the time of ‘apartheid’ and draw your own conclusions...

(Note: ‘war of the flea’ means ‘guerilla warfare’).


babs said...

Well... It is not like we haven't seen this before in Africa.
When a country in Africa kills off its white farmers starvation ensues.
Did Nelson Mandella envision this?

Nemesis said...

The policy of Aparthied in South Africa was originally introduced due to the violence that was being committed against isolated communities of white settlers that had been gaining momentum for centuries. The history of South Africa is of an immigrant nation from all racial backgrounds. There was no dominant Black tribe at the time of first settlement during the mid Seventeenth Century, but that recorded fact has not stopped the current black rulers of the country proclaiming their ownership.

Those Western leaders who put economic pressure on the modern South Africa to end the Apartheid policy, and a policy which they never bothered to research the reasons for, are as much to blame for these killings as the blacks who commit them!

Ex-Dissident said...

Isn't comforting that we have an executive branch of our government that is presided over by people who share this same vision of redistribution and "justice".

Anonymous said...

Genocide? At the end of this video is a feller who explains why it IS genocide. I hope the farmers are learning better self-defense.

you new

bewick said...

Nothing new here. In the UK the venerable BBC does not report this. There HAVE been a couple of documentaries about this but I rather think that was the commercial channel 4 and not the Beeb.
In the last week I challenged the BEEB about their non-reporting of the persecution of Christians in Egypt, Iraq, Iran and many other places. Their response? Not newsworthy enough; too few interested nationally ;not a news story. I DESPAIR and may now likely approach my MP - fat lot of good that may do. Here in the UK we need a successful Guy Fawkes or better a Cromwell. Otherwise a popular revolution. The Government will be unable to commit troops to quell such because they have slashed the defence budget and most operational troops are in Afghanistan. NOW would be the right time for revolution. I'm old father William and not likely to be of physical use but I would be there in spirit.
I may even be prosecuted for this post - FAR easier than actually prosecuting REAL criminals eh?

rickl said...

I don't have much to say except I can't wait until the Chinese set up colonies in Africa for the purposes of resource extraction.

The black Africans will long for the days when they were governed by whites in the European Christian tradition.

The schadenfreude will be immense.

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, I am afraid that the White South Africans need to get the hell out of Dodge quickly in order to save their lives. They are far too outnumbered.

Lawrence said...

My guess is that what he was saying can be excused as “redistributive justice against the historical oppressor”. Or some similar Marxist cant.

In a word, "Evil."

Lawrence said...

Anonymous said... In my humble opinion, I am afraid that the White South Africans need to get the hell out of Dodge quickly in order to save their lives. They are far too outnumbered.

To where could they go that would be any better in terms of black on white racism?

Miki said...

Lawrence - maybe Poland - we don't have that here . No PC has arrived yet and you can pretty much speak your mind openly. And there's always a need for hard working people to get the economy up.

Alexis said...

What is going to happen to the Coloureds of the Western Cape? If this violence continues, “whites” won’t be the only people in danger. Cape Coloureds will be in danger too.

Most Cape Coloureds, as harshly treated as they were under the National Party’s Apartheid regime (ever heard of District 6?), speak Afrikaans as their native language. Although Afrikaans has diverged from continental Dutch, it should still be seen as a Frisian dialect in the family of Dutch and Flemish.

This begs the question of whether Dutch and Flemish parties will reach out to the Western Cape as a bastion of Afrikaans-speaking culture; there is something to be said for talking about Afrikaans-speaking Christian culture as opposed to governmentally imposed differences between “white” and “coloured” that effectively allow the ANC to divide and conquer. For that matter, one should ask whether Apartheid ever ended or whether it was simply put under ANC management.

If things go from bad to worse, we need to know what should be done if the Western Cape ever decides to break away from the rest of South Africa. If the Western Cape ever declares independence from the ANC regime in Pretoria, would the Kaapsrepubliek have the cultural solidarity, armaments, and diplomatic support it needs or will it go the way of Biafra? More importantly, would the Kaapsrepubliek be invited into a political version of the Nederlandse Taalunie?

Much depends upon what people do now.

john in cheshire said...

Having lived in South Africa in the 1980s, I can say that the Afikaaners are good people and don't deserve to be treated like they being, by Black South Africa and by the white Western world.

Judenlieber said...

Rhetorical question: When will Nelson Mandela's people return South Africa to its rightful owners?
(Hint: They are featured in the film "The Gods Must be Crazy", which is worth a look if you haven't seen it.)

retch said...

"whether Dutch and Flemish parties will reach out to the Western Cape as a bastion of Afrikaans-speaking culture"
They will NOT, mark my words.

Chiu ChunLing said...

I'm not quite able to feel much happiness at the prospect of what the Chinese will do to Africa if they are not stopped. Unfortunately, it is hard to think of a better solution to South Africa's difficulties than to let them reap what they've sown.

Anonymous said...

As an english speaking South African farmer I have seen that people just close their eyes to what is happening in our country. When you tell someone about the murders of farmers, they just say that they deserved it. so if a white baby is swung against a wall screaming, is that baby reponsible for apartheid? Our government ignores it, when it is spoken about in public then black paper harp on about white imperialism. The government diesn't really care about it's people be they black, white, coloured or indian, it is a matter of self enrichment for them. The youth are provoked and led to believe that whites are responsible for their poverty, and they haven't even been in "power" since 1994. They want South Africa to go back to the Blacks but look at a country such as Zimbabwe, I rest my case.

I have seen some black people drive in the best of BMW's and dress in designer clothes drive past a beggar and do nothing.

Kepha said...

Folks, here in America, I have run into Zulu refugees from the current South African regime (actually, very likeable, respectful, and hard-working High School kids whom it was a pleasure to teach, thank you). Something tells me that the Beloved Country isn't done crying.

Anonymous said...

We see evil, we hear evil, we allow evil and we end up in the practice of evil ourselves in the name of human rights, equality, justice, world peace, freedom, democracy, etc, except to turn to Jesus Christ's original teachings and now we are here. Worst even, we ignore the signs (storms, etc) and prophecies and still believe we can solve everything ourselves. Those that know will experience peace and no fear, those that think they know will experience the result of their wisdom - a South African