Friday, February 17, 2012

The Fox is in the Henhouse

The Tennessee Freedom Coalition

The Tennesee Freedom Coalition is at the forefront of resistance to Islamization — not just in Tennessee, but in the whole of the United States.

The article below appeared yesterday on TFC’s website. The author, Jonna Bianco, describes the systematic attempt by Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the USA to prevent private organizations from giving factual presentations about Islam to local law enforcement officials. CAIR, ISNA, and other MB affiliates, however, are “partners” in the training of government employees at the federal, state, and local levels — all paid for by the American taxpayer.

It’s now the official policy of the United States Government: all information about Islam conveyed to government employees and members of the military will be presented by groups listed as co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial.

Many Americans read news articles about the Islamization of Europe and say, “Europe is lost.” They don’t realize that their own government has been suborned at the highest levels by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Thanks to the influence of petrodollars and the quiet infiltration of Wahhabist ideologues into all our major institutions, the United States is being Islamized from the top down, whilst the vast majority of the population remains entirely unaware of what is happening.

The Fox is in the Henhouse
By Jonna Bianco

Due to the many complaints and press releases from various Islamic organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Islamic Center of Nashville and the various newspaper articles and media that simply can’t seem to get their facts straight or the truth reported accurately regarding the 3-day training seminar entitled “The Threat to America” taking place in Rutherford County, Murfreesboro Tennessee, it becomes necessary to present the truth and facts for the public viewing. This training, presented by The Strategic Engagement Group (SEG), which is paid for by donations and not taxpayers’ dollars, is being presented to local law enforcement, intelligence personnel and departments. This training is based on facts, court documents, and incontrovertible evidence. This program does not contain any information which could be remotely construed as hate speech nor is any information provided or presented not accurate and true. Information and documents presented during this presentation, however, are not popular in some camps and the people of Tennessee are beginning to realize that they simply cannot rely upon local or national media outlets to provide the complete and balanced story on many political, national security and national defense issues. A special thank you to Sheriff Robert Arnold in Rutherford County for not falling into the trap of “political correctness” and for recognizing all threats facing Tennesseans and for putting forth the efforts to make certain his officers are given the opportunity to train and educate themselves in these areas.

Several Islamic-centric organizations (CAIR, ISNA, Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Islamic Center of Nashville, etc.) have made recent demands for the course to be halted. In addition, they have contacted local law enforcement departments demanding that their personnel not attend these training seminars. Both of these requests are in direct violation of the civil rights, freedom of speech, and freedom to gather of those who are presenting and attending. The three day training seminar has been presented to law enforcement, military, National Guard, intelligence professionals, prosecutors and state legislators. The presentations are based on FACTs, court documents, Muslim Brotherhood documents seized in an FBI raid, CAIR and ISNA documents that were stipulated in a court of law that have been repeatedly upheld and unchallenged in the court systems here in the United States. This training seminar is not simply someone’s opinions or thoughts but is entirely based on written documentation and evidence. In fact, the training seminar and public meetings being held throughout this three-day seminar are, in fact, open to the public for anyone to attend. SEG would welcome an open debate by any of these Islamic officials, Islamic Imams, heads of the various Islamic Centers, Directors of CAIR, ISNA or any of these Islamic groups to dispute ANY of the facts presented at these training seminars. None of them will attend or show up to dispute any of the information being presented because they ALL know it to be the truth and fact. These Islamic organizations simply rely upon their repeated threats and pressures of the local and national media and their political influence brought about by their financial contributions and fund raisers for various politicians over the past several years to try and discredit anyone who speaks out against Islam, their intentions, goals and objectives by calling them Islamophobists, bigots, racists, etc. I encourage all to visit the website of The Strategic Engagement Group and view this information for yourselves so that you know the truth and facts that are being presented.

Ironically, while these Islamic organizations are attempting to halt the freedom of speech of those they disagree with and stop the truth from being presented and told to the general public, they themselves are presenting their viewpoint at similar events. These events (sponsored by U.S. Government organizations which are paid for by YOUR tax dollars) have, in the interest of “political correctness” allowed “the fox in the henhouse” by allowing those who have declared war on the United States to attend, present, and misrepresent facts, figures, and motives. I find it important to inform you of these issues/events so that you can decide for yourselves which are listed below.

Training Event #1: Counterterrorism Training Feb 27-28, 2012. The U.S. Attorney’s Office — Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC) — Middle District of Tennessee and the Nashville Joint Terrorism Task Force will host a two day Counterterrorism Training event in conjunction with the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division and the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. Guest speakers will include personnel from the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), a group of private citizens who want to assist law enforcement in reaching out to the Muslim communities and better establish communications and a working relationship.

Inquiries about this Training event have been made by Patrick Poole of PJ media, Tennessee State Legislators and others to determine who, specifically, is the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) and who are the guest speakers. The U.S. Attorney’s office originally replied by saying they had no information about them other than a telephone number which they provided (615)200-6052. It has been determined that this phone number is a non-traceable/disposable cell phone that has a voice messaging service attached to it. Additional inquiries led to the response that the event was private and the speakers names were not going to be disclosed nor were the members of the AMAC. Interesting to note and ask the following question: Is it the intent of the various Government agencies or entities hosting these training classes that are bringing in groups like AMAC to also host training classes/seminars for Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Baptist, Presbyterian organizations or are these Government organizations already aware that the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Catholics, et al have not announced their intent to over throw the U.S. Constitution or wage jihad on the American people nor have these groups committed multiple honor killings in the U.S. all in the name of Islam or Allah?

Separate investigations indicate that other established American Muslim Advisory Council members are senior leaders of the organizations known as CAIR and ISNA, both of which are groups/associations among many others that were named as unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist financing prosecution in the United States. Both of these organizations, CAIR and ISNA among others were providing financial assistance to HAMAS. HAMAS is a designated terrorist group on the terrorist watch list issued by the United States Government. If you go to both of these groups’ own websites, you will clearly see their goals and objectives outlined for public view of their intent to infiltrate every phase of our society at every level, including but not limited to our education system beginning with our elementary schools under the guise of “cultural education” clear through to our Universities via their Muslim Students Associations, to government and political offices, law enforcement agencies on all fronts including local, state and federal; all for the purpose and with the clear intent to alter the mindset and agendas of our society for the overthrow of our Constitution and the implementation of Sharia Islamic Law. Islam believes that Shariah Law supersedes the U.S. Constitution and all must submit to Islam or pay the price, which in most cases the ultimate price is death if you choose to not submit to Islam. Thus you understand why I make reference to saying this is letting the “fox into the henhouse”! This begs the question as to whether Islam is a religion or a political ideology? Because if it is a religion, then clearly many Federal and State Laws have been broken under separation of church and state by the actions of these Islamic Centers, CAIR, ISNA and others who are insistent on educating our children on Islam through our schools. We all know that we can’t hold a Vacation Bible School through our school systems so why can Islam, unless of course it is not a religion and merely a political agenda and ideology.

The aforementioned information leads to the following questions:

  • Why won’t the U.S. Attorney’s Office or the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security disclose the list of speakers or information about the American Muslim Advisory Council with whom they are partnering on this conference?
  • Are the leaders in the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security aware of the connection with HAMAS and aware of the stated goals and objectives of the organizations represented on their websites?
  • Why will they not release this information to the public? Why is the training session closed/private?

If you are interested in what is being presented at this conference, scheduled for February 27 & 28 at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in Nashville, consider emailing or calling Governor Bill Haslam,, 615-741-2001. Our government organizations putting the training on refuse to answer our questions. Other personnel you could question include:

  • U.S. Attorney’s Office, Demetrius Ritt, Intelligence Specialist,, 615-289-6815 (cell)
  • Asst. Commissioner, Office of Homeland Security, David Purkey,, 615-532-7825
  • Commissioner of Safety, Bill Gibbons (Office of Homeland Security is in the Dept. of Safety),, 615-251-5166.

And while you’re talking to Commissioner Gibbons’ office, you might want to ask about the bill he is asking our state legislature to pass: HB2375. This bill would authorize the TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security to enter into “partnership agreements” with nonprofit organizations. The bill does not make clear what exactly would be the nature of a partnership agreement, but according to the language of the bill, a group such as the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) and or CAIR, ISNA, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Islamic Center of Nashville and others as referenced above would be eligible to enter into such an arrangement with the Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security. So does this mean that the safety and security of the citizens of the Great State of Tennessee are now being overseen by, in the hands of and being controlled by Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood or Hezbollah? Perhaps Commissioner Gibbons would disclose the organizations they are planning to partner with?

Jonna Bianco serves as a Director on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security. She serves on the Board of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, National Defense University Foundation, serves on the Executive Committee for the Prague Security Studies Institute and is on the Board of Regents for the Center for Security Policy.


ChrisLA said...

Truth can stand on its own, but a lie needs official protection. Perhaps the defenders of Islam realize their own ideological problem, which is actually acknowledged in the Quran: O you who believe! do not put questions about things which if declared to you may trouble you . . . A people before you indeed asked such questions, and they became disbelievers on account of them. (Surah 5:101)

Anonymous said...

Everytime an islamic group wants address a school group then OTHER religious groups need to press in and push their rights to ALSO address the school.

I would do that at my grandson's school and I would NOT give up till I got my chance to speak about my belief system...Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

dienw said...

This infiltration and suborning is going too quickly and smoothly for it to simply Obama'a work; there must be a deep level confederacy: most likely within the upper circles - the esoteric centers - of the web of NGOs and secretive societies which contain the core international leadership.

laine said...

What is it about American institutions that made them easily infiltrated in the past by communists at the highest levels (e.g. FDR's White House) and now by the Muslim brotherhood? The commies didn't have money to buy their way in as the Arabs do. Clearly the common denominator is a cadre of permanent leftist enablers in all government bureaucracies, aided by unionization of same since JFK's ill advised executive order. FDR's wife was a communist sympathizer at the very least while Obama himself is a triple whammy in the White House - a Marxist Muslim black bigot who despises America. Just as the head of the American Communist Party celebrated now having a "friend" in the White House, CAIR and other Muslim brotherhood tentacles must feel emboldened at having at the very least a Muslimophile there if not a Muslim in deep takiya. Speaking of which, all these foolish higher ups who arrange for CAIR to bottleneck and censor all info on Islam given to various legal authorities apparently have not heard of TAKIYA? Lowly bloggers are better informed on this and other crucial aspects of Islam than our lazy lib elites?

Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

Thank you, Gates of Vienna!

Once again the situation has been shown to be worse than I thought it was. The good news is that It Has Been Shown to us, thanks to the SEG, the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, and the Gates of Vienna.

The SEG web site looks like a goldmine in its area of expertise and I look forward to learning from it. How very blessed we are to have a growing community of people working to unravel the web that is being spun by Islam. Gates of Vienna and all others who have led the way deserve great credit. I hope we can have a victory party someday at which awards can be given.

To my own surprise, as I learn more I find myself increasingly open to the possibility that Obama really is Muslim. But, as Robert Spencer said recently (my paraphrase), it doesn't much matter whether or not Obama is Muslim because, either way, his actions are what they would be if he were trying to advance Islam in the U.S.

Chiu ChunLing said...

It is not exactly something to be regarded as fortunate, but the dynamic that invariably leads to the eventual impoverishment and lawlessness of all totalitarian societies has progressed at a remarkable pace in the economic situations of the Western nations as they have become suborned by anti-western agendas.

There are reasons for this, it was not entirely inevitable that the Western economies should all be on the brink of simultaneous collapse while substantial pluralities or perhaps majorities of the people still cling to innately individualist values like individual freedom, personal responsibility, and the impartial administration of justice regardless of class, religion, or birth. But whether by the hand of Providence or the miscalculation of our foes (and who is to say that these are exclusive of each other?), those who defend the essential values of the West have a remarkable opportunity.

Almost everything that has gone wrong with the West has gone wrong almost entirely at the top, and that rotten top is about to be blown down in a storm that cannot be forestalled much longer.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does not really matter whether or not Obama is a Muslim. By his words and actions he may as well be. Sometimes I feel despair. When Christ spoke of "trials and tribulations" in this life; boy He was not joking.