Thursday, February 23, 2012

British Freedom is Under Attack

The British Freedom Party is under attack again. This time it’s a DDOS attack on the party’s website, presumably mounted by Islamic zealots and their dhimmi collaborators in an attempt to shut down an increasingly popular information source.

Below is a statement from the British Freedom Press Office about the attack.

British Freedom: Paul Weston

British Freedom Party under attack by far-left and Muslim extremists — your help is needed!

A Statement from the British Freedom Press Office

Party Chairman Paul Weston has just returned from a very successful tour of the USA and Canada where he addressed a state legislature and several private meetings. He was also interviewed on radio and TV, extending the reach of his message to millions of members of the public. These speeches have also been recorded and posted onto the internet, so that what he has to say can be seen by everyone online, especially in the UK. People are impressed with Paul’s message, and approval of the party has risen substantially, with other groups around the world and in the UK offering their support.

However, this has left some groups very worried and concerned that the British Freedom Party is tapping into a current of popular support by speaking the truth without mixing it with racial bigotry and hatred. This has resulted in the far-left and Muslim extremists doing what they do best when they can’t win the political debate: attacking us to try and silence us.

The last couple of days have seen the British Freedom Party website and server fall victim to a large-scale DDOS attack, taking down the site, which was carrying the very popular reports and videos of Paul Weston’s tour of North America. This attack has temporarily stopped people from seeing these reports, and has brought our email service down, therefore making our communication capabilities quite limited.

However, the DDOS attack has not stopped our party. We continue to spread our message via Facebook, Twitter, and our supporters’ blogs and websites. These attacks have only served to motivate British Freedom and Paul Weston to continue spreading the message of truth. We will travel to every corner of the UK and the world spreading the message of the Freedom Movement. We will never give up nor surrender to the far-left traitors and Muslim extremists who wish to see our country, culture and people destroyed.

We are working around the clock to bring the website and email service back up, but unfortunately these attacks will keep happening. It’s imperative that we improve our security systems and upgrade our servers, which comes at a high cost. For this reason, donations from like-minded people are vitally important so that we can pay for the necessary server upgrades. This will keep the news and information we provide to thousands of people daily coming.

Rather than just donate, you can also become a member of the party. This will give you voting rights and a say in the running of the party, and the formulation of its policies and strategy. People like you are the lifeblood of the British Freedom Party.

Your membership fee will help us secure the future of the party’s fight against Islamization and the Muslim extremists who are attacking us and preventing you from exercising your basic human right to listen to what we have to say.

By joining or donating now you can help us buy the security and servers that we need to continue bringing you news about threats from Islam, the EU, Political Correctness, attacks on our military, etc. Without your help you will be stuck with news from the politically correct mainstream media — who hate patriots like you and me.

You can contact us on Facebook.

Our website, which will be back online shortly, is here.


Hermes said...

These guys are a true inspiration for us to keep the front. No, they are more that that. They are heros!

Perhaps this can help in order to mitigate the problem:

The best of lucks to them.

bilbo said...

it is also possible that the attack was mounted by anonymous and/or the people liberation front as both these groups appear to have aligned themselves with the far left.

Silly Kuffar said...

Now I can go around and let all Nationalists that this site censors comments they do not like...
BFP going nowhere fast

Chiu ChunLing said...

You know, they mention that in their comment form. If you actually read it, you might have noted that.