Monday, February 27, 2012

A Response to the CEOP Report: Second Group of Videos

This is the second batch of videos by El Inglés analyzing the “grooming and pimping” report issued last summer by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). The first batch of videos is here.

For a complete list of El Inglés’ previous essays, see the archive listing in the last post in this series.

Useful links:

The fourteen videos have been broken out into four separate posts so that no single page will be overloaded with embeds. Below are videos five through seven.

Part 5

Parts 6 and 7 are below the jump:

Part 6

Part 7

Next post: Parts 8 through 11.


Anestis canelidis said...

This makes me believe even more so that if we don't stop Muslim immigration into the USA that this will happen here as well. I am glad that we at least have the 2nd Amendment but if Obummer gets another term we could see an end to that freedom as well.

Anonymous said...

How did we get here, UK? Three reasons.

Reason #3, Muslim men are condoned, through their religion and emulation of Mohamlet, to abuse infidel women for their purposes.

Reason #2, Muslims would not allow it to their own, whereas white pseudo-liberal populations/leaders are desperate to see Muslim crime as the acts of an exotic culture that we somehow cannot as of yet understand, therefore must not judge.

Reason #1, These Muslim men don't have a real, moral training or upbringing regarding other cultures. Men from this background and their parents are incorrectly raised, therefore too dangerous to be allowed to to set foot freely in a Western country.

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