Friday, February 24, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/24/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/24/2012The European Commission says it expects the Dutch economy to shrink by 0.9% this year. The EC also predicts that the current recession in the Eurozone will continue throughout 2012.

In other news, German soldiers were forced to abandon a military base in Afghanistan due to unrest in the wake of the Koran-burning incident. The Germans were planning on closing the base anyway, but they had to evacuate early as demonstrations continued in the area.

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Boo said...

How long until the media makes the Muslim community into the victims?

Anonymous said...

For 20 years a law says carrying a knife is forbidden
- Still record many were killed only last year

Aftenposten is astonished
(paper, Saturday 25 February 2012)

Hermes said...

I took the liberty of translating to english some excerpts from Imran's announcement about his planned burning of the Koran.

"I, Imran Firasat, a pakistani ex-muslim and a free citizen of Spain declare proudly that:


When reading this, many will become curious and many questions will come up in their minds. For example, "when, where, why.?, etc.." Please be a bit patient. I'll give answers right now:

When? - Very soon. In any day, in any moment. I cannot decide for a specific day because of some legal arrangements I'm carrying through in order to make this action accordingly to the law and not violate the limits of the freedom of expression. You will soon find complete info about this burning action in my webpage.

Where? - I cannot disclose this information now due to personal security reasons, for you can easily imagine that islamist all over the world, and also in Spain, will be ready to kill me right in the place if I disclose it now.

Last year I made the mistake of telling everybody that I will burn the Koran in the Plaza del Sol, in Madrid, and after that I got so many death threats from islamists in Spain that even the national police told me to take care because many will wait for me there to "hurt me". That's why last year I had to stop with my plan to burn the Koran. But now I will inform no one till the last minute. But do not worry, I'll soon inform you through my webpage."

The next point is "why", followed by the 10 points and a long essay about the violent suras in the Koran.

Interesting. I'll keep an eye on this site.