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Europe Before the Crash

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On February, the Kopp Publishing Company held a congress in Germany to discuss the current crisis in Europe, and in particular the fate of the euro. Several well-known speakers addressed the audience on matters of political and economic importance.

Many thanks to JLH for translating the following account of the Kopp Congress, which was published last week at the Kopp website:

Europe Before the Crash: Kopp Congress a Complete Success
February, 6, 2012

It can be said up front: This congress was a great success. Almost 1,000 people had answered the call of Kopp Publishing last Saturday. At exactly 9:00 A.M., the guests streamed into the Filderhalle of the Swabian Leinfelden-Echterdingen. They all wanted to learn firsthand how things stand at this time in Germany, in Europe and above with the euro, and how they can protect their themselves financially. The few leftist extremists who had called for “an anti-fascist demonstration” and were hopping with chattering teeth from one foot to the other in the morning cold were hardly noticed by the congress participants, and soon had enough of demonstrating. Their faces blue with cold, they left without achieving anything. Meanwhile, things had already started properly inside the hall with the first lecture by the renowned teacher of constitutional law, Karl-Albrecht Schachtschneider.

Karl-Albrecht Schachtschneider: “Germany must exit the euro; the sooner, the better.”

The famous professor, known among other things for his prominent constitutional suit with four other professors against the loans to Greece, first looked back in euro-history and noted that this “imperial state” had begun long ago, as many of us know, in 1963, when the European Court of Justice transformed international law into constitutional law. Bit by bit, this caused the transformation of economic conditions: The European Court of Justice acquired power and began to intervene in national laws and curtail them. “Everyone celebrated and no one objected.”

For a long time now, we have not decided ourselves what is good for us and what is not. The order comes from Brussels: “If Spain dumps cheap apples on the market, for example, and claims they are healthy, we have to accept that in Germany. The whole process is known as the country-of-origin principle.”

Schachtschneider noted with concern that the super state Europe. with over a billion people, is not the least bit interested in the welfare of its peoples, and profited no one but a few who are making themselves very rich. Basically, there had never been a possibility of homogeneity in the various economies of Europe. The prerequisites for the introduction of the euro did not exist: “It was counter to the constitution and counter to the treaty. Collapse was predictable.”

Prospects for Greater Europe from the mouths of constitutional law experts and courageous fighters for human freedom are anything but sanguine: “There will be no freedom — not financial, not political, not personal.”

Schachtschneider also answered clearly the pressing question in many minds about the possibility of Germany exiting the euro. The euro law only exists because we acquiesce in it. Germany can leave at any time, with no juridical aftermath: “The sooner, the better.”

In disbelief, the expert quoted chancellor Angela Merkel, who had warned with great pathos: “Our currency must be saved and defended.” His curt comment: “Our currency is the D-Mark!”

Wilhelm Hankel: “Confusing Dynamism with Dynamite”

TV news magazine hostess Eva Herman introduced the next speaker, economics researcher Wilhelm Hankel. He made a fiery plea for the preservation of the German market economy, German prosperity and money. “That is all being destroyed right now!” Hankel, too, warned against lack of freedom in European countries and the thumbscrews being increasingly tightened by mighty Brussels. “Whoever fights against the imperial state, is fighting against truth and freedom!” is the cry. The transfer union, he said, is the beginning of the end. They are confusing dynamism with dynamite.

The currency expert regarded Greece with concern. Already over 60% of our credit had been drawn off there. “With that, the government is forced to give up the fight.” Hankel said, it is only a matter of time before the euro’s last hour comes. He reckons on a complete crash sometime between the middle of August and shortly before Christmas, because following Greece will be similar, ghastly scenarios in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Belgium.

At the current time, Germany is not so endangered, “since we have a strong economy.” Even if the European banks experienced a lenders’ strike, it would not affect us, because about 85% of our economy’s income is financed by corporations — only 15% by credit. But Hankel warned about a severely affected middle class, which would then be forced to use credit. “Things are rotten for the middle class, but no one — politicians or media — is talking about it.”

The euro-critic found fault with the new European socialism. It had begun with the establishment of a politburo in Brussels to develop through communitization of the currency and the takeover of debt. Hankel also warned of the enormous positions taken in the report of the federal bank, with a cost factor of 500 billion Euros: Target2 (Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System). This weapon is officially designated as clearing system for payment streams between euro central banks.

Hankel’s plea: “We need the competition of the currencies” was met with tumultuous applause, which repeated every time the D-Mark or New Mark was mentioned.

Bruno Bandulet: “Gold is the only chance”

When the “gold pope,” Dr. Bruno Bandulet stepped up, there was absolute quiet. Beforehand, many members of the audience had submitted pressing questions about how they could prepare themselves for the impending times of crisis: by buying gold and silver? The researcher and publisher, formerly a member of the executive editorial staff of Die Welt, did not take long to answer. “Gold is the only chance.” You should watch the market. Once or twice a year, vacillations offer good opportunities to buy.

At this point may be mentioned a new KOPP-DVD, on which Bruno Bandulet as well as other gold experts like Johann Saiger, Dmitri Speck, Maartin Siegel, Hans Bocker, Gerald Celente and Marc Faber give more than two hours of tips on investment on the subjects of gold, buying gold, trading in gold and saving gold — a “must” for precious metal investors.

But back to the “gold pope.” With gallows humor and elegant, British distance, the articulate journalist ridiculed the German chancellor and her troupe of puppets. “Every battle at European conferences was settled when Germany pulled out its checkbook.” It is a condition of human intelligence to be able to be surprised, he said, in reference to the high-flying ESM (European Stabilization Mechanism) decisions of January 30, 2012. The statement of EU Commission President Barroso, which was repeated by Merkel like prayer beads, was a belief in ultimate victory.

And Bandulet too is expecting an imminent euro crash: “The currency union was based from the beginning on deceit and untruth.” The danger that Germany too would loses its AAA rating is threatening to the “paymaster” as well, because it would mean collapse of the banks. Bruno Bandulet clearly rejected Merkel’s comment: “If the euro crashes, then Europe will crash.” But he also sees a chance there. It will have to go badly for all of us, so that it can improve: “Only out of crisis can Europe be reformed,”

Udo Ulfkotte: “EUROGENDFOR is intended to put down European uprisings”

The Kopp author Dr. Udo Ulfkotte revealed the comprehensive media manipulations and bogus reports which are systematically initiated in order that citizens simply do not notice what is really happening now in Europe and Germany, and how dramatically the situation has come to a head. It is not just that the federal government invites in German “quality journalists” at regular intervals to tell them what to report and what must on no account be reported. There are still other mechanisms for manipulation to prevent the development of any dissatisfaction in the German population.

Ulfkotte explained, for example, that presently Hartz IV (welfare) statistics are thoroughly fudged and falsified, to avoid the looming potential of rage among German citizens. Or, who knew that 120% of Kosovo Albanians were drawing benefits form Hartz IV (some of their countrymen are receiving monthly allowances even though they do not exist) and 90% of Lebanese, and 45% of Iraqis, to name only a few, but these are to be completely eliminated from the statistics as of January 2012? Ulfkotte, who was zeroing in on the impending end of German financial reserves, explained that that would cause the drastic curtailing or slashing of social services: “If we make a cut in regard to these populations groups, what will happen then?”

Ulfkotte warned of impending unrest in Europe, which we can also expect in Germany. Many in the hall gasped when the secret service expert reported: Unnoticed by media and public, “special action forces are being prepared all over Europe to forcefully put down the expected social protests. Until a few days ago, reported the ex-correspondent of FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), not even the parliamentary representatives charged with responsibility for control of the secret services had known that there has for years been a secret European organization of informants whose target above all is EU opponents and critics. “The work groups form cross-border teams, which, for example, are supposed to observe potential ringleaders and plant contact people in their environment.”

After last month’s severe riots in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and Rumania, and the violent unrest of August 2011 in British urban areas, anti-military and anarchist, anti-globalization and anti-bank groups as well as the alliances of opponents of the euro and the EU are regarded as potential dangers to domestic security, Ulfkotte said. While infiltration of the groups mentioned are intended to produce information across the spectrum of protest about planned actions, parallel dossiers on citizens are also being prepared. EU and euro skeptics will be ranked as to future “riskiness” by color (red, yellow, green) in electronic files according to their “subversive” potential. Simultaneously, the European Union is financing projects for the management of larger political protests.

Ulfkotte related further that the leadership staff of a secret 3,000-strong European special force named “EUROGENDFOR” is stationed in Vincenza, Italy. It was established on the initiative of French defense minister, Alliot-Marie, after there had been frequent domestic disturbances of Muslim youth, with street fights and looting.

The force, which has secret service authority, is intended to work closely with European military to guarantee “security in European crisis areas.” Ulfkotte reported. Their task as a police force is to put down uprisings. EUROGENDFOR is nothing more or less than a paramilitary gendarmerie that can be deployed in the heart of Europe in place of the regular military, to give the impression that the army of a country is shooting at its own citizens. EUROGENDFOR can theoretically be deployed anywhere where the EU sees a crisis — for instance if an EU country does not ratify the Lisbon Treaty or wants to exit the currency union against the will of the central regime in Brussels.

Whew, Udo Ulfkotte’s lecture was heavy pizza, and the following coffee break was more than necessary for the 1,000 attendees of the KOPP congress.

Thomas Ramb: “Change all cash assets into material assets”

The renowned economics scholar and university professor Prof. Dr. Bernd-Thomas Ramb was the last speaker in this gripping day of talks, before all the speakers made themselves available for a final round of public questions. Ramb’s topic was: “The Euro Facing Collapse — How do I save my wealth?” The mathematician laid out what the whole euro prank is costing us and how we can bring our sheep in out of the rain.

First, he noted that there are now just about two alternatives: hyperinflation or slashing the currency. In the view of the experts, Germany has been a continuing troublemaker in the EU. The country — in contrast to all other bankrupt states — is still stable, so there is only one way out: Germany must immediately exit the currency union. Then it could undertake a classic currency reform, followed by the introduction of the New Mark (NM).

Ramb called on all depositors to reduce all money wealth and/or change it into material wealth. To buy gold and other precious metals, real estate, as well as shares in enterprises. Farmland too should be considered and foreign funds and currencies, like the Swiss franc. “The longer you wait, the more expensive it will get.”

Basic rules for every citizen are: “You must inform yourself, keep your self-confidence, undertake a spreading of risk in your wealth and maintain control by constantly staying informed.”

It is also important to have a healthy mistrust of the banks and to be cautious about “specialists” and “free” advice. Better to forestall the coming times of crisis with human capital, said the economics teacher. Better to increase investment in education, health, social contacts, in a world that is becoming colder, and build up inner and intellectual balance to achieve wisdom. Above all, it is becoming clear what qualities are now becoming more important daily than all the gold and money in the world: belief in something higher.

It was a successful closing word, and after the participants had discussed another 90 minutes with the speakers and asked their most important questions, many inquired about the next KOPP congress.

In the end, there was hardly anyone who still clung to the illusion that our world is in fine shape. It no longer is, and the sooner that as many people as possible recognize it, the better the chances of coming out of this difficult crisis. But it looks like that will take a while, and Bruno Bandulet could be right, that it will have to be really bad for all of us so that it can get better: “Europe can only be reformed by crisis.”

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Titles of books as they appear from top to bottom in the article:

1. The Illegality of the Euro Salvation Policy — a coup by the political class by Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider
2. The Euro Adventure Comes to an End — How the currency union is destroying our resources by W. Hankel, W. Nölling, K. A. Schachtschneider, D. Spethmann, J. Starbatty
3. Europe before the Crash by Michael Grandt, Gerhard Spannbauer, Udo Ulfkotte
4. The Collapse of our Currency by Prof. Dr. Barnd-Thomas Ramb


Chiu ChunLing said...

It's good to see serious effort going into preparing for the inevitable. Not a particularly exciting topic, perhaps, but a vital conversation and a worthy effort to preserve the framework for a free-market economy.

Edward said...

The advice to divest from Euro money assets is good advice. I would suggest the same for Dollar money assets here. The Social Welfare model is built upon growing productive populations and growing economies. The West has neither. The model is broke. The weaklings (PIGS) are just the first to falter. The UK would be wise to get out of the EU all together.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Divesting from fiat currencies in general makes sense, with exceptions. Holding a bit of mining stock surely can't hurt :)