Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Murderous Precocity in Rinkeby

Cultural Enrichment News

Rinkeby, a culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm, is notorious for its entrenched criminality and violent Muslim gangs. When a couple of policemen paid a visit to an enriched household in Rinkeby, a pre-teen with a knife proved too much for them.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter for translating this brief excerpt from today’s Expressen:

12-year-old boy attacks police with knife

The police went to the address in Rinkeby to take charge of a 13-year-old boy.

Suddenly his 12-year-old brother attacked a policeman with a knife. In the tumult the other policeman fell and was attacked by bystanders.

The two policemen were hospitalized…

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Anonymous said...

Want to bet that the Swedish police have direct orders to treat the Muzzies with kid gloves even if it means they themselves get hurt.

Of course the elites and their Leftist allies don't get that any policy of appeasement towards these savages will only make them more aggressive. In time the Muzzies will probably start going after the more wealthier sections of Sweden and later targeting politicians as well.

The European elites fail to understand that the only way you can rule Muslims is with brutal police state tactics when they form even a semi-majority in a state. Even fellow Muslims know this.

Anonymous said...

Scandinavian countries were peaceful, prosperous, beautiful, and free of social problems. Then they had the brilliant idea of importing diversity. Now they suffer the whole gamut of social ills that plague all diverse societies. But no one mentions that obviously what has changed between then and now is the imported diversity. No, instead the only acceptable explanation must be, wait for it...racism! It is obvious that diversity itself is the cause of social problems, but that truth can never be spoken. Someday the lies of PC-MC will be so evident to all that no one will be able to tell them any longer with a straight face. Just like the communists could repeat the old Marxist slogans any longer right before the fall of communism.

Hermes said...

From the first comment: "The European elites fail to understand that the only way you can rule Muslims is with brutal police state tactics when they form even a semi-majority in a state."

That's true in a way. They try to bring to life the utopian idea of a multicultural society without realizing that this is... well, an utopia. Cultures are not equal nor can be randomly mixed, because the more aggressive culture will always try to defeat the weaker one, which in this case is the Swedish. A culture which has for long decades avoided wars and major social unrests is doomed to disappear if mixed with individuums of cultures in which people has to make use of violence and fight for their survival. Because african and arab countries have never been welfare states. People over there must fight on a daily basis for their survival, and they need to channel this instict somehow. It will not disappear just because now they are in a society in which on does not have to make use of force to remain alive. Perhaps this is why they are so fond of rioting and violence.

A second point could be that immigrants are, and will ever be aliens in their host countries, so they do not care about the country itself and its inhabitants. There's no feeling of cohesion, so they will exclusively care about themselves, without paying even the slightest attention to anybody else, neither to the hosting population nor to fellow immigrants from other countries. There's no cultural ties between them, nothing which could bound them and make them fight for a common goal. Perhaps this is the main reason why multiculturalism is something dead from birth. A multicultural society is simply incapable of living.

People who are used accustomed to force and violence (people from "traumatized countries", as many call them in order to remain politically correct) can certainly be ruled only through force and violence. Otherwise the will invariably overpower, rape and destroy their hosts. For some obscure reason Sweden and the west as a whole simply can't realize this, maybe because they have sank so deep in the paranoia of third-worldism, ONGism, self-loathing and the ill idea that everybody is equal, that they think others will act accordingly. One sees a great deal of distorted pride in this behavior, however. They do not really care how others interprete their visions, they think everything will go OK as they have found it out. They do not care what others say, they do not care about crude reality which shows itself blatantly in Rinkeby, Rosengard, Sodertalje etc... They think they are on the right (war)path to create a bizarre rainbowed society, they think everything is OK even if people get killed, raped, assaulted (perhaps they call this "collateral damage"), and they think they have the right to crush anybody who does not see the world as they do.

Many say Sweden is a totalitarian country. They may be more right than they think. Here's interesting info on how radical the swedish elite can be: http://bogiman.blog.com/

Anonymous said...

I think this brilliant idea was conceived by muslims themselves. Even more brilliant they decided to infiltrate. With great success.

Swedish, and Scandiavian, politicians are only tools in the hands of islam.

Hermes said...

Anonymous: They may be tools, but just because they let themselves be treated as tools. There's zero political will to try to reverse the nightmare. Their ideological indoctrination simply makes it impossible for them to reverse it. They have made countless declarations which point to this.

Peder Jensen stated that "Sweden is not unique. Similar trends are evident all over the Western world. But Political Correctness
is unusual in its severity here, in part because Sweden already viewed itself as an “ideological state,” and the country is definitely ahead of the curve in ideological repression. Those of us who still have some love for
aspects of what once was traditional Swedish culture can only hope that some of it is still alive and can re-emerge once the current ideological paradigm has disintegrated."

One could better say that it is in fact political correctness and multiculturalism (and also the western democratic system) the tools which islam use to gain ground in the west. It infiltrates as a culture of the many which are allowed to settle in the west, but unlike others, this particular one has a specific goal: to conquer the west, subdue it to Sharia, and reestablish the caliphate. The multiculturalist elite simply cannot acnowledge that, because this would perhaps mean the end of their ideology as a whole - the fact that multiculturalism is a failed theory from its birth, and cultures cannot be randomly mixed. They prefer to appease Islam hoping that in the end everything will be OK, and suppress any voice which warns of the coming danger. But the fact that they are unwilling to do something about it will only make the final crash even worse, just as Lars Hedegaard predicted.

laine said...

If the Scandinavian elite simply wanted diversity, they had the entire world to choose from, and they chose the most hostile, least assimilable, supremacist culture with the worst work ethic. What does that say about the elites? Too insular and childish in their understanding of world affairs? Too ignorant and lazy to do their homework? Or sick with the mental disorder that is extreme liberalism leading to suicidal masochism?

Chiu ChunLing said...

It is simply not true that people used to brutal government cannot be good citizens of a free nation.

It is those who justify brutal governments that cannot become good citizens of a free nation.

And that includes people who, despite having been raised in free nations, push for the government to resort to brutal suppression of inalienable human rights and suspension of the rule of law.

Creating a crisis that will "necessitate" the imposition of an unlimited police state is the entire reason for importing such a large population of criminals, who cannot abide the idea of equal justice before the law and insist on special privileges for their own group.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

laine said...

Two grown police officers cannot contain a knife wielding 12 year old Muslim boy. Oh that bodes well for the chances of maintaining law and order if Muslims increase their percentage from what is it now, just 4 or 5% in Scandinavia? At this level they already have the natives cowed. Unarmed police or police afraid to discharge their arms because they'll be crucified as racist and child killers are not a match for even one prepubescent boy with a knife he's not afraid to use. This is the West and Iran writ small. Superior arms are useless when one is constrained from using them.

Hermes said...

Laine: Police forces in Sweden have been almost entirely castrated. Police officers in 2007 protested against a new uniform designed to make them appear less aggressive by replacing boots with shoes, making guns less visible and changing the shirts to a softer, gentler color. Jan Karlsen from the Swedish Police Union warned that the underfunded police force will not be able to keep up with organized crime and rising levels of ethnic tensions for much longer.

laine said...

Hermes, the police in pastel shirts and sensible shoes is what happens in an overly feminized society like Scandinavia. Even the men are turned into girly men. And then they all faint at the sight of the ruffians governments of women and feminist men have needlessly imported to rape the womenfolk among other crimes. More proof that western feminism has devolved into just another cover for advancing communism which especially in the Soviet Union had a high tolerance for rape. Barbarian invaders need their perks. Native women should just lie back and think of the Brave New Scandinavia.