Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Breakdown of the Social Contract

Yesterday we ran a series videos by El Inglés about the epidemic of “grooming and pimping” in the UK. His analysis focused on the persistently inadequate response by CEOP, the police agency charged with protecting children from abuse and prosecuting those who abuse them.

Fourteen videos are a lot to go through, so for readers with limited time we’ll cut to the chase. Below is the final video of the series, in which El Inglés draws his conclusions about what is happening in Britain, and discusses what is likely to happen in the not-so-distant future:

El Inglés adds this note:

This is a belated introduction to the videos of mine that the Baron posted yesterday. As at least some readers of Gates of Vienna will know, I have been writing essays for some time now under the pseudonym of El Inglés. Recently I concluded that the time had come to branch out somewhat in terms of medium of communication. Hence these videos.

I understand that the content of the videos and their number and length combine to create quite a demanding viewing experience. However, I am confident that those who make the effort to watch the entire series, and give the matters discussed therein some thought, will gain from them quite as much as they might have done in the past from having read my essays. Whether that is a lot, a little, or absolutely nothing, will be a matter for the individual to decide.

It would be futile to try and predict what the effects of these videos might be. But it seems to me that the utter lack of interest the British state has in maintaining its side of the social contract between government and governed is rapidly forcing events towards the violent breakdown of civil order I have predicted in the past. We might as well understand what is happening, and what is sure to happen throughout all Muslim-infested areas of Western, Southern, and Northern Europe in the near future.

Anyone who is not interested in watching the whole series of videos — some of which are dry and technical — could perhaps watch just the last one to get a feel for the conclusions that I draw. They can then dip further back in or not, as they please, to see how and why I arrived at them.

CEOP links:

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Watched the lot. The entire country should watch also.
Please go into politics.

Hermes said...

If the social contract between government and governed is broken, then the (no more) governed ones are pretty free to make their own decisions on how to go forward. A good measure would be perhaps to stop paying taxes. Not only a few, but docens of thousands of (no more) governed. There's no social contract. Who broke it? The government, right? So people have then the right to behave as they think they should, according to the unlawful behavior of the other participant in the contract. It's its fault that the contract exists no more, so it would have no right to complain. And people know very well that a part of their well-earned income will wander via social welfare to the pockets of pakistanis who have brought Britain to the brink of the abyss, so... no more tax-paying. No government can jail dozens of thousands. Yes, sounds rather utopian, but... how effective it would be.

Anonymous said...

Where, oh where, are you going to get the oil to run this lawless society?!

And, I mean YOU specifically who think that you will rebel against the state - rather than BP which is a big corporation that may sell oil to whomever it pleases.

Even assuming that BP chooses to sell you oil, will you have any money to buy oil?

When BP chooses to sell its oil to the state instead of you, how will you adapt?

How will you heat your houses and buy your food without oil?

There may be civil war, but civil war will simply entail derivation and starvation of Western masses.

As near as I can tell, the New World Order is introducing this civil war situation into every Western country in order to rid the world of 'excess' population - while simultaneously eliminating all human and civil rights going into the future.

People will talk a brave talk until their kids are starving. Then, everyone will willingly submit to totalitarianism that provides a cease-fire and food.



Thomas Gibbon said...

This is an excellent analysis - thoughtful and also passionate.

After traveling the same road, I decided to model how this and other aspects of the UK's decaying democracy will play out. That turned into a book, which I've just published but not yet publicized. If you want to access it, search on amazon.co.uk for The Correction Thomas Gibbon - there's a cheap Kindle version available, and a more expensive paperback.

If you'd prefer I send you a complimentary copy, just leave a message and a mailing address and I'll wing it across.

Same applies to the Baron.

Anonymous said...

Concur with egghead.

The importation of islam into europe has been planned by the power elite. Academics and civil servants across Europe had plenty of knowledge about the true nature of islamic fascism, sharia, and the total non-integration of muslims with the west. The British in particular knew exactly what went on in India -- muslims refused to send their children to English-speaking schools, there were Wahhabis assassinating their British enemies in India in the 19th century, the institution of a pan-national caliphate was much discussed in India in the first 20 years of the 20th century (i.e. long before the Muslim Brotherhood).

The orientalists and arabists in the west would have known what the effects of importing islam into (post)christian countries would be. But they fell silent.

Islam was not known as "the religion of peace" until the 1930s in India. It was a specific PR exercise following on the tails of twenty years of discussions about the caliphate.

Anonymous said...


It should be possible to convert a pdf or doc file to a Kindle compatible file.

When you register a Kindle you get an email address to send such files to, & if you put "convert" in the subject, that should do the trick.

So a Word doc could make its way to Dymphna's Kindle quite easily ... just saying ...


Anonymous said...

Egghead here: I meant "...civil war will simply entail deprivation and starvation of Western masses."

Anonymous at 2/28/2012 7:43 PM:

Thanks. Also, both the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church of England were EXTREMELY familiar with the evil of Islam from many centuries of fighting defensive wars with Muslims who conducted regular raids on Western countries to obtain skilled labor and slaves.

Muslims liked to invade European seacoasts on Sundays and surround the town churches while all of the inhabitants were at church. Then, the Muslims would capture everyone in town and take them to Moroccan slave markets where the women were worth far more than men - as women slaves always are....

England and the West of yore would NEVER have tolerated an influx of Muslims because past Westerners were well aware of the true EVIL nature of Islam - especially Islam as mandated to the enslavement and elimination of Christians.


Anonymous said...

Very well done,El Ingles, and it needed to be said. Thank you.

Seneca III

Anonymous said...

Egghead, you are right that dark times are ahead. But I think you underestimate the resourcefulness of the common man in dire situations. Nobody in his right mind would push even a rat into a corner and try to kill it with his bare hands. Try to imagine trying to push the common man of Great Britain into a corner and threatening his wife and children and ways he could react. I am not even married yet but I FEEL SORRY for any man who deliberately threatens my girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Egghead, yoe are right that dark times are ahead. However, I think you underestimate the resourcefulness of the common man when placed in dire situations. Nobody in his right mind would try to push even a rat into a corner and try to kill it with his bare hands. Try to imagine the possible reactions of common British men who feel their wives and children being threatened seriously. I am not even married yet, but I FEEL SORRY for any man who deliberately threatens my girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Egghead, the difference with something like the white slave trade, and the military incursions of islam into europe, is that they happened several hundred years ago. Giles Milton, when he heard Moroccans talking about their slave trade thought that he would find no evidence of such a thing, but to his surprise the memoirs of Thomas Pellow were to be found in British libraries and archives. Even though these memoirs had existed for 200 years or more, the issue of the white slave trade had been generally forgotten amongst historians of slavery.

But with Britain and India, this was not the case. A twice monthly journal called "Kalifeh" (Caliphate) was being published (in London, I believe) for the first 20 years of the 20th century.

The battle we are now engaged in, a battle of words and ideas, is one that muslims have been engaged in with the west (and particularly, with Britain) 100 years ago. As Shirley Bassey sings, it's a case of history repeating. The orientalists were fully aware of this battle in India, but they kept quiet as it started to repeat itself in Britain. I believe we can save ourselves a lot of time by studying what happened in India between 1800 and 1948.

Reading books on "the Religion of Peace" (written there in the 1930s), their arguments (and selective quotation of the Koran) were all worked out for the fifth columnists to pick up in the 1990s in the west. They have had a head-start in this battle.

Joe Bloggs

bewick said...

@ Egghead.
And so was Winston Churchill

bewick said...

I didn't "watch the lot". I'm sorry to say that El Ingles is far less compelling on video than in print.
I seriously like his prose but could not, after watching a couple of the series, watch the whole series. TOO pedestrian.
Watch Pat Condell for tips on how to do it.
Some people are great in prose and/or on videoo. Few are both. EI is excellent at prose. 'nough said.
I'm also worried that El Ingles has now revealed his face to the islamists.

Thomas Gibbon said...

Anonymous/Nick at 2/28/2012 8:06 PM


I should have thought this through - one consequence of the collapse of the social contract is that we have to protect our identities and homes.

I'll see if I can mail a Kindle file to the Baron/Dymphna.

Anonymous said...

It does appear to work - as a relatively new Kindle owner myself, I've converted a couple of pdf files across to my Kindle & it worked ok.

If I remember correctly, if you buy a Kindle you get a "Kindle" email address which is linked to the actual device you have registered (with Amazon) - you can find that email address in your "Manage my Kindle" page on Amazon.

So far as I remember then, all I had to do was send an email from my normal email address to my "Kindle" email address, with the pdf (or Word) file attached, & "convert" in the subject line.

As I said I tried it a couple of times & it seemed to work all right.

(Just in case anyone hasn't tried this before ...)


Shaunantijihad said...

The video has been removed. Please re-link it.