Sunday, August 07, 2011

Down’s Syndrome Babies, Sarah Palin and the BBC

For a change of topic, Paul Weston weighs in on the remarkable relaxation of moral standards at the BBC for programming that concerns conservatives, Republicans, and especially Sarah Palin.

Down’s Syndrome Babies, Sarah Palin and the BBC
by Paul Weston

The liberal-left have been quite vociferous in the wake of the Norway atrocity. They appear to think that to write or speak about the threat of Islam is to tacitly encourage or support acts of terrorism, and have subsequently singled out several members of the “right” for persecution, notably of course our very own and very peaceful Fjordman.

Whilst the liberal-left are monumentally and tragically wrong on so many issues, they are correct that some words certainly incite feelings of violence. In fact, I feel so angry at the moment that were it not for my peaceful and law-abiding nature I would happily march down to BBC headquarters and strike a few unutterably repulsive people flush on their repellent snouts with great physicality.

The reason I am so angry is because I do not think babies born with Down’s syndrome should be referred to as “retards”, nor *****, nor indeed ******* *****. I would also take issue with the description of Sarah Palin’s vagina as a “retard launcher.”

Doug Stanhope on Sarah PalinLast Thursday, BBC 5 Live presenter Richard Bacon introduced a guest as follows: “Doug Stanhope is here, just a remarkable stand-up comic. If you’ve never seen him, or want a flavour of what he is like, go on YouTube now and type ‘Doug Stanhope-Sarah Palin’ (sniggers) and get back to me.”

The You Tube link that comes up concerns Sarah Palin and her son Trig, who has Down’s Syndrome. The BBC, driven by a visceral hatred of Sarah Palin, quite astonishingly see nothing wrong in publicly recommending such a video, but if you have a disabled child yourself, or have normal human standards of decency, then you should not watch this. It is pathologically cruel and vile.

The BBC, however, is tickled pink by such vituperatively expressed disabled-baby hatred. But whilst they may snigger about such gynaecological obscenities, their immoral standards are not compatible with those of a parental guidance site such as Gates of Vienna, so the video and transcript around which this article is centred can only be viewed here.

If you have the stomach for it, please watch or read before continuing with this article…

Watched it? Feeling angry, dirty, soiled and disgusted? So too was the Down’s Syndrome Association, which filed an official complaint with the BBC on the grounds that the material conflicts with BBC guidelines which state a responsibility to ‘protect the vulnerable and avoid unjustifiable offence’.

That is a start, I suppose, but I don’t think Mr Richard Bacon should still be in his job after this. If he is not sacked, then the BBC must publicly state why they think it fit to retain a man who has used his BBC pulpit to promote such grossly obscene material. Had the “comedian” referred to Muslims, blacks, Democrats or any other officially designated special status group in this way, his feet would not have touched the floor, such would have been the speed of his dismissal — but defenceless and disabled babies warrant no such sympathy within the BBC if they come from a Republican womb.

Here is the official BBC Complaints email, or telephone (UK only) 03700 100 222. I urge everyone to spread this article as far and wide as possible by mass email, mirroring, etc., and to ensure that everyone makes an official complaint.

If someone with knowledge of Facebook or online petitions could organise a campaign to oust Richard Bacon, then please leave me a comment under the article on my site.

One way or another, the BBC is going to pay for this. If we cannot get Richard Bacon sacked in the next few weeks, then a demonstration will be arranged outside his studio building until he is forced to stand down. We must not let this rest.

Hat tip: Biased BBC.

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