Saturday, August 27, 2011

“Democracy is Hypocrisy”

Cultural Enrichment News

Muslim immigrants to Scandinavia are treated well when they arrive in their new homes. Their hosts hope that Nordic generosity will be reciprocated when the time comes — as it inevitably must — that the immigrants become the majority in their adoptive countries. This sentiment was even stated publicly by Jens Orback, the Democracy Minister in a previous Swedish government, who said: “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.”

Unfortunately for Scandinavia, Muslims are notorious for biting the hand that feeds them. In any Western society where they become numerous enough, they eventually begin to agitate, complain, vandalize, attack, and sabotage the social and political mechanisms of their host society.

In this latest incident, culture-enrichers in Denmark sabotaged the election campaign of one of their own, a Social Democrat named Yildiz Akdogan. Our Danish correspondent TB sends a translated article about the incident, and includes this introductory note:

Here’s a little story from the new, enriched Denmark. It really looks like the Socialists are going to win the election. But now it seems that their newly-imported buddies are a little more than just easy votes. The Role Model Muslim Immigrant of the Social Democrats has had a little setback in her campaign.

And his translation from Ekstrabladet:

Election Posters exposed to religious vandalism

MP’s election posters in Tingbjerg defaced with racist stickers.

Yildiz Akdogan poster

The sticker says: “Lawmaking belongs to Allah. Democracy is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy go to hell.”

The text below the picture says: “Yildiz Akdogan, member of parliament for the Social Democrats since 2007, had her election posters in Copenhagen defaced.”

The IT spokesperson for the Social Democrats, Yildiz Akdogan, was on the street last night to put up election posters. But already on her way home, at half past two in the morning, she discovered that her election posters had been vandalized.

Large stickers with hateful quotes that condemn democracy had been placed over her face and name. The vandalism targeted only election posters for Yildiz Akdogan in Tingbjerg, Nørrebro and in her constituency in Brønshøj.

The chairman of the Social Democrats at City Hall, Jesper Christensen, has reported the vandalism to the police as an instance of politically motivated vandalism.

“I’m obviously very sad. It is hard work getting all these posters up. But in addition I am also very angry, because I think this is an attack against democracy,” Yildiz Akdogan says to Newspaq.

She now awaits the outcome of the police investigation, but will continue undeterred with her campaign.

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Expelliarmus13 said...

Hahaha.. ME LIKE LIKE what they're getting. And when you think that this is only the appetizer!!

Hans Erling Jensen said...

Yildiz Akdogan has earlier problems. That is with the armenian question. Somewhere she is still a turk (and a jerk).

She even loves multikultu - but the turkish genocide on the armenians less than a 100 years ago, she refuse to admit!

Jedilson Bonfim said...

This reminds me of an old story I first came across here at GoV... About a day when the little nazis from Antifa went to Malmö's Rosengård sharia enclave for one of their usual displays of submission, subservience and dhimmitude to the muslims they worship; but, instead of the warm reception they expected to get, they were kicked out of there by their buddies. Here is the link to it.

Nick said...

This reminds me of the thinking of the politicians such as Franz von Papen who struck a deal with Hitler, and convinced Hindenburg to make Hitler the Chancellor of Germany in January 1933.

They thought that they could keep Hitler in check, and all would be well at the end of the day. (See Laurence Rees, Richard Overy.)

Turned out they were wrong.

Wishful thinking really isn't a good policy when an entire country's well being, now and for generations to come, is at stake.

Michael Servetus said...

The ironic thing is that we are experienceing some of that Democracy Hypocrisy and betrayal right now.
We believe there should be a trascendent standard,untouchable or at least not so easily touchable by unclean hands and profane minds. The will of the people cannot always be trusted to be the right way. So what do we say about this?
I see something effective and powerful in what they are saying and doing, that is the sticker covering up the mouth of that woman, a symbol of the decadent form of multiCULTism. If I remember correctly, that is the same way the multiCULTism movement gained momentum. A little proactive sticker here a little advertisemtn there and on and on, before you know it it is mainstreaming. I think there is smoething to be said for defacing and contradicting the images and messages of the multiCULTi.

Vortac said...

News from the future:
Mr. Orback, year 2016: "Recent riots were really terrible. This is far worse than I ever expected in our multicultural country."

Mr. Orback, year 2019: "Recent deadly violence against Christians in Sweden is appalling. I never really thought Muslims will be tolerant to us the way we were tolerant to them, but it was a worthy try, in accordance with highest democratic standards we were always promoting in Sweden"

Mr. Orback, year 2023: "I find it hard to believe that Sweden is becoming a Third World country. I tried to prevent it years ago, but other memebers of the governement forced me to lie about Muslims and their tolerancy toward us. Yes, I knew it would end badly, but I was not allowed to voice my protest."

Nullius in Verba said...

This highlights a fundamental flaw in the European mindset. In Europe it is assumed that once you are in power than you can and will start to govern within the frame work. This mistake was made with Hitler, this mistake is being made in Iraq, this mistake is being made in Afghanistan and Pakistan, this mistake has been made in Libya and Egypt.

This theory offcourse works if you are primarily an open society's like Europe, US, India etc. But Once Islam become a significant component in the host society's than this theory fails. Islam will always rule and infact to rule is the singular most important aspect of Islam.

Thus when the arab merchant Mohammed was preaching Islam from 610 AD to 623 AD it is not considered islamic period (despite 67% of the Quran being articulated in that period). Islamic age starts from 623 AD and that is the time when the Arab Merchant Mohammed became the leader of a pirate gang in Medina with attendant authority to rule.

If european's equate all immigrants like sikhs, hindus, buddhist same as muslims a serious problem awaits. Islam will sneak in and europe will not know peace untill or umless it adopts sharia.

Rex Dyer said...

I'm still amazed how PCMCs like Jens Orback can publicly admit to the genocidal goals of their cult without any shame or fear. Europe hasn't seen such cold blooded psychopaths like this since the Nazis. Do these elites take some perverse masochistic pleasure in debasing and liquidating their own people, history and nation? What's the deal?

And the people are so completely brainwashed that all they can do is submit. The ones who aren't out actively fighting for their own slavery and extermination that is.