Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Beeb Does it Again

The BBC has put out yet another hit piece on the English Defence League, doing everything in its power to paint the peaceful demonstrators at EDL events as violent. It ignores the fact that the vast majority of violent attacks at the demos are initiated by the “anti-fascists” who oppose the EDL.

Even worse, there is the not-so-subtle hint that EDL demonstrators are the equivalent of the rioters, arsonists, and looters that ravaged London earlier this month.

Vlad Tepes has supplemented the BBC’s hatchet job with some additional footage and commentary:


christian soldier said...

the Brit press is even worse than our MSM and that is saying something!

Professor L said...

They love their oneness, but don't like boat rockers.

Gee, no wonder they crucified Christ. The more things change...

Pym Purnell said...

We are no longer wanted by our own country.

We have served our purpose, and now others can fill the gap. They have been given power, and they will use it to their own ends.