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“Democratic” Bullying in Sweden

In yesterday’s post about the EU, I had this to say about the political climate in Sweden:

It must be hell for anyone living in Sweden who publishes an opinion that lies outside the current consensus. Social pressure, public shame, shunning, ostracism, and the bully-boys of the “anti-fascists” await those who dare to step outside the marked boundaries of permissible thought. And all this before the government ever swings into action and files a hets mot folkgrupp charge against the offending freethinker.

In response to my description, our Swedish correspondent LN translated the following post from Thoralf Alfsson’s blog, plus one of the comments left on the post.

Many thanks to LN for his extended efforts on our behalf.

Thoralf Alfsson
Member of Parliament for the Sweden Democrats

The Many Different Forms of “Democratic” Bullying

The bullying rhetoric of Prime Minister Reinfeldt
“Just blame yourself, you bullying victim!”

Reinfeldt Rhetoric.

Now it has happened again!

A Sweden Democrat is again subjected to violence and threats. This time it is also a woman, Therese Borg, who had the windows in her home smashed. Which was also where her children were.

AFA [the “anti-fascists”] claims to be behind this political attack. How do the media react to this? As always, the silence is complete in the media when a Sweden Democrat is exposed to such incidents. None of the major media have mentioned this. I myself have been victim of smashed windows on three occasions. Why hasn’t David Baas written anything in Expressen about the persecution at the hands of the leftists that we Sweden Democrats are exposed to?

Sverigedemokraterna in the crosshairsIt’s about bullying on many levels. We are subjected to threats, violence, and vandalism, but it’s also about the bullying for which the media is ultimately responsible when they only write about what can be seen as negative publicity. That a woman with children is exposed to violence in her own home might arouse sympathy among the public, and therefore journalists like David Baas just shut up. It’s not about any equal values, but bullying by the media.

Worst of all, the media’s behavior sends out signals to society that may be perceived as saying it’s OK to commit crimes against the Sweden Democrats!

In the Swedish parliament another form of bullying is carried out. The other seven parties in Parliament refuse to talk to the Sweden Democrats, and they also will persist in doing it — refusing to talk — if we are to believe their representatives. Sure, that’s their rightful choice, but it’s not very democratic. The form of bullying that I will especially address is that SD is not allowed to be included in the ‘pairing off’ system. The system is a voluntary agreement between the parties, but SD is refused access. When voting in parliament usually 30-60 [of 349] members are absent or ‘paired off’ the vote. In practice this means that the Sweden Democrat members always are forced to attend all voting. At worst, it may mean that you can not attend a relative’s funeral or other family matter, may not become ill, cannot go on a training course if it coincides with a vote, etc.

That this kind of bullying is allowed to go on in the Swedish parliament is not in the least flattering to our country.

In Kalmar there is this political editor Ulf Wickbom who invites all parties except the Sweden Democrats to write their own debate article on the question of ‘Future Large Regions’. One of the more base ways to exercise bullying is to always and on all occasions leave out one person or one party.

We even have organizations in our country that receive state subsidies for engaging in bullying against selected parties. This is done by carrying through massive “slander” and by arranging indoctrination courses, particularly in public workplaces. In other words, a state-certified and -sanctioned bullying process.

The media are the most cunning bullies in our country, but then it is called “making an inquiry”(granskning). But for those who look behind the scenes, this “inquiry” stands out as completely one-sided, as not everything is examined, but only ‘the specially selected’. Those who stand on the barricades together with the politically correct avoid this “inquiry”, regardless of what they have in their luggage — because they belong to the “good ones”.

However, there are some journalists who try to be objective, but the risk is great that their careers will not be as straight as they had hoped for. An editor-in-chief can suddenly become a general reporter in a day. Another one can become an Asian correspondent.

The fact that we have a Prime Minister who, with his rhetoric, justifies the whole thing is to say the least deplorable. Fredrik Reinfeldt has had relatively few setbacks so far, but the way he has responded to them makes me deeply worried about the future. More and bigger setbacks lie ahead for Fredrik Reinfeldt, and then we will probably get the chance to see and hear even more unpleasant things that may amplify the “democratic” bullying and give it new forms.

To many of these bullies’ annoyance, the Sweden Democrats did not drop in the polls after the Norway attacks. Today came Sifo’s results for a poll conducted in August and based on voter interviews. The Sweden Democrats receive 6.0 percent, a very good result considering the massive bullying and the defamation campaign that has been going on for the past month.

This instead suggests a huge momentum behind the Sweden Democrats’ arguments and politics.

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A comment by Lassekolja:

That SD is not allowed to participate in the pairing-off system can be seen as another example of the bullying of the SD, which is in full swing. Is also a further confirmation that our Parliament has become more permanently Sweden’s most expensive and most unworthy sandbox.

In a real democracy, the exposure of a peaceful family to AFA’s methods of realizing their dream society would have brought down the full weight of the entire legal system. That this does not happen in the DEMOCRATURE “New Sweden” can only be because the AFA has the entire political and media establishment’s tacit approval. This is a disgrace to our country, which could have been so nice.

We must surely believe that truth and reality, both of which are SD’s strongest disciplines, win in the end, hopefully, “already” in the election in September 2014!

Sometimes I get the idea (terrible thought!) that the goal of the PC establishment, deep down, is that also we should get a Swedish Anders B Breivik, acting in frustration, given the kind of treatment SD is being given!?!?

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X said...

Playing with fire. Weird to see Kalmar mentioned, my wife's family lives near there. I wonder what they think of it. If I'm over at Christmas I may just ask them.

That'll be fun!

babs said...

Most tourists are oblivious to this struggle. I however, have written a letter to Fredrick Reinfeld telling him that I will tell everyone I know not to visit your country.
Do not book a cruise that stops in your country; do not book an airline that changes planes in your country. In short, do not have anything to do with your country.
You are horribly oil rich; I will give you that. Do you stand up for the native Norwegians that worked hard to make you this way? Or, do you ask them to give up their culture for your political gains?

I really have to ask you what part of the offshore oil gains did the immigrants help to develope?

Errbe said...

To "babs" !

You are misinformed. Sweden has no oil whatsoever. Norway has a lot.

Swedish politicians have let many times more MENA-people in than in Norway or any other country. Some 97 % of them do not show any identity documents. So the country has become a haven for war criminals and terror organizers.

We Swedes, the official attitude, are so good, that we cannot expect people to lie about their identity. It would be insulting to ask them to verify their stories on their origin.

For decades the authorities were forbidden to take fingerprints of asylum-seekers. At last this is now allowed.