Friday, August 12, 2011

The Sanitization of History

In a post entitled “Are you sure they were black?”, Eeyore (more commonly known as Vlad, to those of us who interact with him every day) analyzes the overwhelming influence of the dominant “narrative” on recent reporting about the riots in England.

The mainstream media would have us believe that the violence and lawlessness have nothing whatsoever to do with race or ethnicity, but are a result of… Well, maybe poverty. Or the economic crisis. Or the lack of opportunity for members of the underclass.

Or, better yet: the real culprit is white racism.

Here’s what Eeyore says:

For the past few decades there has been a slow but consistent shift of how we are expected to view culpability. Most likely because of the memes invented and implanted by the Frankfurt School, but if that is too conspiratorial for us, then just a slow natural shift perhaps due to the raw affluence of our capitalist successes and consequent wealth, leading to extravagances of thought, the idea that we are so much better than everyone else, we must actually be more responsible than everyone else.

The shift of course is one of moving away from anti-racism to genuine racism and calling it anti-racism. This happens in lots of ways but the most repugnant is:

The deliberate suppression of any information about racism towards white people, including the sanitization of history in order to make it appear as if only white Europeans are capable of agency and that all other people are acting ‘naturally’ in some manner.

This would be the racism of lower expectations. That non-white people somehow cannot help being what they are, so we must celebrate their cultures at the expense of our own, while simultaneously making our own cultures repugnant to us as well as, in many cases, actually illegal. (Smoking in bars very illegal, hookah in kebab joints, a proud symbol of multiculturalism) We look at our own culture as being a function of choice so we can make our own religions illegal, our habits and vices, (unless they are seen to annoy conservatives) while violating all our own conceptions of natural human rights to accommodate the most primitive cultures we can find and then pay them to live among us, while they break our laws and customs with malice and contempt for all we have created.

One must at all costs avoid the evidence of one’s own senses in favour of the notion that all ethnic groups get along really well and the only real problems in England are not the non-British people, who often feel no connection with British culture, and indeed have no connection with British history. After all when they form vigilante groups to take the law into their own hands because of a clear and indisputable failure of the British constabulary to defend the property and safety of the people within England (I hesitate to say English people) at the best of times and are actually worse than useless during the riots…

Eeyore then recounts Prime Minister David Cameron’s reprehensible words about the English Defence League, as quoted here earlier today. He concludes with this observation:

Yep. Those noble Sikhs and Muslims and everyone else showing community spirit and stepping up to the plate to defend their temples and businesses from lawlessness. But the British who actually tried to defend not just their homes but entire communities including all within from rioters and looters? None sicker than they.

Read the rest at Vlad’s place, where there are also four videos about the Rainbow Riots that you will want to watch.


christian soldier said...

white racism....was the culprit for the race ritos in welfare city - DETROIT -1967-
no thing ever changes---

dienw said...

In keeping with the elites' "It is the evil Whites!" theme, the first to lose their welfare homes are whites: Suspected looter and his mother are the first to be punished with eviction

As you scroll through the pictures notice the browning of England.

Mannie said...

It's definitely started. Look at the Perps identified in The Mail and other papers. An Olympian. A millionaire's daughter. A schoolteacher. ... All White middle class. I guess you and I were rioting and burning.

1389 said...

I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around the fact that several different ethnic communities in the UK consider themselves to be the enemies of the people they live among, as evidenced by the fact that they have taken advantage of a riot to pillage and destroy their neighbors’ homes and businesses.

I don’t claim to have had an exemplary upbringing, but because of the culture that I inherited, I’m just not the type of person who would ever be tempted to engage in looting or vandalism – despite the fact that I own scarcely any of the fancy trinkets and gewgaws that the looters seem to be running off with. I don’t feel all that deprived not having them.

If I were living in some other part of the world, where I had no cultural or ethnic ties to the people living around me, and a natural disaster took place, it would still never occur to me to use that as an opportunity for law-breaking.

And yes, I’m one of those eeeeevil white people of (gasp) SERBIAN ancestry. And we're supposedly raaaaacist by definition, just 'cause we're SERBS, dontcha know?

Go figure...

PatriotUSA said...

By far, one of the best articles about the events in England that I have read to date, along with some that Nick from the north has sent me. Am working on a major post for PC using these if I can work through the pain I am battling right now.

Of course it cannot be the fault of those poor oppressed minorities that have been allowed to flood England and Europe with the complete and total approval of the EU.

One must take into consideration how this entire matter might nave played out differently had the English citizens not been stripped of their rights to keep and bear arms long ago.

I sure as heck know how I would have responded to such attacks on my family, lives or property.

Darrin Hodges said...

For me, one of the principle contributing factors to the London riots has been the diminution of the family unit, coupled with immigration and multiculturalism - all pushed by cultural marxists. For decades the cultural Marxists have been attacking the family unit which traditionally consisted of a man and women with their offspring. The family unit is one of the most elemental structures underpinning our society; if this is weakened then our society is undermined. Therefore stable family units are the basis of a stable social structure.

What we have seen in Britain (and elsewhere) is a relentless multi-decadenal attack on the traditional Western family unit. Now we have two mums, two dads, so called 'rights' of a child that far exceed the boundaries of a family unit, bans on disciplining, family breakdowns, etc, etc. All these have contributed to destroy the family unit producing unstable environments for children to grow up in. Worse, we have multi-generational welfare dependency with little hope of escape.

As we have noted though, not all of those charged for participating in the riot were down and outs, some well-to-do types were picked up, no doubt indoctrinated by the marxist filth sloping around universities these days. On top of all that, there has been the importation of large numbers of non-whites, which has exacerbated the ghetto/welfare dependency syndrome, not to mention the intemperate products of miscegenation.

Clearly we have to take aim at the cultural marxists and reclaim our heritage and traditional family structures. We owe to humanity and our civilisation, we owe it to those who fought for our liberties, we owe to our people and most of all, we owe it to our children.

laine said...

Exact same behavior e.g. defending against hooligans: Brown defenders, good. White defenders, bad. Exact same behavior: whites attacking blacks, front page saturation coverage. Blacks attacking whites, goes unreported.