Friday, August 12, 2011

War Criminals Among the “Settlers”

In last night’s post about Norway, Zenster said:

Considering that Norway continues to harbor known terrorist Mullah Krekar (a.k.a.: Fateh Najmeddin Faraj or Abu Sayyid Qutb), monitoring such activities within Norway is well within the USA’s rights.

Our Swedish correspondent LN was unable to log in successfully and leave a response, so he sent me an email instead. Here’s what he said:

Many war criminals and terrorists in Sweden, many more than in Norway.

One of the many consequences of the lax immigration policies and naïve so-called Multiculturalism is that Sweden is full of war criminals. Previously it has been found that most terrorist organizations are represented in the country. Not surprisingly, however, given that only about five percent (5%) of those who came to Sweden in recent years had brought with them any valid identification documents. Not at all strange that New Sweden is swarming with exotic individuals lacking any true identity — they are now just “new Swedes” and euphemistically called settlers, living at taxpayers’ expense.

Around a thousand war criminals can hide in Sweden. The “National Criminal War Crimes Commission” has so far received 120 complaints, but the cases take a long time and are difficult to investigate. The main evidence is not to be found in Sweden but we often have to go out and look for it in home countries like Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Sudan and many others, says Linda Thomsen.


Updated Aug 13 14:29 to correct a link and make a slight change of wording at the request of LN.


ivosve said...

I've lived in Sweden for about 3 years and I used to go visit my family in Sweden when we were on vacation over there. I have lots of sweet memories of that beautiful country in the seventies and eighties. When we moved there however Sweden had changed much for the worse because of the ongoing massimmigration and the spoiled attitude of the natives. One day I was walking in a small town there and I saw a arabic looking chap in his car with big Hezbollah flags in it and on it. I let the man know that I did not appreciate it and that I thought it to be a terroristorganisation, all he did was smirk and later spit on the ground before my feet.

Puzzlist said...

Here in Canada, finally, the conservative government has been able to publish a list of illegal immigrants, many accused of being war criminals.

Sadly, most of the liberal media, including the state-funded CBC TV network, has fought tooth and nail to make the list invisible.

A saving grace for the country has been the creation of a truly conservative TV station, so six of the published illegals have been apprehended, and are on their way out of Canada.

A very good start, and perhaps a model for other countries?