Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Fund Raiser: Sailing Home, Day One

Caspar David Friedrich: On the Sailing-Boat (detail)

Say wha’??

Nah, it can’t possibly be time for the Summer Fundraiser. Why the Spring bleg just ended a few…umm, let me look.

Oops. Spring Break at Gates of Vienna did indeed begin on May 15th. Oh my, that was a whole garden ago. So how come it feels like last week, while also seeming to reside in a dim memory from a former life?

Yeah, three guesses.

All those gawkers and squawkers from Norway and Sweden took their toll; the unrelentingly focused hatred was a brand new life lesson. As soon as I’ve recovered from those stare burns, I’ll read up on the answers in the back of the book and let you know what those lessons are.

Right now, though, I’m betting that y’all could tell me what went down better than I.

Here’s one lesson that’s still as fresh and purple as a bruise.

I now comprehend much more clearly how effective are the techniques of shaming and shunning for keeping people in line. Prior to Breivik’s slaughter I’d have said I understood this already.

After all, socialists and other fellow-travelers in America have long since branded us with the big R for racist. Not because we’ve ever said anything racist, but simply because we dare to discuss the subject.

Just so you understand the contrast: in Germany it is illegal to do scientific research aimed at understanding the differences to be found in those parts of our DNA which define our race. The fear-driven elitists have taken that quest for knowledge off the table. “Verboten!” Does it not remind you of the intellectual strictures the Roman Catholic Church once used against the pursuit of scientific understanding?

At any rate, slapping labels on our blog is so much easier than going through the trouble of verifying what others claim. It saves thinking. But our bullies over here are amateurs in comparison to Norway’s authorities and their mini-me media mouthpieces. I understand better than I did before Breivik how powerful such social pressures are in those countries. As a result, I will now defend against any commenter who attempts to lay the blame on individuals who live in totalitarian democracies. They’re no more responsible for the lack of integrity in their media, government and academia than we are for the rot we see in our cultural institutions.

In fact, Norwegians, Swedes and Finns have it much harder than we do. Their fate, to live in a gilded cage where your owners are so very kind, so terribly thoughtful -- as long as you never, ever step out of line in word or deed -- is not something I’d wish on anyone. Not even Charles Johnson. When I observe the increasing restrictions here I can guess what lies ahead for us if that same totalitarian mindset is allowed permanent ascendancy. Except our landscape will not be as pretty, nor our cities so clean.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Tip jarAnd now… we’re still in one piece (and you’ll notice, still holding hands). From where we sit, you can just see Schloss Bodissey through the mists. Happiness is knowing that, give a league or two, Norway is five thousand miles behind us.

Since the gawkers are gone and comments are turned back on, let’s do this belated Autumn Fundraiser beginning now!

Don’t forget our ongoing pledge: we tithe our donations to Vlad Tepes. He didn’t ask for this, it was our idea. Not only is his video work a valuable contribution, but like us he lives carefully, he “manages” so he can continue to fight against the incursions of sharia into our culture.

We’re all in this together, so “Let’s Roll”!

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Pierre_Picaud said...

Is it too much to hope that the unprecedented critical scrutiny of the past months, has decreased the size, yes, but also perhaps increased the unity of the counter-jihad?

I'm thinking here of the pointless infighting between more hoity-toity characters like Geller and Spencer, and their knee-jerk and baseless targetting of the EDL a few months back.

If there is much more of an espirit de corps across the spectrum, and a feeling of "we're all in this together", then despite the absolute nightmare that yourself and the Baron must surely have experienced: perhaps the cloud has had a silver lining after all?

Jewel said...

I'm sending flooz your way, lady. Glad to be able to tell you this in the comment section.

an EDL buck said...

Baron, you have a serious secuity breach, if luna stella mass make any kind of sense, get in touch mate.

Baron Bodissey said...

EDL buck --

I have no idea what you're talking about. Our email is down at the moment, which is true for all clients of our ISP. What else should I be aware of?

an EDL buck said...

the error message I got was giving alternate email addresses for you and the missusus. Something aint right here as the address included your Name mate.........

Baron Bodissey said...

Buck --

I'm not hiding, I'm public. I've been public for a long while now, and post under my real name at Big Peace.

My real name is associated with all our email addresses for the account at our ISP. There's nothing abnormal about that.

I maintain my pseudonym here because that's how I started out in 2004. But having my real name appear is NOT a security breach. So put your mind at ease.

Luddite said...

Thank you both for what you do, prayers for your mental and spiritual health. I know from personal experience how these things can affect fibromyalgia.

Small donation sent, too.

heroyalwhyness said...

Baron & Dymphna - up here HRW's sons felt a weak tremor, looked up the USGS and mentioned you two had an earthquake as well hitting over 5 on the richter scale. How'd you fare?

imnokuffar said...

Cannot resist your influence. And I would rather spend the money on you than other diversions.

You probably won't like me as I am a BNP member but your intelligence and assiduousness is definitely worth the paltry amount donated.

I wish you well despite our differences.



Baron Bodissey said...

Eric --

Thank you very much.

I have nothing against the BNP. I disagree with some of their positions, but that's OK. I like to see patriotic people stand up for their homeland.

Any number of my British friends voted for the BNP in the last general election, but they dare not admit it publicly, or risk losing their jobs.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

Don't help fund islamophilic lamestream-media outlets such as The Economist, Time, The NYT or Newsweek; to help real good quality opinion, news and articles continue to be produced, supporting GoV, New English Review, Vlad Tepes and a few other such websites with an occasional donation is the way to go.