Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Islamic Mentality

Below is the first in a series of posts by our Russian correspondent Russkiy about his experiences with Muslims and Arabs. He says, “The first installment provides an introduction about the evolution of my personal views towards Islam.”

The Islamic Mentality
by Russkiy

As I was growing up in the Soviet Union during the eighties I was programmed (maybe not intentionally) by the state to dislike Islam by the continuous stream of movies and documentaries about the war in Afghanistan. Before many Westerners became familiar with Islam, I, as a little child, knew that Muslims had many wives, worshiped Muhammad and were very fanatical and aggressive.

It wasn’t long after the collapse of the Soviet Union that wars in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and closer to home in Chechnya flared up. That was additional proof to me as a child that Islam was evil. The news stories from Israel and Palestinian territories reinforced my view of the Islamic fanaticism.

At the same time, I was taught in school, by the media, and within the family that racism is wrong. Somehow these two ideas coexisted in my mind. On one hand Islam was something bad, and by default anyone south of the border (that included Armenians and Georgians) were Islamic and therefore bad, and on the other hand a strong dislike for racism.

In the mid 1990s my family and I moved to a Western country where I came into contact with many Muslims and Arabs. When I started my university studies I befriended a number of Iraqi, Palestinian, and Egyptian students with whom I shared classes. It was nice to be within a group, as previously I had attended a country school, where I felt myself isolated, as a new immigrant, from the rest of the students.

Due to my contact with the Muslim students I became more interested in Islamic culture and felt guilty for the internal feelings of dislike I had for everything Muslim. I was surprised just how political-minded and knowledgeable those Arabs seemed to be. I later realized that those ideas they seemed to possess at that time were simply propaganda their parents were feeding them throughout their entire lives.

Under their influence I became aware of American “evils”. At that time I wasn’t thinking of converting to Islam, but my dislike for America, which existed from my Soviet upbringing, was reinforced by various arguments that were presented to me by those Arab students.

The night before 9/11 happened I was actually reading an anti-American website that was called, I think, “I hate” or something like that. The following morning when I got up to go to lectures, a friend of mine told me of what happened to the Twin Towers. I skipped half of the day’s lectures and was glued to the TV watching those horrible events being shown on every channel. Despite my dislike for America at that time, I felt sick to my stomach.

I headed out to attend my afternoon lectures, where I came upon that group of Arab friends of mine who seemed very cheerful. When I asked one of my Iraqi friends what was up, he replied by saying that “America got what was coming to her,” and that he was having a party at his place and everyone was invited.

This statement shocked me and made me rethink my attitude towards America and turned me against Islam again forever. From that point on, I started to study everything I could get my hands on about Islam and its history, in order to understand the Islamic mentality better.


cumpa_29 said...

Another example would be this Libyan bomber on his "deathbed". Half of the muslims seem to be denying that he did anything wrong, and the other half applauding him for what he did. Nowhere on the horizon do you see people claiming that he was guilty of a heinous crime.

Loren said...

The nightmare is right in front us, we invite it into our country everyday and it takes the offspring of our once mortal enemy to explain this simple evil. Thank you Russkiy. I now know who all the little Eichman's really are.

infidel said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. We have over 1 million "fellow-countrymen" of muslim origin in the Netherlands, pampered and protected by the government, among other ignorant institutions. I'm holding my breath, waiting for the looting to come. It's only a matter of time.

urah2222 said...

Otra Vez -

The Muslim "Mentality" is the same as that of your Dog. They are "Pack Animals" who follow whoever is viewed as "THE LEADER OF THE PACK" AND ATTACK THOSE SEEN AS WEAKLINGS. IOW, Bin Laden's "Strong Horse." 'nuff said?

Dr. Shalit

Anonymous said...

It would seem to me that perhaps the reason Liberals/Socialists in the US and Europe have fallen in love with Islam/Muslims is that they are vehemently anti-American. Bin Laden and radical Islamists were able to strike at the common enemy of the Left here in the West. From that point forward the Liberal media had shown so many videos of people in the Muslim world burning American flags, chanting anti-American rhetoric, and condemning us as Imperialists, exactly what the Left says.

Basically, the Left has befriended a religion and ideology which is strictly opposed to liberalism and equality. They treat them as an oppressed minority being attacked by their fellow enemies; Christians, males, and whites. Why? They have found an ally, a group who shares their disdain for everything Western which the US is now associated with in every form according to Liberal/Socialist mentality. So long as the Muslims are anti-American the Left will treat them special, seeking to protect them from the evil Right.

If the Muslims suddenly fell in love with America tomorrow the Left would slowly end their love affair with these people, perhaps in a decade or less they would even open their eyes to the threat Islam is. So, in my opinion, the best way to end this Liberal love affair with Islam/Muslims in the West, and to retake our Western civilization from these hordes, is to end our involvement in the Muslim world. The more time we spend fighting with Islam/Muslims the more Islamized the West will become.