Sunday, August 14, 2011

Helter-Skelter: From Ealing Comedy to Ealing Murder in One Generation

Our English correspondent JP sends this brief meditation on recent events in England.

Helter-Skelter: From Ealing Comedy to Ealing Murder in one generation[1]

by JP

“Eddie and Bertie and I went to the Zoo. We persecuted the ostriches, tried to make them put their heads in the sand, but they wouldn’t. Eddie got into the cage and chased them all over the place with a black keeper pleading through the wire.”

Evelyn Waugh, Officers and Gentlemen[2]

The violence which has disfigured English cities over the past week may have subsided for the moment, but a war of words has erupted all over the shop:

  • Politicians and police, barely keeping their temper in check, are at loggerheads over cop numbers, US super cops, Robocops, elected cops, but where were the cops when it mattered most?
  • On the airwaves and in the television studios, broadcasters and commentators are mutually offended and appalled by opposing points of view, barely able to prevent themselves from spluttering in indignation. On BBC2’s Newsnight the historian, David Starkey, attempting to discuss Enoch Powell, scrunched up his face and hands in frustration as he was shouted down by representatives of the liberal-left idiocracy.[3]
  • In Parliament, the Prime Minister demonised decent, ordinary working class citizens while a congealed potage of MPs nodded their sage heads in senescent dotage.

And the public watches in dismay wondering what it will take for the ostrich class to take its collective head out of the sand.


1. The title refers to the death of Richard Mannington Bowes who was savagely beaten by thugs in Ealing on Monday while attempting to put out a fire in a wheelie bin. He subsequently died in hospital. Not far from the scene of this horrible event are the Ealing Studios where some of Britain’s most cherished films were produced - films such as Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) and The Ladykillers (1955).
2. In The Sword of Honour Trilogy, Everyman’s Library, London, 1994 [1955], p. 336.
3. As might be expected, the progressive liberal idiocracy, otherwise known as the Ostrich Class, has erupted in fury and are accusing Starkey of being a racist [see this Guardian report]. The Daily Express ran a front-page headline earlier this week — ‘Sweep the scum off our streets’ — a sentiment which may as well be applied to our screens.


Zenster said...

And the public watches in dismay wondering what it will take for the ostrich class to take its collective head out of the sand.

The answer is as obvious as it is predictable.

The predations currently being visited upon Britain's indigenous working class will necessarily have to find their way across the various thresholds of the ostrich class for any change to begin.

Snuggled, as they are, in their gated communities and chauffeured limousines, the kinetics required to get the ostrich's attention will not be pretty.

As always, the only real question remains as to who shall be the messenger; street thugs or enraged citizens.

National Conservatism said...

David Starkey said Enoch was wrong about inter communal violence, but Starkey was wrong. What happened on 7/7 was inter-communal violence though the media tried to pretend that the victims multi-racial the target was an English city.
The constant inestigations of terrorists are of people who planned to blow us up for the White governments invasions of Muslim countries and that is inter-communal violence.
Starkey stood his ground against the PC Clones though, and spoke proper English.
Enoch made many speeches on immigration not just Rivers of Blood and only looking at that gives the wqrong impression as he refined his views and saw to see Asians as the danger. My personal favourite is The Uniform of Colour. I regard it as one of th great political speeches of all time; on a par with Demosthenes, Pericles Funeral oration and Cicero.

philip.zhao said...

As a non-English speaking visitor, my hat is off (a tip is not enough)to those commenters( among whom Zenster is one) whom I regard as commentators in a professional sense. They are great minds though their thoughts may differ, but both shed more light on the topic under discussion. Here I must say that Fjordman's hiatus is a loss to us all.

By the way, where is that brave young American lady dressed in a combat fatique holding a PINK rifle? Is she still fighting some where for some cause? Kind of missing her !

Findalis said...

And on top of it all an attack on the EDL. Funny as the EDL didn't riot, loot, or kill.

Anonymous said...

Philip.Zhao: The lady you are seeking is Ann Barnhardt.

Ann's website is Ann Barnhardt

Zenster said...

Thank you very much, philip.zhao. Your kind words come at a particularly crucial time. I am especially grateful that you appreciate the professionalism which remains one of my utmost goals in participating at Gates of Vienna.

boru said...

Keep on jammin' Zenster..So glad you're still here..

John Pierre said...

Yep agreed, Zenster's comments are always a pleasure to see.

Zenster said...

boru and John Pierre, your gestures of support are deeply appreciated. Thank you so much.

I've just sent in some toothsome tidbits regarding The Breivik Portfolio, Part Two. They should be appearing in short order. Though the material is a bit dated, I hope that you will find them as interesting as I did.