Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Celebrating the End of Ramadan… With a Head-Butt

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Danish correspondent TB sends a translated report about an incident that occurred during an end-of-Ramadan celebration in a culturally-enriched zone in Denmark.

First, his introduction:

Denmark must be the entertainment center of Europe right now…

It is election time, and the job of making the democracy-machine work while at the same time filling it up with gravel is a tough one. The other day Hizb ut-Tahrir destroyed the socialists’ election posters in Tingbjerg. The day after that a group of ‘youngsters’ attacked a bus full of soccer players at the same place, since they took it upon themselves to park at the football stadium.

Today a Pakistani Muslim criminal was shot down in front of a local mosque in Vesterbro, Copenhagen while celebrating Eid. It happened in an area with many kids and innocent passers-by. ‘Luckily’ the only people hit beside the criminal Muslim were two of his fellow Muslims. The police have managed to find one of the perpetrators (yes, also a Muslim) in… Sweden! At a taxpayer-funded hospital receiving treatment for gunshot wounds in his leg.

The shootout had another one of our Immigrant Role Model Politicians as a witness, Mr. Sarwar. It all happened at the Eid party he was attending. He is now very angry about this incident. ‘Its all about drugs’. Nothing to do with Islam. But we all knew that of course.

As if that were not enough, another socialist was attacked today. His name is Kamal Qureshi, and he is from Pakistan.

And now it gets funny. A local candidate for the Danish People’s Party had aired an election video showing an old lady being attacked by a Muslim criminal while ‘Muhammad’ in the background shouts ‘racist’ towards the candidate because he speaks up against the violence. Since then, Kamel Qureshi has gone ballistic. He says that he is so tired of the DPP associating all Muslims with criminals. That in fact it is the DPP who are the criminals for constantly pointing out what is obviously the truth.

Well, today Kamal Qureshi met some of his non-violent fellow muslims comrades up close and very personal.

Below is TB’s translation from Ekstra Bladet:
MPs attacked

One of SF’s top politicians was attacked this morning after a Ramadan celebration in Valby. Received a head-butt from a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

At an end of Ramadan party at Valby Hallen, the 41-year-old socialist Kamal Qureshi was attacked this morning by two as yet unknown perpetrators.

Allegedly the Pakistani-born Qureshi escaped without serious injury, but police confirm to ekstrabladet.dk that there was an incident involving Kamal Qureshi.

The Club Denmark Hall, located right next to Valby Hallen, hosted a festive event organized by the Islamic Religious Community in Denmark for 15,000 Muslims at the end of Ramadan. Kamal Qureshi participated and he subsequently distributed election materials to the participants in front of the building. It was reportedly at this time the attack took place.

Very aggressive and provocative

According to a witness who saw the attack, the politician escaped suffering from nothing more than fright and shock.

“I only saw that first one who went directly at him and shoved him in the chest. And then came the second guy and did the same. Then Kamal’s glasses fell off and the others around him had to help him away from the site. The two men were very aggressive and provocative,” the witness says to ekstrabladet.dk.

Ekstrabladet.dk has also obtained a videotape in which the two masked attackers have been caught on camera about to leave the area at a run. The police are now in possession of the video.

So far, it has been impossible to learn details about the episode from the victim himself. The SF headquarters at Christiansborg reported later that Kamal does not want to elaborate further on the attack.

Got a head-butt from Hizb ut-Tahrir

But Qureshi has this to say about the episode to politiken.dk:

“A few people from Hizb ut-Tahrir were handing out materials in which there were pictures of me. They stated that I received an award from the National Association of Gays and Lesbians, and therefore Muslims should not vote for me in the elections,” says Kamal Qureshi and explains that the mood after the party became more and more tense.

Allegedly one of the Hizb ut-Tahrir members tried to run off with some of Qureshi’s election material.

“I grabbed the box and said he should keep his hands off our material. Then I was struck in the chest several times, and one of them gave me head-butt,” Kamal Qureshi says to politiken.dk.

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