Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Inflammable Totalitarian State

London skyline

Below are portions of the speech Prime Minister Cameron was to have delivered to the House of Commons today during an emergency session . What is here is taken directly from Number Ten’s website. Whether the PM stuck to these prepared comments or went off track will remain to be seen as the transcript is verified.

For the moment, however, this document gives us enough information to ascertain what changes might be coming in a country which is already wall-to-wall surveillance cameras. Obviously, 24/7 spying doesn’t work too well so let’s see what Soviet new measures are in the planning stages.

Mr. Cameron opens with the usual political bumf - thanks for coming off your holidays, etc., aren’t we wonderful with our concern, etc., before moving into his plans to handle the breakout by the inmates. I will yell from the back seats when he’s too outrageous. Feel free to add your own call-outs.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

What we have seen on the streets of London and in other cities across our country is completely unacceptable and I am sure the whole House will join me in condemning it.

Keeping people safe is the first duty of government.

Then obviously government has failed in its primary duty and they all ought to resign, right? Want to second that, Mr. Cameron? Everybody outta the pool, let’s get some real leaders for a change…if we can find any.

The whole country has been shocked by the most appalling scenes of people looting, violence, vandalising and thieving.

It is criminality pure and simple. And there is absolutely no excuse for it.

We have seen houses, offices and shops raided and torched…

… police officers assaulted and fire crews attacked as they try to put out fires…

… people robbing others while they lie injured and bleeding in the street…

Wait. Isn't this just a description of your political class at work? No? Oops, my mistake. In this light it looked a lot like...

Well, whatever your laundry list of horrors is meant to describe, its net effect is to enumerate your failures, sir. Why repeat what everyone knows already? What the whole wide world saw and which your feminized, multiculti enforcers couldn’t stop. Tell us again why you should remain in charge? Hey, it happened on your watch, Mr. Prime Minister. If this were a ship, you’d be relieved of your command. Period.

Mr Speaker, we will not put up with this in our country.

We will not allow a culture of fear to exist on our streets.

This is so brazen, this kind of phony, inflated pol-speak. He won’t “allow” what has existed in Britain for years? Since when is he not going to allow it? The creaking, sclerotic welfare state he ‘leads’ is responsible for that spree the whole world watched. But now he’s changed his mind? No more crime? If it had happened here, Obama would’ve intoned the magic “Zero Tolerance” incantation, the magic words that make the baddies get out from under the bed and leave the good children alone.

But this is an English fairytale told by a nanny from the Nanny State to make sure her inmates settle down in their beds and go back to sleep.

I sure do hope he has some concrete plans - aside from the usual repressions - because this thin mush of his won’t nourish any kind of public law or order.

And we will do whatever it takes to restore law and order and to rebuild our communities.

Listen to that. More like, “we will do whatever it takes to restore blah, blah, as long as we don’t sin against The Church of the Multiculturally Protected”…someone please hand me a shovel and my wellies. This is too much.

What went wrong

What “went wrong” when? Isn’t that what you mean? How far back in English history are you willing to go? Want to put Labour in the docket for pulling in boatloads of sure votes? Those same sure votes whose children and grandchildren were grabbing everything in sight? Are you going back far enough, Mr. Cameron? Last-bloody-week, indeed. You’re shameless, sir.

First, let us be clear about the sequence of events.

A week ago today, a 29 year old man named Mark Duggan was shot dead by the police in Tottenham.

Clearly there are questions that must be answered and I can assure the House that this is being investigated, blah de blah…

Oh. I see. Well, this ought to be entertaining. Now we get government’s Reality Show. A “thorough investigation” reaching all the way back…to last week. Wow. That’s a far reach, all right.

We must get to the bottom of exactly what happened. And we will.

Good luck with that, oh Clueless Leader. The “exact” ingredients in a catalyst do not explain the resulting chemical reaction that happens when you pour it into the test tube. A catalyst changes the original compound. So all this mayhem was simply the end result of your nanny welfare state which served to kill off initiative and atomize families. Combine that with inassimilable numbers of non-native English “citizens” and top it off with a sunken economy. “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…”

Those feral children (and adults) are acting out what everyone knows is coming: the financial implosion. So now you’re left with one side of the ship blown out because you refused to face the consequences of your country’s social meddling and repression. You have a cascade of anger, just like the ones you’ve had before. And like the ones before those. Just because you have no institutional memory, that doesn’t mean your inferiors don’t.

If you resolutely ignore what people demand, they will eventually do something to get your attention. I think they succeeded, no?

Repeat after me, Mr. Cameron: Prime Ministers who ignore history will repeat history. Endlessly. And Prime Ministers who pander will reap the whirlwind.

Here he goes again:

The young people stealing flat screen televisions and burning shops was not about politics or protest, it was about theft.

The police faced lawbreaking on the streets on a scale not seen for decades.

In other words, you’ve seen this behavior before. We’ve seen it here, too. This is feral behavior; this is the result of repression via the nanny bureaucracy and the unaccountable institutions who interfere with the basic autonomy of individuals. What do you expect of those who are caged in a totalitarian democracy?

This is just a group version of the Bersker game played by Breivik. The solitaire edition brings out paranoid predictions, while the group form of wilding ends in speeches to the kleptocrats in Parliament.

You could change the group version, sir. But your all-night courts won’t do it, not unless you haul in some of those cronies who steal from the people they “serve”.

How is the behavior of those street thieves any different in kind from what your bureaucratic cronies do all the time, and with impunity? Somehow the unwashed, untouchable should engage in a higher level of moral behavior, a behavior the political class eschews in favor of lining their own nests? Really? And why should they do that when they see you refusing to clean out your own stable?

Here’s the PM’s solution, y’all…wait for it…more police:

But what became increasingly clear earlier this week was that there were simply far too few police were deployed onto the streets. And the tactics they were using weren’t working.


The truth is they have been facing a new sort of challenge…

…with different people doing the same thing - basically looting - in different places all at the same time.

But, sir, that’s what the governing class does: basically looting the taxpayer in different places all at the same time whilst throwing bread and circuses at the yobs to keep them quiet.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Y’all get the idea. The governing class is scared so they’re ordering in more police to crack down harder on the thieves. And they’re going to “act decisively” you hear? With batons and brutality. This is going to be “robust and effective policing”. So by inference the previous “policing” was anemic and ineffective? Actually, the previous edition was devoted to petty, bullying peace-keeping via micro-management. We’ve run the horror stories here often enough to know what “policing” means in modern Britain.

The Prime Minister is going to “restore order”. Does anyone like the order they saw previous to this so-called “restoration”? The one where the police could hassle the average Brit for littering or loitering? The one where kindergartners wear Kevlar vests??

England has become a soviet state without (yet) demonstrating the openly repressive brutality of those 20th century totalitarians. Right now it’s just cameras -- CCTV for them but not for thee - God help you should you aim your camera at an officer of the law. Next, they’re going to block your texting and videos. That’ll keep the riff raff at home, see.

This is such a load of horse manure I can’t slog through any more of it. You can read it here.

I’m not judging England. Nor am I saying it can’t happen here. It is happening here, though the jornolists and the institutional gate-keepers are bending themselves into pretzels trying to make the narrative flow in the direction of isolated white males, hoping if they repeat it often enough people will believe them.

Here’s our reality, and it is only going to get worse: a volatile, embittered, unemployed, young and restless black underclass that is cocked and ready to aim at the “rich” middle class because government is running out of “entitlements” to pass around.

In many ways we have it easier here. The guns in the hands of the lawless are, for the most part, aimed at one another. The guns in the hands of the law-abiding will stay there, despite Obama & Co.’s hopes and dreams. So far our flash mobrobs have been isolated - it’s a big country. And their targets have been mostly convenience stores owned by Asian immigrants. Some of these have been put out of business, of course, so the mobrobs will have to travel further on a daily basis to get their cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Sure, there are lots of flash-stomp & romp-runaways. My son was the victim of one of these groups a few years ago. It took his ribs a long time to heal. Another relative by marriage suffered a sliced spleen; he took much longer to ‘get over it’. These are so common they don’t make the news much anymore. But people like my family members have lost the illusion that public spaces are safe. They’re not.

So we’re in the same boat as you Brits. We had a nanny state forced on us, too; it just happened later. That much bally-hooed “War on Poverty” was a kick-back operation for the Democrat kleptocracy. In addition, it served to drive a wedge between the Republican Party and black voters. The latter were sold the snake medicine of government give-aways and were blocked from seeing that it was in fact the Republicans who led the fight for racial equality. That knowledge was difficult to see: you had to look over the huge wall of Democrat party give-away legislation.

Daniel Moynihan was a sociologist back then (he was eventually elected as a Democrat to the U.S. Senate). At the time he saw clearly the path of destruction black families would be walking in the next generation if these give-aways disrupted black family life - as they were sure to do. Who needs a man when Uncle Sam is there?

As happens with prophets, Moynihan was either ignored or dismissed as just another racist. His voice couldn’t be heard over the Leftist shouting. In an interview many years later he said:

“My view is we had stumbled onto a major social change in the circumstances of post-modern society. It was not long ago in this past century that an anthropologist working in London - a very famous man at the time, Malinowski - postulated what he called the first rule of anthropology: That in all known societies, all male children have an acknowledged male parent. That’s what we found out everywhere… And well, maybe it’s not true anymore. Human societies change.”

No they don’t. Human societies can’t change that drastically, no matter what the deranged social engineers may preach. You can’t legislate away our basic hard-wiring, much as the feminist ghettoes of academe would like to do just that. I’m sorry Dr. Moynihan added the “maybe it’s not true anymore”. He knew darn well it was as true then as it had been when Malinowski postulated the obvious. On the other hand, he was talking to a PBS personage. A government worker. And the interview took place about a year or so before he died. You can’t fight forever…

That same wiki page quotes Walter Williams on the report:

African-American economist and writer Walter E. Williams has praised the report for its findings. He has also added in response, “The solutions to the major problems that confront many black people won’t be found in the political arena, especially not in Washington or state capitols.”

As usual, Dr. Williams is spot-on. England’s solutions won’t be found in Parliament or 10 Downing Street either. Our problems are rooted in a malign, massive government. Until we can reduce the tumor, this kind of societal slime will spew forth randomly. Government is the problem for everyone except the kleptocrats in charge and they have a death grip on the helm. They’re determined to sail on even as the ship takes on water and everyone (everyone but them) is forced to bail just to stay afloat. In other words, they’re determined to keep on doing what they’ve always done: steal until the ship of state sinks, at which point they have their offshore redoubts.

God help the rest of us.

A short update on America’s FAIL.

These two stories are just previews of what lies in store for us. It’s no coincidence that both grim realities are from Illinois, probably the brokest state, and surely one of the most Democrat-infested polities in the US.

In the first report, Democrat Senator Dick Durbin announced that “federal law enforcement” is being brought into East St. Louis in an attempt to “curb” the crime:

He doesn’t say what kind of federal law enforcement is going to do this.

“You will find that the crime rate here is the worst in the nation,” Durbin says.

However, there’s another point of view - the extreme poverty and lack of jobs:

Sister Julia Huiaskamp has tutored many kids in the area, and she says opportunities are few.

“We have many, many children who have been cheated by the public schools system here, who do not have the skills they need to get a job, even if there were any jobs to find,” Huiaskamp says.

This reminds me of the mythic start of the Arab Spring: the young, college-educated man in Tunisia who gave up in despair when his small food cart was stopped by a policewoman who found his paperwork out of order and ended up slapping him across the face. So he set himself on fire and the mythology began from there…the wide swath of restlessness looking for the spark and finding it in this young man’s death.

But Senator Durbin doesn’t want to talk about hopelessness. He wants law and order, and many people will be grateful for that. I would be, too, if I lived there. But I'd also be hounding the city fathers to zone carefully for the numbers of liquor stores it permits in any neighborhood. That's a simple safety precaution to ensure public order, particularly in those areas with high crime and high unemployment, like East St. Louis:

Durbin says poverty is a longer-term issue, and for now efforts will focus on reducing crime by tracking down and prosecuting criminals.

No mention, of course, about the fact that Durbin’s party is responsible for the burgeoning of crime and the proliferation of criminals. The “for now efforts” will be the only focus.

Dems don’t solve poverty. They create it with nanny state gimmes. At least they do until the money runs out. Then they call in the Feds.

The second grim new reality of being broke is the question of who is to bury Chicago’s indigent dead?

The state of Illinois has reached a new level of broke. Come Monday, it won’t have enough cash to bury its indigent dead.

Illinois officials sent a letter to more than 600 funeral directors around the state to let them know there’s no money for funerals for individuals on public assistance.

In the past, the state has reserved about $13 million to help pay for an estimated 12,000 funerals for individuals who relied on public aid. Participating funeral homes were allotted $1,100 for funerals and $552 for the burial...

Ugly times are just beginning in Democrat-run Illinois. For all of us, it's going to be a slow slide into squalor and isolation.

What happens to the living in a culture that doesn't properly bury its dead?


Call Me Mom said...

To say I am in agreement with you is too much of an understatement. I think we are in for a rough ride and if we don't rediscover the spirit of personal responsibility, American exceptionalism and, dare I say it, a respect for God (and I do mean the Christian God), there will be no real solutions.

Vortac said...

Mr. Cameron knows very well: if he cuts the multiculti welfare paychecks now, he would have to deal with even larger riots - before his term is over. So, as a wise multiculti politician he will do almost nothing and hope it will be enough to carry him until the next elections. It probably won't be enough though and Labour will win in 2015. engaging into one final frenzy of multiculti spending, borrowing and welfaring. After that, the party is definitely over. I hope I am not too optimistic.

bewick said...

For 40 years now the UK, perhaps like most of the Western world, has suffered from faux sociologists and general wimpy “liberal” do –gooders. “poor lamb. It isn’t his/her fault”. “it’s a consequence of his poverty/bad parents/ anything you can think of.”
Parents are now forbidden to apply any corporal punishment to their children, on threat of criminal conviction if spotted, or if reported by said delinquent. Teachers, in loco parentis, are similarly limited and required to tolerate abuse, physical attack, general disorder and without any real sanction. The good pupils suffer.
I remember, perhaps 35 years ago, attending a parents evening at my son’s school. He’d be about 7 or 8. His teacher told me that he was disruptive in that he continually talked. I advised her to give him a simple slap on the wrist and he would then be mainly compliant. “Oh I couldn’t do that” she said. “The Head would not allow it”. I told her that I would allow it and would sign to that effect and that my authority was higher than the Head’s but it made no difference.
I, correctly, told her that there was then nothing I could do because SHE had control of him during school hours so she’d have to live with it. I should add that I only ever once gave my son a hiding (I had far more hidings from my parents – some justified, some not). Thereafter just the threat was enough. My son went on to achieve a First in BEng.
The minors in the UK, even those under the age of criminal responsibility (10 here) , know the rules inside out. “they can’t touch me” , one hooded vandal aged 8 boasted to a TV camera, “I’m only 8”.
Those over 10 and under 18 who are caught are treated to days out, holidays, and much else in a brainless attempt to “compensate” for their “poverty” (they usually have all the latest electronics and designer clothes. Some poverty) , bad upbringing, and lack of parental control. They laugh at the indulgence and still go on to a criminal life.
A youth worker dealing with offenders, Winston Smith, in Manchester has posted a very sensible analysis of this here
In MY day the bad lads (rarely any girls back then) went to Borstal – which was far more punitive than today’s prisons even. It generally worked and criminality was far far less in those days. A lesson?
What is the solution ? My neighbour likens me to Judge Jeffries but he generally agrees. We must abandon the “do-gooder” attitude and mete out hard justice. Personally I’d bring back village stocks, birching, and chain gangs. No pool tables, TVs, meal choices or anything else. Same for the “minors”. Prison, borstal, etc must have a fear factor.
In the animal world “delinquents” are dealt with harshly for the good of the rest. Until we follow suit , and abandon the “civilised” liberal nonsense, then there is no hope.

Dymphna said...


I'm an idjit for climbing into this porridge with you, but here goes:

The old "solutions" helped bring on the new problems so we'd best look for an approach that has some real novelty.

In addition, the multiculti murk makes the one-fear-fits-all unworkable.

For things to change, the welfare state must wither away. That will be very painful for those who are used to living for free. Finding jobs for the unemployable will be a nightmare.

The "sick" EDL is one of the few signs of health in a 21st century polity covered with all those necrotic tumors of 20th century utopian "fixes".

Did you ever read Nevil Shute's book, The Far Country?

It was written in the early '50s, and one gets the feeling that back then grey, cold post-war England might have been salvageable had it turned away from the lure of socialism.

But the call of the siren was too great to be resisted.

Shute used the novel to make a clear comparison between England and the freedom he found in Australia. Fortunately, he didn't live to see his adopted country follow the same sad road to Socialist AiryFairyland.

Still, Oz seems to have more resiliency left than the UK does. For all its problems, Australia is far more Anglo than England is, or can ever be again. Same with Canada.

After the Fall, when we're all sorted out, the remnant will have to rebuild something else, something based on human initiative and creativity.

A return to the old days simply won't do, nor is fear ever a reliable instrument for creating moral resiliency. Ask Russia, where 70% of its citizens die drunk.

One factor that will be most interesting in the time after the Collapse: men will be in charge again. Any women who've learned to think strategically will use that fact to their own benefit. Pity the poor women who won't be able to get past their own anger about this inevitability. They and their offspring will be at an extreme disadvantage.

Our generation will be looked back on as essentially unserious. Trivial, even.