Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shariah for Canada?

That’s what Khalid Bin Al Walid Mosque wants. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip from SUN TV:


National Conservatism said...

What we have to beware is state assets at a high level:
We have to avoid becoming gullible, children like commenters on The British Resistance blog who are so childlike they are starting to follow David Duke as if he were their daddy. Its like watching children waiting for Father Christmas.
Duke has to be a CIA agent keeping the nationalists divided by splitting Ron Paul's vote and misdirecting what could be turned into a powerful opposition from other patriotic movements.
You need to study agents like Hal Turner and Nick Griffin to see how its done: promote anti-Semitism and make remarks to put intelligent people off joining the movement. They must stop being so gullible.

Christendom Forever! said...

Greetings. I'm new here, and favor the Counter-Jihad, rather strongly. My question is this: What should Americans be doing to support the effort? Truthfully, I don't have time to read, in-depth, the many, wonderful blogs covering the struggle, as written by European observers. Where should I focus my efforts, as an American, to promote the Counter-Jihad? I'm very curious, and sincere. Thank you.

billwhit1357 said...

As an American expatriate, living overseas, I try to do my little part to fight Islam by not supporting any muslim ran establishment. I used to frequent the Kbobs often, but since 9/11, I refuse to eat there. I also love to drive into the capital of the country I live, and wear my IDF tshirt or a Christian tshirt, just to irritate the swine.

wheatington said...

There is only one Islam! And the imams of Khalid Bin Al Walid Mosque understand it perfectly.

Devout Muslims have no place in our society.

Christendom Forever! said...

Thanks for the tips. I'll probably return to the practice of maintaining a website, even though no one visited the last one I had. I didn't spend much on it, so I didn't get much, in return. I'll also keep reading this site's material. It's excellent. I only recently tuned in to the Counter-Jihad, and yes, it was the Breivik case that caused to do so. I'm amazed by the volume and quality of the analytical writing on this problem, on the part of European observers. It's really outstanding work, from every perspective. We Americans desperately need to catch up. We're so caught up in our materialism, we tend to ignore the world, even when our enemies are poised to attack.

Expatriate Tax Return said...

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