Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rioters Shoot at Police Helicopter

I don’t believe the footage in this video was really taken in Birmingham. Or it must have been faked somehow. Everybody knows there are no guns in England. Britain instituted a stringent gun control regime in order to prevent exactly these sorts of incidents.

This couldn’t really be happening in England, could it?

Hat tip: ESW.


an EDL buck said...

Baron it shames me to confirm that in Englands' inner cities the gangs have more guns than the local police.A14 year old was picked up carrying a firearm in my neighbourhood about three months ago, 14 a child for crying out loud! If I were so minded I could own a gun by this evening, or I could rent one for £50 a day......

Mother Effingby said...

They have absolutely no fear of the police.