Friday, August 12, 2011

The Rainbow Rioters

In this brief clip from Sky News, a reporter interviews a young businessman about his experiences during the recent riots. You’ll notice that she is absolutely unwilling — or unable — to allow him to continue until he affirms the Multiculti Creed, and agrees that yes, there must have surely been some white people among the looters and rioting thugs.

As Vlad Tepes points out, facts are subordinate to the Narrative. Maintaining the Narrative is all-important, far more important than simply reporting the truth.

Many thanks to Vlad for uploading this video:


blogagog said...

Yay, comments!

Vlad missed the best part of that guy's speech.

Reporter: “Are you sure that they were black? I’m sure they weren’t all black, were they?”

Big Jim: ”OK, then. Let me just say they weren’t all black. I was the white guy there.”

Reporter: “Well, there were probably other white guys there as well.”

Big Jim: “I didn’t see any.”