Friday, August 26, 2011

A Continent-Wide Political Coup

“You know, the War of Independence wasn’t America against England — it was Englishmen resisting the oppressive regime of their autocratic German king.”

Pat Condell on the European Union, the euro, and the disappearance of democracy in Europe:

Hat tip: AA.


doxRaven said...

I commend listening to MEP Nigel Farage on the issue of the European Project

for example

and later ones

Findalis said...

AMEN Brother Pat!!!

Lawrence said...

Excellent points.

While I don't think Islam will every be lecturing anyone on democracy, the point is driven home that pretty some they'll be dictating whatever lectures we do get... and we are not going to like it.

Nilk said...

He could be talking about us here in Oz. With Julia Gillard ramming through a tax that she specifically said she wouldn't impose before the election.

With the Labor party rallying around a backbencher who was a former union boss (aren't they all in Labor?) and allegedly used his union-provided credit card for cash advances of over $100k and hookers, with the Minister for Infrastructure calling the 'Convoy of No Confidence'* the Convoy of No Consequence, with billions of dollars being squandered on a 'national broadband network' that will take us back to the 90s at a cracking rate of knots, there is a groundswell of anger against the government.

And still they don't listen.

*Convoy of No Confidence was several hundred trucks of various sizes driving from all over Australia to Canberra to show that they're not happy.

Some came all the way from Broome, which is a journey of around 5000kms, and belong to what was once the ALPs natural voting base.

IF we have another election, and with the Red Dalek in the big chair with her Fabians behind her I'm feeling more and more pessimistic, it will be a true bloodbath at the ballot box.

mace said...

What circus the EU appears to be.

The Germans should take a lesson from the Japanese who seem to have collective amnesia in regard to Japan's role in WW2, there's none of that "generational guilt" nonsense from them.

I can remember,when the UK joined the EEC and dumped the Commonwealth, comments from some Brits that Britain would flourish in the organization and my own country (Australia) would soon be in the Third World without Britain.

History has taken a different course and the gods always punish hubris.

Ah, the pleasures of schadenfreude.

Blog Master said...

Given that most of the signatories of the Declaration that were killed, whose entire families were sometimes killed where shot, beaten, raped and hung by people with English accents. It is very hard to blame it on the House of Hanover who were German. George 111 was English born, spoke English only and never stepped foot in Germany. The nationality of his Grandfather was not of concern to anyone who fought in the War of Independence.

xlbrl said...

This is not the first generation of Europeans that has not had to defend their liberties, this is the first generation that will not defend their liberties.