Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/18/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/18/2011Four coordinated terror attacks were launched in southern Israel today, targeting mainly IDF soldiers. At least seven people were killed, and Israeli security forces killed a number of the terrorists in the ensuing firefight. The mujahideen were said to have crossed the border from Sinai to launch the attacks. The IDF responded by attacking targets in Gaza, and killed at least six people, including the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees.

In other news, stock markets on both sides of the Atlantic were sharply down today. The Dow lost more than 400 points, and the German DAX experienced its greatest drop since late 2008. Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Sarkozy of France are pushing for closer integration of the Eurozone, but they aren’t ready to go so far as to consider centrally-issued “eurobonds” — which is one reason the European markets reacted negatively.

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Adam Neira said...

Prayers for the victims.

Lawrence said...

Speaking to the economic situation.

Citizens of a free-market democratic nation influence politics vote their opinions in two ways. First in the electoral booth, and Second (and often the most influential) is via their pocket book...