Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lars Vilks Attacked by Muslims — Again

Vilks attacked

Lars Vilks, the infamous Modoggie Man, has been attacked again. The Swedish artist was head-butted by a culture-enricher while he was leading a seminar in Uppsala. Mr. Vilks’ glasses were broken, but he was otherwise largely uninjured.

According to Dagens Nyheter, as translated by Ted Ekeroth:

Vilks Attacked During Seminar

On Tuesday a man attacked the artist Lars Vilks in connection with a seminar on art at Uppsala University.

The atmosphere was calm at the beginning, Uppsala Nya Tidning reports. When Vilks showed a movie with sexual content the atmosphere became tense.

“The man in the first row suddenly rushed towards me. He gave me a “Danish,” [dansk skalle, hitting someone on the head using your own head] and I hit the wall and dropped my glasses,” Vilks says to TT.

The Uppsala Nya Tidning photographer, who was on the scene, describes the situation as extremely tense.

According to Vilks the man belonged to a group that tried to disturb the seminar. Vilks was taken to safety after the assault.

“I’m not injured, just a bit bruised.”

The seminar was broadcast by Uppsala Nya Tidning on the net.

The group that the man belongs consists of Muslims, says Vilks.

TT: How do you know that they are Muslims?

“They shouted “Mohammed, Mohammed,” says Vilks
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He says that the pandemonium was still going on at around 18:00. The seminar was about Vilks’ own art projects and the topic of art and freedom of speech.

“My seminar in Jönköping was canceled before I could hold the session, and now it has happened here. I am being stopped by physical violence, and I think it’s problematic if a mob is in charge,” he says.

The police were watching the event. A police officer was assaulted during the pandemonium.

“A crowd rushed forward. When a policeman tried to stop them he was attacked. As of now, two persons are in custody,” says Tommy Karlsson, commanding officer of the police in Uppsala county.

The two arrested persons are in their twenties, Uppsala Nya Tidning reports. A third was taken into custody for “disturbing the peace”.

There is also an English-language report on the incident in The Local.

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Hat tip: Vlad Tepes. Thanks to KGS for arranging the translation.


Yorkshireminer said...

Things are growing exponentially. It started slowly with Salman Rushdie and has accelerated expecially here in Holland with the death of Pim Fortune and Theo van Gogh. I give it two more years before the anal solids hit the ventilation system

Proud Infidel said...

Yorkshireminer is right. Muslims are getting more brazen in their attacks on those who would "offend" their easily offended sensibilities. Not surprising though, they've seen how easily too many in the West can be intimidated into silence, as well as governments passing laws to prosecute their own citizens for offending them.

filthykafir said...

TT: How do you know that they are Muslims?

“They shouted “Mohammed, Mohammed,” says Vilks.

But, that's no longer a reliable indicator. I shout "Mohammed, Mohammed" around the house all day long. I've taken to using the phrase in place of the eff word or "s**t" or just to communicate to someone that I consider them a moron or a bozo. Ya gotta be more specific than that, Lars.

Juniper in the Desert said...

filthykaffir: LOoOL!! ;)

Zenster said...

Lars Vilks: I am being stopped by physical violence, and I think it’s problematic if a mob is in charge

Islam is one vast criminal enterprise, so there is always a mob in charge.

For a glimpse at the monumental hypocrisy of Muslims, just peruse these Iranian cartoons about the Holocaust.

Quite a few of them are far more offensive than some tame drawings of turban bedecked stray dogs or photos of homosexual men wearing Mohammad masks. Do the artists who drew those Iranian cartoons get assaulted?

One more time:


Papa Whiskey said...

The proper response to a "Danish" is a "Mozambique."

Félicie said...

I am struck by the photograph of a young and frail-looking woman spraying pepperspray into a perpetrator's eyes. What if he was armed with a knife? What could a petite woman do against him then?

Anonymous said...

Felicie, the bigger problem is law enforcement not having and using guns with real ammo.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that we have women in our jandarmerie, even in the special forces squads, I think. But again, they're not there through an utter destruction of admission standards. They can do the vast majority of things that the men can do and this is why when I watched their trainings, I saw only two women. Or when I watched our army train and we were tazing the people in it, we were doing it to the women too. Even so, I wouldn't have women in the army, at least in the same units as men because of sexual jealousy and the instinct that the troops will have to protect the women. It's a huge mistake to have mixed education, let alone a mixed fighting force.

The Observer said...

Swedish police officers do actually have a service firearm, but in this case the pepper spray seemed to do the trick. I think it would be a little bit over the top to shoot and kill the guy.

X said...

Oddly enough I agree with kritisk in this instance. A gun is handy but there's the simple rule of the right tool for the right job that applies even to police forces. And by god, pepper spray would stop a bull in its tracks, let alone a knife-wielding maniac. I've had a very dilute squirt of capsicum in my eyes before now from a jalapeño pepper, and that hurt enough to leave me unable to even see for a few minutes. Pepper spray is the equivalent of rubbing scotch bonnets all over your eyeballs.

Sort of like the difference between a tap on the nose with a newspaper and a thump in the face with an iron bar, if you need a more physical comparison.

Anonymous said...

Graham, I have pepper spray and yes, I know how it goes. A guy in my class stole it and sprayed a bit of it in the classroom and we couldn't stay in it without sobbing like little infants for a few hours.

And it's not over the top to shoot and kill someone after you pull your gun out and tell them to stop doing whatever they're doing if it involves them having a gun, like a knife. Funny enough, since you people think the police is doing the trick, why are there zones in Europe that are out of the rule of law?

X said...

Who's "you people"?

Anonymous said...

I have posted a text on the attack on Vilks from my Swedish point of view here: