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The Prime Minister Who Isn’t

Caesar’s Palace

The general election is over. The votes have all been counted. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has smirked off into the sunset, and twelve years of Labour governance in the UK have come to an end. The new “Conservative” prime Minister, David Cameron, has moved into No. 10 and will preside over a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Mr. Cameron has promised a “seismic shift” for all those distressed Britons who were so fed up with Labour. How does he plan to deliver on his promise? Well, his first announced proposal is to change the electoral law to mandate a fixed five-year term for the government, to make sure that those annoying voters won’t be disturbing him again any time soon.

As regular readers know, Paul Weston came within a hair’s breadth of winning a parliamentary seat for UKIP in last week’s election. Admittedly, it was a fat hair, but still…

Mr. Weston returns to Gates of Vienna with a few thoughts on what Britain is facing under the benign stewardship of David Cameron.

The Prime Minister Who Isn’t
by Paul Weston

The media frenzy finally comes to a close in election 2010 Britain. We have a new Prime Minister. All hail David Cameron, for he has come to save us!

The only problem here is that Dave is not actually Prime Minister of a sovereign nation; he is the newly elected Chief-Councillor of a European Region called London.

Nevertheless, Britain has many problems awaiting the firm hand of Cameronian Conservatism, none more so than the economy. What pressure can Dave and his new Chancellor George Osborne bring to bear here?

Not very much, would be the opinion of outgoing Chancellor Alistair Darling, whose final act was to pledge £9.6 billion toward propping up the Euro, just a couple of days after stating the following:
- - - - - - - - -
“What we will not do and what we can’t do is provide support for the euro… the responsibility for supporting the euro must be for the eurogroup members”.

Why the change of mind? Because the silly old Darling had not read the small print buried away on page two trillion and six of the Lisbon Treaty, explaining that in exceptional occurrences Britain must simply do as it is told by Brussels.

Whilst you and I may reasonably assume “exceptional occurrence” to mean outbreak of war, eruption of volcano or advent of earthquake, our real rulers in Europe take it to mean just another argument to disprove Einstein’s definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results — which in this case consists of our Socialist rulers dishing out more money to their dependents than they receive from tax- payers, until their country is all too predictably declared bankrupt. Again.

It would be nice to think it is only in matters of exceptional occurrence where Britain bows before Brussels, but unfortunately this is not the case either.

The financial City of London, which is the only operation standing between Britain’s status as a rich country and its becoming a third world basket case, is already under legislative attack from the EU in a manner described by George Osborne as “immensely damaging, ill conceived and badly drafted.”

And if that is the case now, what of 2011, when the EU proposes to have taken control of the Financial Services Authority and The Bank of England, both earmarked as future non-independent agents of the EU authority whose governing body will be based in Frankfurt?

And the answer, George, is that you can do nothing. Just as Cameron is no longer a Prime Minister, so you are merely a European Regional Chief Accountant rather than Chancellor of a sovereign nation.

As the slow-motion EU coup d’état gathers pace, so the weaknesses of our fraudulent and charlatan leaders will be exposed. Immigration, justice, law, health and the economy are already subservient to Brussels.

How many people are aware that the Queen has authorised the Ministers in charge of England’s nine European Regions? It will come as a surprise to many I am sure, particularly as the one referendum we had on the North East returned a resounding “no” vote.

The referendum of course centred around an elected Regional Assembly, and when the good people of the North East voted no, our immoral EU elites took them at their word, and foisted unelected regional assemblies in all but name on the country, run by relocated civil servants from Whitehall, who the Guardian disingenuously assures us are only moving out of London for economic reasons.

And so the European juggernaut rolls on, crushing all dissent before it as the soap-opera class sit slack-jawed upon their draylon sofas, clad in petroleum-based leisure wear as they worship the omnipresent, flickering neon tube whilst across the tracks the dinner party class shrill and tweet about that nice Nick Clegg’s smile, photo-shopped polar bears, green issues, and the merits of proportional representative voting.

They say people get the government they deserve, and, as a new Iron Curtain slowly descends across Europe, so we get what we deserve in the form of unelected ex-Maoist Jose Manuel Barroso, the real power in all of our lives, who is on the point of achieving what Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin could only dream of.


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

This was a coup parliamentary democracy destroyed by the green (blue+yellow) slime of neoliberalism.

Cameron must be mad or he is frightened to be PM and needs someone to hold his hand it is like witnessing a gay summer of love between two public school boys.

I am raging the last time I was this mad Scotland built a parliament. The call goes out bring this affront to the British people down, Scotland lead the way.

Fjordman said...

The EU is thoroughly evil and must be destroyed. It's imperative.

Democracy isn't working properly. First of all because it is subverted by Globalist oligarchs, but frankly, also because too many people make stupid choices and are addicted to Socialism and welfare handouts the way a drug addict is addicted to heroin. Greece, the source of democracy in the ancient world, is now a hotbed of Socialist corruption. Britain, the source of parliamentary democracy in the modern world, is now a hotbed of Socialist corruption, with stories of voting fraud that make some Third World countries look sane by comparison. And three major parties, all committed to the continued destruction of their nation, vie for power. It's a joke; the entire act of voting is fast becoming a meaningless ritual.

Cobra said...

Churchill said: "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time."

And he was sooooo right...

Anonymous said...

Fjordman, if by the democratic process you understand electing your leaders with universal suffrage, then the system is doing exactly what it should do. I'm surprised that you don't see these occurrences as obvious because it's quite simple, especially when societies get heterogeneous in any way. This is why in the sane times, not everybody voted, but in order to get here, politicians were interested in expanding the suffrage, combined with this being the ideological 'enlightened' way. The problem is that people see political systems as ends, instead of means to achieve an end. If the end is having a huge number of people sponging off the people who actually produce real things, then universal suffrage democracy is how you do it. There are other implications of this, but you brought up only socialism.

Also, the globalists are winning simply because they're feeding the leeches that vote. If leeches couldn't vote, then they would be powerless. And since the goodness isn't defined by the purpose of governance, but by how they got elected, anything a government does is legitimate, including destroying your nation in order to achieve more power. And yes, I hope the EU does get destroyed. I hope the Euro disappears before my country joins the Euro zone, so in a way getting bankrupt now might be a good thing since we won't get the Euro then. :P

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces


"people sponging off the people who actually produce real things,"

Nobody has produced real things in the UK in enough quantity for thirty years plus from top to bottom it has been a massive welfare state.

In comparison to the masters of the universe, pseudo-businessmen, heads of quangos, 110% mortgages and the fraudulent bankers etc. etc.

The cost of the ordinary man who was locked out of the economy on welfare is small beer in the great sum of things.

David Cameron and Nicholas Clegg have never done a real days work in their lives, two spoiled brats.

Zenster said...

As the slow-motion EU coup d’état gathers pace, so the weaknesses of our fraudulent and charlatan leaders will be exposed.

Typically, being "exposed" would precipitate some sort of punitive or, at least, curative process. Nothing of the sort seems to be happening in Britain or anywhere else in the EU for that matter. This apparent self-ordained immunity from consequences underscores the modern Socialist's predilection for Magical Thinking.

When this farce draws to a close, the justice that has been so long denied will come in the form of lamp posts.

Dymphna said...

Zenster, enough with the lamp posts already. WW II is over.

I'm serious; when anyone skirts the edges of ugly talk they bring down the value of the dialogue on this blog.

Surely there are better ways to discuss the matter at hand? Right now, Tehran owns the lamp post (and cranes) icons and I want it to stay there rather than come here.


How come you can't come here? (whine...)

What you're saying is what our Founding Fathers predicted.

Zenster said...

Dymphna: I'm serious; when anyone skirts the edges of ugly talk they bring down the value of the dialogue on this blog.

My sole intent is not to incite such behavior so much as to point out how the constant fecklessness of EUrocrats will one day see a system so clogged with inhibitory measures and obstructionist legislation that it will simply invite a "discontinuity" (per El Inglés) where rough justice will be the byword of indigenous Europeans totally fed up with their treasonous governments.

I think that many of here, myself included, would prefer to see a more peaceable dismantling of Europe's rotten Socialist structure. In fact, I've been reprimanded by you for taking to task those here at GoV who would just as soon see the entire system come crashing down in a catastrophic manner.

If my words have an ominous tone, it is because the malign neglect and outright betrayal that is all too common in modern politics cannot but end in a very ugly fashion.

Much like how Islam invites a rather unhappy ending to its own story, so do these European politicians and their 1,001 tales of Eurabian fantasies.

Anonymous said...

4Symbols, nobody is locked out of the economy. People just prefer to sponge off others than work, considering they have the opportunity to do so. There a life on welfare is a lot better than the life of an employee in my country and we have similar prices in terms of goods(some of them being quite more expensive - clothing articles). And no, the costs of welfare aren't small and by the way, at welfare I include the people who pay less in taxes on medicine and education since that's welfare too. And all the types of aid, grants and so on. And on top of that, you have corporate welfare, which is ok, I suppose, considering a lot of corporations would dodge more trouble if they wouldn't be taxed to death.

And I know that not enough things have been produced - this will change though since people will get bored of selling the UK things without getting paid back in anything but debt.

Dymphna, I know, the US was lucky to have such brilliant people around when it was founded. Too bad that after that generation it has been just going downhill, for the most part. And up until an year and a bit ago, I would have loved being an American. Now, I don't think that being able to own a gun is worth moving away from my family, since this is the only benefit I would have from moving there by the time Obama leaves office. And since I would immigrate legally, I'd be about 25 by the time I'd get a greencard and 30 by the time I'd become a citizen, or so. If the US would be what it was before WW2, I would have loved being an American because I would have been relatively close to the people there both ethnically and ideologically. Right now though, I'm not in neither way related to what America became. It's sad, I actually found it quite funny that I cried over a country that wasn't or isn't mine. Funny enough, I know quite a few people from my country in this boat.

And I agree with Zenster. Sadly, I think the time for peaceful things is over if we're to change anything.

EscapeVelocity said...

Governor Tarkin: The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I have just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away.
General Tagge: But that's impossible. How will the Emperor maintain control without the bureaucracy?
Governor Tarkin: The regional governors now have direct control over their territories. Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.

Cobra said...

When I read about your musings about being 25 by the timeof this and 30 by the time of that, I remember of my high school days, when I was thinking that life ends after college...
Besides, my in-laws emigrated to the USA when they were in their 50s only to give their family a chance.
So, treat life as a marathon not a sprint.
Well I must agree with your desire for the dissolution of the EUSSR, but I must say that Romania has to gain (still) from being IN not OUT, for the time being, at least.
Think about the need to bridge the age foisted upon RO by the bolsheviks, in relationship to Western Europe.
Do not worry, the EUSSR will implode down the road as the USSR did...

Unknown said...

The excellent City Journal has published a stunning article:

“The Unread Soviet Archives.”

Huge cache of papers ripping the covers off the Evil Empire, up to AND INCLUDING Gorbachev.

Revealed: Despicable Joe Biden’s true nature
What “Gorby” said about the Tienanmen Square massacre
How many were ACTUALLY killed there
How Neil Kinnock committed high treason against his country

And much, much more.

AND NO ONE WANTS TO PUBLISH IT. Dissidents have risked their lives to retrieve these shocking files, and no one in the West will touch it.

Most have not even been translated from Russian.

This is the very Heart of the Darkness that we face.

Oh, and rebellious vanilla: don't count us out yet. We've had much worse fights than this, and with worthier opponents, and won.

Unknown said...

Here is the link to the Unread Soviet Archives piece.

Secret Soviet archives

Professor L said...

Fixed five year terms? Oh God, not the Poms too! We've had fixed four year terms here in New South Wales (state of Australia) for since 1995, and frankly, it's such a royal pain in the rear-end, because everyone is fed up with our Labor (the ALP uses the American spelling of "labour") Government, which has foisted its fourth premier on us (leaving the previous one unable to even be confirmed by the electorate).

I fear for the already diminished regard for the Commons in Westminster. And everyone say its the Lords that needs reform. The Commons has all the power, and it would do well to return some of it to the Crown and the Lords. Only then will good government return.

And this isn't even considering the necessity of removing Britain from the EU. I mean, seriously, when, in British history has the Continent been anything more than a drain and a bother on British time, money and attention?

X said...

They'd have to get it through parliament first. No idea if they will, though.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces


The bedrock of Thatcher's economic policy was to lock a large percentage of the population out of the economy - 2 million plus, incapcity benefit was her "job" creation scheme. To say that a government can not lock a section of the population out of the economy is nonsense, it is not beyond your intelligence to realise how this can be accomplished in a first world economy.

Your answers are almost of a nihilistic nature are you an anarchists or what I can not get a fix on your political position, easy to say enslave everyone other than yourself but you will soon find in the real world people of that persuasion end up swinging from one of Zenster's lamposts.

The new conservative buzz word is common purpose, the election was a coup against the British people.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

Coalition Government: first Cabinet meeting shows 'common purpose'

The first meeting of David Cameron's new coalition Cabinet has ended with ministers hailing the "common purpose" of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

Zenster said...

From the link posted by 4Symbols:

"It was excellent really, it is like we have been working together for years," said Iain Duncan Smith, the new Work and Pensions Secretary as he left Downing Street. [emphasis added]

A frank, if unintended or inadvertent, admission of exactly what's been going on in Britain for some time now. It can only be heartening to the most deeply cynical political observer that so many of this world's major powers appear to be adopting a one-party system of pure careerism and abject greed.

The honorable goal of public service seems to have evaporated along with even the slightest demurral over noisily feeding at the civil service trough.

It is difficult to imagine any better way for these self-aggrandizing attention whores to assure the very worst possible outcome for themselves. It is as if their sole intent is to whip England's indigenous population into an absolute and unquenchable fury.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

"Obama, Blair, Brown and Mandelson et al are Fabian communitarians and Cameron and Clegg
show distinct communitarian tendencies, although you will not have heard them use the term."

Cameron and Clegg have now used the term "common purpose".

Common Purpose Leadership Development UK

Anonymous said...

Cobra, you're a man. A man my age can have children for another 30 years quite easily. I have 20 years tops. And since I like them and I would like having more than one, I'd need to start the latest around 30. That gives me ten years. So here you have it. And I don't want to put my children through moving to other countries and questioning their identity. They'll have only one and that will be of the country where I will have them and since my parents didn't bother to emigrate when they could, that falls on my shoulders. About the EUSSR, we would benefit more if we would have just a free trade zone without the wealth redistribution and regulatory body. And we're not learning anything that great from the EU - what we really needed wasn't replacing the USSR with the EU, but letting the communists die and do something. I don't see much hope for this country considering how idiotic the people who vote are though. I like the stupidity of changing an economic system(communism) with a political one(democracy). I wonder why nobody realized how stupid it is. You replace dictatorship with democracy and communism with capitalism. But capitalism and free markets can't coexist with democracy as it is with universal suffrage(which is a farcical idea to begin with).

Dymphna, here it is. Blame my parents. They had work visas for the US in 1990 and they stayed - I would have been an US born citizen if they would have taken the right decision. :)

4Symbols, the only way you can lock people out of the economy is raising the minimum wage and making it illegal for them to work. And the UK was going downhill badly when she took office. I'm her fan because she is great compared to other European politicians, but I disagree with a lot of her policies. And no, I'm not an anarchist. The government is something that we will always have to put up with.

Cobra said...

Don't blame your parents.
It is very very difficult for children to understand parents's decision.
I know because I have children and went through all these motions, including trying to second guess my parents.
Life is a b#$%h and then, you die.

Anonymous said...

Cobra, I don't. I don't expect them to be perfect and I love them like they are. It's just funny because if they would have took just a couple of decisions differently, I'd be a millionaire and be part of a place where I would have had more opportunity. But I doubt I would have stayed in the US anyway if I would be the person I am now. But maybe I would have been a crazy feminist or something. lol

So yes, I don't blame my parents or hold grudges against their decisions. It's not like they decided without wanting the best for their kids. I want kids too and I know how hard it is. I'm not sure if I'll end up having any, but we shall see.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

David Cameron is a THATCHERITE from day one of her premiership I argued that Mrs T was a liberal and have stuck with that argument to the present day.

David Cameron has now given that liberalism a very real public face, Cameron's (neo)liberalism(s) is not a new phenomenon but is Thatcher's legacy of Neoliberalism.

It could be said that in someways the cons and the dems are to the left of the new labour project.

Paul Weston said...

Update. Reuters is reporting the following speech from Angela Merkel:

"If the euro fails, not only the currency fails. Europe fails too, and the idea of European unification. We have a common currency, but no common political and economic union. And this is exactly what we must change. To achieve this - therein lies the opportunity of this crisis."

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

@Paul Weston,

The rumour I hear is that they are printing Deutschmarks just in case, no joke.

Did you see the ConDem merger coming or was it a surprise for you.

Paul Weston said...


The D-Mark rumours may carry some weight, but her Reuters statement leaves me a little wary.

The coalition of the Condemned came as no surprise once it became clear Cameron was not going to carry a majority.

He could have been brave and gone it alone, but then that would not really be Cameron would it?

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

Yes he should have formed a minority government and dared the opposition to bring him down against the "national interest".

If the opposition had brought him down the British people would probably have given him a clear mandate and their respect in a re-run election.

With the every major party in my opinion being or feigning to be left of centre any opposition has to come from the right, the centre left is jam-packed literally to breaking point - unfortunatley for the (neo) liberals some of us do not think "we are all in this together"