Sunday, May 30, 2010

Keeping Everyone in Stitches

Cultural Enrichment News

The following interaction between “Asians” and native Britons is not all that unusual these days in culturally enriched regions of the UK. This sort of encounter is what passes for “community cohesion” under the regime of Multicultural Newspeak.

The most significant part of this news story is what the victim said afterwards: “I don’t understand why this happened.”

I believe that this is true. And as long as he relies on the mainstream media and his own government to explain the multicultural experiment to him, he will never understand. To learn what is being done to him he would have to attend an EDL demonstration or a BNP meeting, and that is a line that most ordinary people are not yet willing to cross. So, for the time being, there will be more and more perplexity — and more stitches.

Here’s the story from the Guardian (a local paper, not to be confused with the Grauniad):

UK: Barkingside: Man Needs 62 Stitches After Racist Attack

A FATHER-of-two needed 62 stitches to repair gaping wounds to his face after being slashed with a stanley knife during a racist attack.

The 28-year-old, who does not want to be identified, lost about two pints of blood after being assaulted by a gang of four Asian men opposite Fullwell Cross Leisure Centre in Barkingside High Street.

The man, who lives in Barkingside, said his confidence has been left shattered by the ordeal — which took place at around 1.30am on Sunday May 16.

He said: “I left the Fairlop Oak pub and went to a 24-hour shop nearby to get some cigarettes and a couple of lagers.

“On the way out I saw a friend of mine at the bus stop and went to chat with him. At the same time a car pulled up and a group of Asian lads got out and walked past me. They were looking at me funny.

“My friend eventually left and I was leaning against a wall looking at my mobile phone when one of (the gang) hit me over the head with a bottle.”

As the man turned around another gang member — described as having a skin head haircut and long beard — racially abused him before slashing him twice in the face, causing a two-inch cut to his cheek and a five-inch gash under his right eye.

The thugs, who were all aged between 25 and 30, ran off following the attack.

The injured man, who has been unable to return to his job as a digger driver on the Olympic site or go out alone at night since the attack, said: “I staggered into the 24-hour shop to ask for help. I was bleeding really badly.

“If I hadn’t been on the way down the guy could have slashed my neck.
- - - - - - - - -
“The ambulance took half-an-hour to get there. Luckily an old mate of mine from school arrived at the shop not long after to get something and saw me there bleeding. He helped stem the blood with a load of dusters from the shop.

“I passed out because of the blood loss but the ambulance crew gave me a shot of something which woke me up again.”

He was taken to King George Hospital in Goodmayes before being transferred to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel to have micro-stitches inserted in his lip.

He said: “This has really destroyed my confidence.

“I was already feeling low after splitting up from my wife in January, but this has made it even harder for me to meet someone new.

“I’m just lucky to have such good friends around me.

“I don’t understand why this happened. I didn’t say anything to these people and they just brutally attack me.”

The knife-wielding thug is thought to have been wearing a tracksuit at the time of the assault while the other three men wore dark clothing.

The car the gang arrived in was driven off before the attack. It is described as small and blue — possibly a Ford Fiesta.

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Zenster said...

Another soon-to-be member of the EDL. It's as if Islam simply cannot endure a single day passing without making another lifelong enemy.

I wonder if Muslims ever pause to consider the old addage:

"Friends come and go but enemies accumulate."

Given enough time, Muslims will manage to rape or murder the exact wrong person. Perhaps a son or daughter of someone who is quite capable of building a WMD. Islam's inability and unwillingness to restrain its own violence literally guarantees that a thoroughly aggrieved lone wolf will one day emerge who has no compunction over causing the same sort of mass mayhem that Muslim terrorists routinely inflict upon the West.

Just by dint of the IQ disparity alone, such an opponent will likely be far more clever at going about their gruesome task. As Sherlock Holmes said in The Naval Treaty, "Ah, Watson, its a wicked world. And when a clever man turns his brain to crime, it's the worst of all."

If Muslims think the West's security is poor just wait until their own is put to the test.

It is unwise in the extreme to aggravate so many others when one's own protection is so scant. Anyone might think that the paucity of Islamic nukes already would have made that much abundantly clear.

Anonymous said...

Glad he's all right.

Just gotta wonder what those Western dhimmi-chicks with the bare heads and sleeveless blouses expect life is going to be like for them under Sharia law. Do they realize they'll be demonstrating from under body bags in the summer sun, if they're allowed out of the house at all? Or do they think that's just another one of "Bush's lies"?

Arius said...

The entire Western world suffers from cognitive derangement syndrome, an unconscious state of self hatred and self conflict. How else to explain the liberal and progressive alliance with Islam, which to them can do no wrong. The best that we can hope for is a reaction from what is left of the West, a reaction that may only occur if there is a horrible terrorist attack.

Anonymous said...

It's not terrorism, but it's jihad all right.

Ahem, wait a minute... Attacking people randomly in the street... Inspiring terror to the population that it might happen to anyone, anytime... OK, that's also terrorism.