Friday, May 21, 2010

The Women of Vlaams Belang Don the Burqa

This press release just came in from the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang:

Demonstration Against Burqa Ban:

50 Vlaams Belang Women – Wearing a Burqa – Will Hold a Symbolic Protest

In 2003, Vlaams Belang was the first party to introduce a law proposition regarding the ban on the burqa and other face covering garments. In April of this year, the ban was finally voted in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives.

Tomorrow, the Muslim organisation “Muslim Rise” will hold a demonstration in Brussels against the burqa ban. Although the demonstration has been prohibited by the city council, the Muslim fundamentalists are not planning to cancel their march. As a reaction, Vlaams Belang will hold a symbolical protest: at 1 pm, about fifty female militants of our party – all wearing a burqa – will protest against the Islamic oppression of women by symbolically throwing off their burqa. The protest will take place this Saturday on the Surlet de Chokier square, which is close to the Madou square.

For more information, please contact Filip Dewinter: +32475/26.13.23

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