Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Muslim Poster-Boy for the Spanish Military

AMDG at La Yijad en Eurabia has noticed that the Spanish military has decided to celebrate Armed Forces Day by highlighting the contribution of a Muslim to a rescue operation. Go over to his post to see the official poster honoring the hero.

Since the number of Muslims in the Spanish military is vanishingly small, this poster is a slap in the face for all those “persons of Spanish background” who serve in the armed forces. As AMDG says, it demonstrates “the abject treason of our ruling elites”.

This sort of pro-Islamic propaganda serves several functions:

1. It makes the elites feel good about themselves. They’re doing their part for Multiculturalism. They’re celebrating diversity. They’re promoting a dialogue of mutual understanding among various ethnic communities. Etc., etc.
2. It sends a message to the hoi polloi that Muslims are OK; they’re just like us. For the most part, this aspect of the campaign is a failure. The vast majority of the populace isn’t fooled.

They know what the deal is with Muslims.
3. It sends a signals to Muslims that our submission to them is already in progress. When Western cultural leaders bend over backwards to show how tolerant and benevolent they are towards Islam, it tells the Muslims that they have succeeded in gaining control over how the infidel treats them and their religion.

It says, “Yes, we are dhimmis who recognize that Islam is dominant in our territory. We are granting you control over what we do.”

This aspect of the campaign is very effective.

Here’s what AMDG has to say:

Muslim soldier, top feature of the poster for the celebration of the Armed Forces Day 2010

Tomorrow, Spain celebrates the Día de las Fuerzas Armadas. The Ministry has designed a poster (see image) whose main feature is the portrait of a Muslim soldier who saved the life of a colleague in a rescue operation at an oil rig.

Taking into account that the percentage of Muslims in Spanish armed forces is negligible — even if dangerously concentrated in the North-African cities of Ceuta and Melilla- this is once more another effort to promote multiculturalism and to destroy the identity of Spanish society. The initiative to promote the recruitment of Muslims is specially suicidal in the case of Spain, because Islam, and in particular the North of Africa, has been a historical enemy of the Spanish nation.
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You can also notice that the image of the armed forces portrayed in the poster is that of a NGO dedicated to humanitarian tasks.

In 1537, the Secretary of War (not “Defense”) of Felipe II created the first ever Navy Infantry. Its history is divided into five periods (see Wikipedia). In the first period, the most glorious, it fought mainly the Turk; in the second period it contained successfully the British Empire in South America. The third and fourth periods show it decadence; the fifth and current period show the abject treason of our ruling elites: it has participated in the so-called pacification of Yugoslavia, that is the reislamization of the region.