Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/13/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/13/2010A rumor has been circulating for several days that Germany is about to abandon the euro and re-establish the deutsche mark. According to the story, new banknotes have been printed and new coins have been struck, and tomorrow night Chancellor Merkel will make a speech to the German nation.

In other news, President Barack Obama has announced that he supports “reconciliation” with the Taliban in Afghanistan, provided that the terrorists renounce violence and promise to play nice.

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Anonymous said...

Germany dropping the Euro and returning to the mark would be the best news since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

That's why I don't think it's going to happen.

Well, that and the fact that when a rumor like this gets out it is nearly always wrong.

But I really hope it is true.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

will your Bangkok correspondent H. Numan be posting anything soon? My wife (Thai) found his reports more informative than what was coming from the Thai news services.

X said...

I've heard the rumour of Germany myself. I was cheered, but on balance I suspect it's not that likely.

If marks are being printed then it's probably part of the game between Germany and France. Sarkozy has been accused of declaring that he'd pull France out of the Euro if Germany didn't sign up to the Greek "rescue" plan - so Germany might have decided to call his bluff. It wouldn't surprise me if several countries were printing stocks of their own currency again just in case.

The Euro is dead in all but name now, regardless. The EU is attempting to create a system of "economic governance" that lets it control the budgets of Eurozone countries directly. This would divorce the affairs of the Eurozone and those countries outside the Euro even more than they already are, separating them in everything but name. The internal stresses this could create would be enough to destroy the union. Of course they might then mandate that all union members must be eurozone members but that, too, would destroy the union. Sweden, Denmark, the UK and the eastern european countries not present in the Euro would not be very happy at having their economies completely taken over in that way.

What was it the CIA said once? The EU would collapse by 2015? It seemed so far away at the time. Now it looks like they might have overestimated how long it would take.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, um ... the same place where the mark rumor was posted also has a post titled "SATURN lost its rings, and I think Jupiter’s moon crashed into it. Go check. This is serious. Something is happening out there."

Soooo ... yeeeeaaaah.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Sarkozy has been accused of declaring that he'd pull France out of the Euro if Germany didn't sign up to the Greek "rescue" plan - so Germany might have decided to call his bluff.

Now, wouldn't that be sweet? As in "The ultimate in poetic justice".

I've been following the rumour myself, and while it obviously is not going to take place, the mere noting of it sent me weeping with joy. It would be such a benefit for Germany, and for Europe at large.

Was in Austria last week, while the turmoil of the euro broke. When I mentioned that Denmark has its own money, people didn't even start debating the issue. "Congratulations" was the normal reaction.

Let the euro burn in the Hell it belongs in.

Anonymous said...

Henrik, this is why I question the sanity of my country men when they want the Euro. lol

Henrik R Clausen said...

RV, your leaders are not insane. They seek power where they see it, and getting Romania into the euro would make them pawns of some very, very powerful people.

Sean O'Brian said...

Estonia is apparently being prepped to join the Euro in 2011:

Estonia Ready To Adopt Euro In 2011, European Commission Says

Purely as a political project, the Euro is not dead yet. Or at least the Commission intends on propping up its corpse.

Anonymous said...

Henrik, my leaders aren't really traitorous. They do seek power and to make profits, but they're not really traitors. They're just a bunch of jokes that don't understand anything.

And I was referring to common people wanting the Euro. But I guess triple digit inflation, which is something I was born into is still back in the mind of people. I remember growing up, everything was traded in my currency, but the real prices were in dollars and they were adjusting each day by the rate of exchange. Just after 2004 or so things started to change.