Saturday, May 22, 2010

Take No Prisoners

Takuan Seiyo tipped us to this state-level Alabama campaign commercial. He said, “A state has a future when its candidates for public office run this sort of an ad.”

For an entertaining read, double-click this video and read the comments at YouTube. A lot of liberal Alabamians are not happy with Dale Peterson.

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Professor L said...

Why does he remind me of the Engineer of Team Fortress 2?

'I solve practical problems.'

Zenster said...

I give the man points just for being plainspoken in an era where actual candor has become a prosecutable offense. In this day of New Age (rhymes with "sewage") psychobabble, Politically Correct newspeak, pseudo-scientific bafflegab, Islamic taqiyya and the outright lies of our elected officials; Dale Peterson and Allen West are a breath of fresh air.

What was once just plausible deniability has morphed into an epidemic of intentional ambiguity and flat-out obfuscation that insults even the limited intelligence of America's voting public.

Peterson's frank admission that he is in pursuit of an otherwise nondescript bureaucratic position because it serves as gatekeeper for a five billion dollar budget represents a degree of honesty that is totally alien to modern politics.

People like Peterson and West represent a new vanguard in helping rid America of the charismatic beauty contests that currently pass for our electoral process. Let us all hope that Obama giving us the government we deserve is a lesson learnt the very first time. A repetition of it is something that our nation might not survive intact.

EscapeVelocity said...

Would you see anything like that in any European country?

Svartwulf said...

Lol, I like that guy, he has balls of steel. Honesty is a thing not often appreciated, but it is a joy to see when it shows up. Perhaps there is some hope yet.

And yes, he does remind me of the Engineer on TF2 as well.

Now, if only we could get people like him in Scandinavia, Europe, and the rest of America to hold up axe, sword, and gun, and draw a line in stone.

Sean O'Brian said...

Rick Barber, Republican candidate for the Congress in Alabama’s Second District, Anti-Jihad Ad