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Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/23/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/23/2010Al Jazeera is expanding its operations to Bosnia. The network plans to buy a local TV station in Sarajevo, and when the new channel is fully operational, it will be viewable by cable or satellite in other countries such as Serbia and Croatia.

In other news, the American-born Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki — the mentor of both the Lap Bomber and the Fort Hood Killer Shrink — has appeared in an Al Qaeda video that calls on Muslims to kill Americans.

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Zenster said...

Brentwood Mosque Not Alone in Defeat

“We’ll look for another place,” he said. “What else can we do? All of us cannot pack up and leave. We are here to stay. We have the same rights and freedoms as anyone else.

Right up until some really serious terrorist attacks happen, Mr. Ansari. Then you might be surprised at just how fast everything could change. Perhaps it's about time for you and your fellow Muslims to address exactly why it is that building mosques has led to such an outcry there in Tennessee and many other places around the United States of America.

Maybe Mr. Bonner is onto something when he says that, “Not enough people understand the political doctrine of Islam,” or “The fact is that the mosques are more than just a church. No one can predict what this one will be used for.”

People are fed up with Islamic jihad and the mosques where it is bred up. Furthermore, taqiyya makes it totally impossible to believe that your mosque won't be just another Islamic war room. Try and explain that away sometime, Mr. Ansari.

Zenster said...

‘Yours is a Peaceful Faith’

At Muslim forum, Patrick vows action to combat prejudice

He said recent news stories about the arrests of three New England men on immigration charges as part of the investigation of an attempted car bombing in Times Square has made many law-abiding Muslims feel “here we go again.”

The Roxbury mosque?

The one built on curiously underpriced land that has also received several millions in Saudi funding?

The one being built by the Islamic Society of Boston whose former leaders were found to have made extremist remarks?

The same Islamic Society of Boston whose founder, one Abdurrahman Alamoudi, is now in jail on terrorism charges?

The same Islamic Society of Boston that has held fundraisers for Gaza?

The same Roxbury mosque whose trustee, one James Badawi, is an unindicted co-conspirator in the case which saw successful prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation for funding a terrorist organization?

Ah yes, but "yours is a peaceful faith", indeed.

Zenster said...

Germany: Family Strife Blamed for High Suicide Rate Among Turkish Women

“Sometimes the girls have told us, ‘I’d rather kill myself than let my brother do it’.”

And just how many of these "suicides" are due to the young women being thrown off ... er, I mean jumping off of high balconies or tall buildings?

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

"India: A New Type of Radical Islamist"

Political islam, secular jihad a ideology that weighs more on the political than religious could prove to be more attractive and virulent for muslim populations in Europe than strictly religious jihad.

Zenster said...

India: A New Type of Radical Islamist

Sharma lists the example of the Pakistani-American finance analyst Faisal Shahzad, who placed the bomb on Times Square, or the American psychiatrist Nidal Makik Hasan who shot 13 people in Fort Hood last November. What role does Osama bin Laden play for these men? [emphasis added]

This may be the wrong question to ask. We have already seen many terrorists emerge from the ranks of professionals such as doctors and engineers. It is doubtful that every single one of them succumbed to the siren call of Osama.

Which is not to say that having bin Laden's head served up on a platter with eyes still atwitch wouldn't be delightful, but it nonetheless remains a mistake to overemphasize al Qaeda's importance against the backdrop of Islam's longstanding history of jihad against dar al-Harb.

Islam alone has always been enough to set off these human time bombs and defusing them will require putting a major hurt on its credibility and any incentive there is for following the example of Mohammad.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! The State Department sure breaks some new ground in creative logic and progressive doublespeak.

"The best antidote to intolerance is not banning or punishing offensive speech, but rather a combination of robust legal protections against discrimination and hate crimes, and proactive government outreach to minority religious groups and the vigorous defense of both freedom of religion and expression."

How can you, at the same time, "not punish offensive speech", and "enforce robust legal protections against discrimination and hate crimes" ?

This certainly sounds very much like "no compulsion in religion" or "a tolerant Islam".