Sunday, May 23, 2010

“Something is Rotten in the State of This Council”

Vlad’s Vimeo channel is back up — although most of his earlier content has been removed — and he has just posted his latest video project there. It’s a retrospective of David Littman’s twenty-five years of fighting the good fight at various UN “Human Rights” bodies:

This is some compelling watching. David G. Littman himself speaks on some of his impressions in new interviews on his experiences in the UN Human Rights Council and other UN bodies, and the extraordinary degree of obfuscation and other tactics used by the various members of the UN to avoid any discussion of actual human rights.

Here’s the video with clips of David Littman at work on the floor of the UN, and discussing his repeated struggles against the illiberal and anti-Semitic satraps of the UN:

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Zenster said...

No exposé of that abortion of justice known as the UN Human Rights Commission would be complete without a few speechs made by United Nations Watch executive director, Hillel Neuer:

Banned Speech: The UN Council That Created the Goldstone Report

UN Watch's Hillel Neuer on Human Rights Council

Denying Darfur: UN Watch's Hillel Neuer Confronts Sudan

Let us also be sure to take note of the UN Human Rights Council's latest travesty whereby some $23,000,000 − INCLUDING FUNDS MEANT FOR FOREIGN AID − was spent on decorating the council chamber ceiling at its Geneva headquarters.