Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Jews Did It (Again)!

According to a report posted by the Swedish state TV news program “Rapport”, a parliamentary candidate for the Center Party has proposed the remarkably original theory that Jews were responsible for both 9-11 and the Holocaust.

Our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter, who translated the article for Gates of Vienna, notes that the Center Party is part of the current governing coalition. His translation:

“Jews were behind September 11 and the Holocaust”

A Center Party parliamentary candidate believes that Jews were behind September 11 and the Holocaust. His theories have been completely open on the Internet for years.

The candidate is far, far down the list but is planning a “personvalskampanj” (a write-in campaign), to move himself up the list.

Last election he stood among the top ten, even though his website has already been up for years. A website full of conspiracy theories.

“I can say: think about this. Perhaps there is something more behind the conspiracy theories than what detractors say,” said the candidate for the Swedish TV news “Rapport”.

The texts on the site came to him after what he describes as spiritual experiences and the need for world peace, There are also texts about a group of financier families who rule the world, and in particular are behind the Estonia disaster and the murder of Anna Lindh.
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He identifies a Jewish businessman as responsible for September 11. He says:

“In Swedish, it is hard to understand the Jewish faith where sacrifice is needed to win something.”

Also described is the Holocaust as a Jewish victim, looking to the formation of the state of Israel.

“Who won WWII? The Jews! They received a state! A small remnant people, a country, it’s not a coincidence…”

What you are saying is, in principle, that September 11 and World War II would be the Jewish victims of these objectives?

“Just so!”

The website has attracted attention in social media on the net, but the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism says it is a novelty.

“These are classic anti-Semitic statements, and I am upset and surprised that one of the parliamentary parties has him on their list,” says Willy Silberstein, Chairman of the Committee, to “Rapport”.

The candidate himself denies that he is anti-Semitic or that the allegations about the Jewish victims are anti-Semitic.


Armance said...

What is the name of this candidate? It doesn't appear anywhere in the article. Is he ethnically Swede?

Baron Bodissey said...

Armance --

That's the frustrating thing about the Swedish media -- they often don't give names.

Since they carefully avoid giving you any information about this guy, he may well be a culture enricher.

If you read Swedish, check Politiskt Inkorrekt. They often post names that the MSM omits.

Armance said...

Yes, he seems ethnically Swede, his name is Ove Svidén.

I was suspicious because international MSM in general don't give names, particularly regarding cultural enrichers. I've become a sort of expert in reading between the lines, because I have to read news agencies almost every day. For example, when a headline says "Anti-Semitism on Rise in Sweden/France", you have the impression that violent French or Swedes suddenly started attacking Jews, but the overwhelming majority of the attackers are actually Muslims.

MSM follow a sort of code in reporting crimes and illegal activities. They avoid carefully any reference to name, ethnicity, race or nationality, but only regarding non-whites. For example, if the criminal in the West is a white Eastern European, usually the name and nationality are mentioned (the only exception regarding Eastern Europeans are Gypsies - only nationality is mentioned in the press. Most of the time, the picture is not published, because you could see that it's a brown-skinned person). Muslims, Blacks and all non-European immigrants have protected identities in MSM, especially if they are involved in violent crime. If the name and picture cannot be avoided (like in Fort Hood massacre), the journalists feel compelled to add the classic "motives remain mysterious" or state that the man was not affiliated with any group and/or certainly it was not a hate crime.

Ove Svidén is more of an exception in the general landscape. Usually the name is given if the individual involved is ethnically European. I guess the journalists have become so accustomed with the code, that sometimes they apply it in all circumstances, just by the power of habit.

Unknown said...

Those interested can check out Mr. Svidén's home page (mostly in English), here:


The man is a larger-than-life cook.

Henrik R Clausen said...

There are also texts about a group of financier families who rule the world.

That might be the hidden purpose of this anti-Semitism: To equate Richness with Evil.

I'll happily leave the privilege of being poor to people with that attitude. But please don't spread it. It's harmful.

Anonymous said...

Armance, they apply it like that because they agree with his views. And Gypsies don't have Romanian nationality. They're Romanian citizens though. :P

If you think they have Romanian nationality, ask Romanians if Gypsies are Romanian. lol

Fjordman said...

I don't understand why Swedish media and elites pretend to be surprised by this. They have turned a blind eye to such attitudes from Muslims for years and have actively cultivated them with regards to Israel.

Félicie said...

"The man is a larger-than-life cook."

Funnily enough, I read this as "the man has a larger-than-life c&ck." Interesting associations. But it's probably the other way around. :)



"The geography of Europe's futures" by Ian Masser, Ove Sviden and Michael Wegener, 225 + XV pp., 1992, Belhaven Press, London, £39.50

Arsonist(s) tried to burn down Lars Vilks' house late this night.
Police was allarmed by Vilks!


Anonymous said...

"A parliamentary candidate for the Center Party has proposed the remarkably original theory that Jews were responsible for both 9-11 and the Holocaust."

Quite. The Center Party. That's a very moderate, middle-of-the-road opinion. Nothing "extremist" here, you see. The really dangerous people are to be found at the Tea Parties.

costin said...

In they give this guy's name

Anonymous said...

What you don't seem to realize is that he point his finger at a certain type of men. Not the whole Jewish establishment. And as a matter of fact, Jews are not the same thing as a Zionist's. But I'll guess you can talk about Lars Vilks funny dog but never for a second look at the facts about, for example the Bilderberg group. It would be ignorant of you to take fiction for fact, right?

Best of luck with your blog.

Baron Bodissey said...

Hey Nitolik, you know who founded the Bilderberg Group in 1954?

Józef Retinger of Poland, and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Neither of them was Jewish. In fact, Bernhard had been in the Hitler Youth during the late 1930s.

Funny about that.