Sunday, May 30, 2010

Got Your Bloggers’ Insurance Paid Up?

It appears to be getting dangerous out there. In lovely, peaceful Canada, of all places.


Ali Mallah, a member of CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees), assaults intrepid blogger Blazingcatfur!

This Mallah dude is also a vice prez in the Canadian Arab Federation. As BCF notes, he’s infamous for his Israel-Hatred Derangement.

Here’s what happened: Blazing Cat Fur showed up at an anti-Netanyahu demonstration sponsored by what he calls “the Leftist Islamofascists alliance in Toronto”.

The protest was specifically aimed against Netanyahu’s participation in the annual Walk with Israel event.

Canada grows more dhimmified by the day:

…A blogger who films anti-Israel demonstrations - where Jews are often called the most obscene names - was assaulted this weekend by a leading member of the Canadian Arab Federation and CUPE. He wasn’t hurt but the attacker pushed him and tried to stop him using his camera. Surely this isn’t legal - at least not in countries where Sharia Law doesn’t apply. The bully then told the police that the awful man with the camera was a racist and the cop told the blogger to “keep things peaceful.” Surely this officer should be reminded of the law and that a man who crosses the road to insult and threaten another person is the one not keeping things peaceful.

Follow that link to Michael Coren and read the comment section in which BCF and Mr. Coren discuss whether or not pressing charges against this union bully/thug is a useful strategy, and if the police were remiss (yep, they sure were).

Five Feet of Fury is BCF’s wife. As my own spouse (who met her at a conference) has remarked, she chose her name well:

Arnie was unhurt.

This is the latest in a series of shameless public attacks by “peaceful” Muslims and their sympathizers against pro-Israeli Canadians.

If you object to “public employees” and taxpayer funded “community centers” intimidating ordinary citizens, please pass around this video, and contact your Member of Parliament.

FoF has links to further background on the Islamic goon who did this. Check out her site for those. See the video link she provides to Ali Mullah’s rant on Bush.

And here’s the video from that scuffle, which in American law would be considered assault:
- - - - - - - - -

Read the comments at Blazing Catfur also, because this has deeply shaken some people. One in particular feels like giving up any further fight. However, I think it’s actually a hopeful sign when the other side starts losing control.

I mentioned in my last post that fighting this thing is going to be long, and that we have to be prepared for the siege. As I said, time to get out Machiavelli and think strategically.

Fortunately, BCF wasn’t hurt. If the rule of law still prevails in Canada then he has the moral high ground here. I hope he runs with it.

Meanwhile, do you think bloggers’ life insurance premiums will go up? I’m not being dramatic; this a practical question which needs to addressed. Other considerations include whether or not to arm oneself (depending on where you live) , or if wearing a bullet proof vest - as one of the Christian news network’s reporters does - is the better part of valor.

I’m glad BCF is okay, but it may be just an opening salvo so I hope he comes down hard on his assailant. To let it go would be giving this bully permission for further assaults, not just of Blazing Cat Fur, but any videographer who showed up with a camera.


Zenster said...

To let it go would be giving this bully permission for further assaults, not just of Blazing Cat Fur, but any videographer who showed up with a camera.

Muslims routinely display a penchant for making examples out of people. Rape victims are stoned to death and homosexuals are hoisted from cranes with increasing regularity.

For this reason alone it is vital to make sure that Ali Mallah gets a taste of his own lawfare. If he is willing to commit assault then he needs to gain a reputation for doing so such that his own criminal record works against his personal credibility on future occassions.

At future events, it also might be prudent to have a second video camera for the purpose of recording what happens to the first video camera operator. This would record primary evidence of hostile intent and unaggravated assault.

Those that gathered for the anti-Israeli protest did so in a public place and had no reasonable expectation of privacy. Therefore, Ali Mallah had no grounds for protesting that his picture was being taken. His was, effectively, an unprovoked assault. Perish the thought that so many skinless Muslims are provoked by the mere presence of unbelievers or even a suggestion of their past existence at any time in history.

Anonymous said...

Glad he's all right.

Just gotta wonder what those Western dhimmi-chicks with the bare heads and sleeveless blouses expect life is going to be like for them under Sharia law. Do they realize they'll be demonstrating from under body bags in the summer sun, if they're allowed out of the house at all? Or do they think that's just another one of "Bush's lies"?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this comment was aimed at the Blazing Cat Fur story, where I see it also landed. You can delete this one.

Anonymous said...

It's not just that the assaulter is Muslim, it's that is a member of CUPE, Canada's public sector union. CUPE gets involved in all kinds of political stuff like Israel-bashing.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

Funny Cupe getting upset at apartied in israel but supporting affirmative action in Canada.

I guess when you do unto others it's not hate.