Monday, May 17, 2010

Practicing Pre-emptive Dhimmitude


Michael Barone says that Holder isn’t the only mute monkey. There is a whole silent chorus out there. Or rather, a stuttering, say-anything-but-the-T-word bunch of untalking heads.

It has reached the point of ridicule. We’re living in a Monty Python cum Alice in Wonderland world, but it has long ceased to be funny.

Now Barone ticks off the useless idiots on the self-suppressed list:

New York City’s mayor opined on the Times Square Bomber: he probably didn’t like Obama’s health bill. Now there’s some handy projection for you. And a Washington Post opinionist was sure it was the foreclosure on his house that set the guy off. Nothing to do with five months’ training in his homeland, y’all.

The Christmas (pardon me, Winter Holiday) underwear bomber was an isolated extremist, type unspecified, sez Obama, while his wind-up robot at Homeland Security repeated the mantra, “no terrorists here, move along. No terrorists here, move along. No no no no…” Would someone take pity and change her batteries?

Meanwhile, the killer shrink at Fort Hood suffered from PTSD. Pay no attention to his mentor back in Yemen.

As Barone notes, this reluctance to say “terrorist” out loud dates back to the Bush administration. Obama didn’t change the cringing conversation, he simply trimmed it a bit.

Barone asks:

Why the reluctance to state the obvious truth, that we are under attack from terrorists motivated by a radical form of Islam?

His answer? It’s because of us, the howling mob of Americans who will rush out looking for innocent Muslims to slaughter should we ever discover radical Islam. As he points out,

Of course the evidence is that Americans are quite capable of holding these two ideas in their heads. Even after September 11 there were only a minuscule number of attacks on Muslims, and many more Americans went over to their Muslim neighbors and offered to help if they had any trouble. They didn’t even need to hear the almost instant assurances from Rudy Giuliani and George W. Bush that all Muslims were not terrorists.

And I have no problem with that gushy, feel-good sentiment. What I do question is whether Muslims see themselves as Americans first or as Muslims first. If your primary allegiance is to the Koran, that’s a deal-breaker. It violates the oath of citizenship.

Barone says that the Howling Mob Theory (hereinafter known as the HMT) explains a lot — e.g., Napolitano’s focus on “disgruntled military veterans and gun owners”. You wonder if she really believes this garbage or if she’ll say and do what it takes to be sniffing-close to the seat of power. In other words, is she ambitious or is she insane?

Mr. Barone thinks the HMT explains much of the Leftist blather regarding the Tea Parties (racist know-nothings) or their refusal to look at the violence during Hispanic demonstrations and the infamous New Black Panthers who were caught on tape intimidating voters, but whose case was dropped by Coward Holder’s Justice Department.

I particularly like Mr. Barone’s explanation via parochialism, since it’s one I made in the comments yesterday:

It should go without saying that it’s ridiculous to believe, as many liberals do, that just about everyone west of Manhattan and east of Hollywood likes to go around wearing white sheets.

Whenever someone begins a sentence with “It should go without saying” you know that whatever follows needs to be said. Barone concludes that when smart people say dumb things you know there’s an issue behind the façade of stupidity.

My personal favorite is Obama’s conviction that the white Cambridge police officer who arrested the disorderly black professor was a racist. That belief gave him an unprecedented opportunity to sing a few choruses of “Nobody Knows the Troubles I Seen”, with a full chorus of talking heads humming the backup.

It’s dangerous out here in White Sheets & Guns land. Out here be the slope-headed monsters cuz all the smart people done moved to L.A., New York City, or Washington.

Among my black friends here there is a word reserved for smart people who say or do dumb things. Finishing up a conversation about some stupidity, they’ll shake their heads and say, “the man’s a fool”. That last word is dragged out with an extra ‘o’ or two. As in “the man’s a foool”. This is the final dismissive judgment. ’Nuff said.

Which sums it up for the chattering classes:
- - - - - - - - -
Those folks are fools, every mother’s son of them who refuse to state the obvious, i.e., the simple fact of the terrorists among us. Instead they prefer to point to Americans instead. Since the death of three thousand people on September 11th didn’t enlighten them, it’s not likely that numerous repeats of acts of terrorism will unglue their mouths or their minds.

“Ain’t no terrorists here except Americans” is a truism for cowards like Holder and his ilk.

And these fools wonder why we hold them in contempt?

Here, listen to one of them, from another offering by Definite Opinion. He calls it “Outdated Bigotry”. I call it proof of Mr. Barone’s thesis:

After all, which idea is scarier: that Americans are bigoted bullies, or there really are Islam-driven terrorists who want to kill them just because they exist?

Throughout most of history those countries invaded by Islam’s imperialistic overdrive resisted their dhimmitude until it became dangerous to fight back any longer. Our leaders, however, practice pre-emptive dhimmitude in the mistaken belief that this will protect them.

Foools, every one of them.


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces


Pre-emptive Dhimmituders have them here in the UK, I think it is more than that it is jihad by proxy in another time subterfuge and high treason.

Dymphna said...


You just picked up another untouchable word: "treason". The Left's form of patriotism is to villify anyone who uses that word.

You're right, though: the UK is full of them. But they deflect ordinary citizens by focusing on your trash bin and litter crimes.

Clever, those bureaucrats.