Monday, May 24, 2010

The Gaza Strip North

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter sends a translation from today’s Sydsvenskan about “a new incident of violence in culturally enriched Malmö, Sweden’s little Arabia”:

Ambulance subjected to stone-throwing

An ambulance that was called to Örtagårds school to transport a child to the hospital was subjected to stone-throwing by the school’s students.

It was just before 11am when an ambulance stopped at Örtagårds school’s area for grades 6-9. The school had decided to call an ambulance when a student visited the school nurse. All of a sudden pupils surrounded the ambulance and began to throw stones at it, even though both the guards and school personnel were present.

“It’s very sad that this happened. The school nurse immediately followed up on the event by visiting the classes and talking about how serious the incident was. Now we will continue to carry out interviews. There are always those who want to tell us what they have seen and who has done what,” “says Principal Ulrika Skoog.

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Michael Carr - Veritas Literary said...

Thank goodness they're conducting "interviews." How would those children know not to stone an ambulance if not for "interviews?"