Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Destroy a People Through Immigration

The Fjordman Report

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
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The WND commentator Vox Day has this to say about the use of immigration for the purposes of subversion and colonization:

Throughout history, when an occupying power has wanted to destabilize and destroy a nation, it has settled a foreign people in its midst. The seeds of the Balkan conflict were sown when the Turks planted Albanian Muslims in Kosovo to uproot the Christian Serbs who had long defended the borders of medieval Christendom and had more than once turned back the tide of an expanding Ottoman empire. The Soviet Union under Stalin methodically encouraged Russian emigration into the occupied Baltic states in a campaign of long-term Russification, to such an extent that nearly 30 percent of the populations of Latvia and Estonia were Russian.

Here is what I wrote three years ago. The same principles apply to North America:

Multiculturalism is simply a tool for divide and conquer. Is there then any point in trying to comprehend its logic at all? Maybe it was just a convenient excuse used for disrupting the established order of nation states by flooding them with mass immigration under the cover of “cultural diversity” or historical inevitability. If that is the case, there never was any coherent logic behind it, so we shouldn’t waste our time looking for one. Many of those promulgating it never believed a word of it themselves. Multiculturalism is the new Allah: Don’t understand, just obey.
- - - - - - - - -
This was undertaken by a coalition of different groups with a shared goal of undermining Western nation states. I heard supporters of mass immigration a generation ago state that all this talk about how it would change our societies into the unrecognizable was scare-mongering and racism. Now, the same groups are saying that yes, our societies have been changed forever. It’s good, and it’s anyway too late to do anything about it, so get used to it! Their propaganda was used to deceive the public and keep it off balance in order to implement potentially irreversible changes with little real debate. They knew they would never get the permission to destroy their own countries, so they simply didn’t ask.

By dismantling national borders, the EU has facilitated the largest migration waves in European history. When Poland became a member, many Poles moved to Britain, Germany etc. This left Poland with a labor shortage. They are now considering importing workers from the Ukraine and Russia to compensate for the Poles that left. At the same time, native Brits are fleeing to Spain because they don’t feel at home in Britain anymore. By such moves, you unleash a chain migration that will eventually smash nation states that have existed for ages. Yet this intra-European migration pales in comparison to the immigration from developing nations. The end result will — supposedly — be an entire continent of people without any national loyalties who will be divided, disoriented and thus presumably easier to control. Stalin did the same thing, moving large population groups around to unsettle the state and keep it disunited. The EU has learned a lot from Stalin.


Armance said...

Now, the same groups are saying that yes, our societies have been changed forever. It’s good, and it’s anyway too late to do anything about it, so get used to it!

Indeed, this is one of the biggest lies of the immigration advocates.
First they say that immigration won't change the ethnic and cultural composition of a nation and those who oppose it are scare-mongers, populists, racists, Nazis.
Secondly, when it becomes pretty clear that the "scare-mongers" have been right all the way, they declare that it was inevitable, a matter of historical destiny, like some sort of pro-immigration gods divinely ordered it since the beginning of time.

That's how it happened with the American 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, and the same course of events is taking place now in Europe. 100% identical.

It's like exposing a healthy man to a virus (or a multitude of viruses), arguing that his immunity system is strong enough to resist. Then, when the man gets ill and finally dies (which was predictable all the way), they say that it was written in his fate - besides, what is so wrong about death, isn't it natural?

The Stalinist cynicism of our elite is mind-boggling.

persikas said...

Basics immigration

Immigration - let’s get down to the absolute basics .

Forget about how much immigration , what kind of people we let in ,
the trickle of people who always land up on any foreign soil -
I’m talking about planned immigration , the policy of a government to let
foreign people into a country .
Why should there be a policy ?

A people , settled in their country for hundreds , maybe thousands of years ,
go about their business , get married , produce the next generation - and so life goes on .
Why on earth would the idea suddenly come to someone ,
" Let’s invite some foreigners to live here ."
Can you see the absurdity of this ?
I’m not talking about the reactions to people once they’ve arrived from other countries , acceptance , intolerance , hospitality , indifference , hostility .
I’m talking about people in their daily lives , trying to get an
education ,working , finding a partner , looking after their children suddenly wanting to share their lives , their country , with foreigners .
Foreigners live in other countries - maybe you’re bigoted and you dislike foreigners just because they’re foreigners - maybe you find them interesting because they’re foreigners . Maybe you want to go abroad and meet some .
Maybe you could meet a nice foreigner who liked your country and you might say in a fit of generosity , " Why don’t you come and live here ? "
But to look outside of your country to individuals you know nothing about
and say , " Come and live in my country " WHY ?

I’m not debating the pros and cons of planned , wished for immigration up to now - I’m saying that it’s strange idea .

Governments do things for a reason - not always good reasons and they don’t always ( often ? ) tell us what these reasons are .
Planned immigration is not an idea that’s just popped unbidden into their collective heads .
It’s been thought out as a policy - what was their policy ? - they didn’t tell us .
What IS their policy ? - they haven’t actually explained but it’s something to do with the FACT that we live in a multicultural society .

Politicians are not , in general , kind people .
Their first priority in life is neither foreigners nor the locals .
Advocating immigration has something to do with their careers or their ideology but nothing to do with us or our wishes.
We can all come up with our own ideas about why they want to import more and more foreigners - whatever reasons we come up with why they wish to import more and more foreigners into our country,
given everything that’s happened over the last years , the behaviour of the muslims , it wouldn’t be difficult
to find good, solid reasons why we are now wary of inviting any more - why some want a complete halt to immigration and some might even want to send our muslims back whence they came .

Anonymous said...

persikas, not liking foreigners isn't being bigoted. Liking them is.

I agree with you about how insane immigration can be, especially since Europe is a really crowded place. And the purpose of immigration is to let ethnically close people(for example, the British are genetically close to Danish people so the latter would assimilate quite fast) in your country to increase the number of highly skilled, intelligent people. Obviously, the immigration of low IQ, unskilled, non-assimilable, criminality prone people in your country comes from the reason you said. But letting the former in, increases the carrying capacity of the country so that the native people live better and can have more kids and the like. Letting people who use more of it than create extra carrying capacity for a country shouldn't happen and the increase should be bigger and bigger as the people that want to immigrate are genetically different. This is how immigration is done if you want to preserve the ethnic structure of your country.

Anonymous said...

For example, Swedes have no benefit from letting Somalis in the country. As a group, more than half of them will leech on welfare and not hold a job, so they will not only not increase the carrying capacity of the country, but they will decrease the number of kids that Swedes have because that's who will pay for the upbringing of their kids. In the same sense, Somalis commit 11 times more crime than ethnic Swedes. So Swedes have NO advantage whatsoever in this deal and they're royally screwed from whichever angle you look at it. The benefit of having a small number of other people from other ethnic groups as individuals(you must deny them any group identity) on your territory comes from them being brilliant people and increasing the productivity of the country and make the lives better for the natives by more than the costs of them being there in terms of competition on resources and so on is.

Anonymous said...

It seems that there's more and more of a consensus in Gates of Vienna that this mass immigration trend affecting all white Western nations is fueled by government planning and ulterior motives. This is good. But now the question remains, what to do about it?

Wait for a knight in shining armor to come save us through the political process, ie Geert Wilders? Disengage from the system and find a way to continue our people and way of life outside of government/corporate influence? Shrug our shoulders and eat popcorn?

Charles Martel said...

At this point, the proposition nation, respecting no ethnicity, combined with the democratic malignancy will relegate the Western Europeans to minority status in all nations in short order. That die has long since been cast.

The ensuing chaos and destruction will be of catastrophic proportions and in the aftermath, men will once again begin to assemble according to the natural allegiance of ethnicity. but first, every last vestige of multiculturalism will have to be squeezed out of mankind.

Fjordman, Takuan Seiyo and a host of other sages notwithstanding, nothing can be done to forestall the inevitable for, like the Black Death, multiculturalism will surely destroy the world as we know it. Only hubris prevents us from recognizing our inevitable descent and invites our ultimate Nemesis.

heroyalwhyness said...

This essay prompts me to share a quote from a book frequently referenced here by John J. O'Neil, author of " Holy Warriors: Islam and the Demise of Classical Civilization".

On page 37 of Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne the author states:

". . .As a matter of fact, a minority can transform a people when it wishes to dominate it effectively, when it has only contempt for it, regarding it as fit on ly for exploitation; as was the case with the Normans in England, the Musulmans wherever they appeared and even the Romans in the conquered provinces. "

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

". . .As a matter of fact, a minority can transform a people when it wishes to dominate it effectively,... "

I would go one step further on this and say that a minority of a minority can transform a mass of people if there were a ratio I would not be surprised to see a very small figure relating to the transformers.

Elan-tima said...

The common argument used by pro multi-culturalists in Canada is "don't worry.... the second generation of immigrants are well integrated into the host there's no problem".
This is of course the old bate and switch argument. You convince the skeptical that all will be well in the future so carry on and don't think. Yes the second generation will be well integrated because the host culture had to make huge accomadations for the first generation and the host culture is deformed to suit the immigrant. So in fact by the adulthood of the second gereration immigrant the true foreigner is those in the host culture who want to go back to the pre mass immigration era.
Of course what the multi-culturists leave out of the argument is that the third generation immigrant lives in a cultural sewer, sees the second generation as "sell-outs" and emulate the first generation. Those who started the whole mess are now retired to their gated communites away from all the ethnic ghetto strife and leave the mess for others to clean up.
Secondly, the so called "inevitability" of mass immigration is another rationalist rather than empiricist conclusion made by "Progressives".
They are linear thinkers and therefore believe that since the present isn't so bad, the future will be inevitably progressivly better because the future is always better than the past regardless of how they act. Thankfully anyone who reads any history knows these trends are cyclical not linear, and that alone can give everyone a foundation to initiate change.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Persikas, excellent post.

It's as though the indigenous white person wakes up one day and says to himself, "You know, what my neighborhood really needs is 100 Nigerian Muslim families to move into it. Their faith alone would add to our community so much that we cannot provide ourselves. To learn the intricacies of shariah law is an excellent use of my time."

Americans, however, embrace "nationofimmigrants" as a concept greater than liberty itself. Since there are four immigrants in my family tree therefore I must welcome 1,000,000 illegals per year ad inf. Whatever immigration policies are in force can only be good for me and for the nation.

Anonymous said...

Yet more proof over this insanity being imported from the US.

Stelios said...

I wonder where all those escapees from mid east and northern africa "migrate" and what for.

haud ignota loquor

Olsen Rainer said...

As far as we Americans go, we really need to ditch these stupid ancient ideas that we are a "nation of immigrants". Because guess what, we are NOT a nation of immigrants. My parents were born here in America, I was born here in America so America is the only place in the world where I am a Natural born citizen.

Secondly, I have no need nor desire for immigrants around me. The only immigrants I would want here around me are Dutch, German, British, Austrian WHITE immigrants. I have no need for savages from Africa, the Middle East, or most parts of asia.

Because of this leftists will scream I am a racist. Yawn who cares since I don't care what traitors think of me to begin with.