Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/15/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/15/2010Morocco has banned any non-Islamic names for its residents in the Netherlands. Moroccan-Dutch residents hold dual passports, even if they are second- or third-generation and born in the Netherlands. This gives the government of Morocco the right to control what people name their children. Officials specifically want to eliminate Christian and Berber names, which they believe dilute Moroccans’ Islamic identity.

In other news, an Israeli economist is warning that the unsustainable load of Israel’s welfare state may eventually destroy the country.

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Armance said...

Have you seen what is happening in Arizona? Amazing. After the enforcement of the anti-immigration law, the authorities want to penalize schools that teach ethnic classes. We should open a thread in praise of Arizona. We are all Arizonans now.

I know it's not such a big deal in the gloomy big picture of the West, but the beams of light are so rare, that I get over-enthusiastic every time I can see one.

EscapeVelocity said...

Tories ditched policies as fast as they listed them: 'Cameron wanted to bury party Right,' say Lib Dems

David Cameron used the coalition talks with Nick Clegg as an excuse to ditch ‘daft’ Tory policies he secretly wanted to get rid of all along - such as scrapping inheritance tax and getting rid of his pledge to rip up the Human Rights Act, it was claimed last night.

The leader of Mr Clegg’s negotiating team, new Scottish Secretary Danny Alexander,
said his Conservative counterparts, led by William Hague and George Osborne, produced a list of Mr Cameron’s manifesto pledges and invited the Lib Dems to strike them out.

And Mr Cameron’s controversial policy guru Steve Hilton was reportedly delighted that the coalition had enabled Mr Cameron to ‘bury the Tory Right-wing’.



Shame the UKIP didnt win any seats, enough to form a coalition government and press their agenda past their weight on the Tories.