Thursday, May 27, 2010

Haute Cuisine in the Gaza Strip

People are starving in Gaza, aren’t they?

Well, apparently not. Not all of them, anyway. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated this tasty little morsel from the Belgian website Joods Actueel:

Luxury in Gaza: The images “Broederlijk Delen” & co. wants to hide from the outside world

Cactus Roots Club in Gaza

We hear from organizations such as Broederlijk Delen [“Brotherly Sharing”; “a Flemish faith-based non-profit aid organization that supports local groups in the global South”] and Intal [ditto; “Globalize Solidarity!”] quite often about the “appalling humanitarian situation” in the Palestinian territories. We have often poked holes in this misrepresented image and continue to do so. This time with images of a luxurious restaurant and catering service in Gaza. Visit the website and literally fall from your chair!

Gaza eatery

Want to have a look in the extensive menu? That is possible here. Please note — for those having trouble deciding — the menu includes no fewer than sixteen pages, with dozens of main courses and appetizers. You have thus been warned! We have already opted for the Chateaubriand in Béarnaise sauce or the Pavés de Rumsteak au Poivre vert, although the Sole Meunière and the Cordon bleu chicken (p.12) also do not seem too bad…

We daresay that Brigitte Herremans (the Palestine envoy for Broederlijk Delen — ed.) will have frequently eaten her sandwiches here. And in case you might be around, here’s the address: Cairo Street, Rimal, Gaza. A table can be booked in advance by emailing, or calling +970 8 288 8666.

[More photos at the article]

And don’t forget this video of the posh establishment:
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Bon appétit!


Félicie said...

This is all Western aid money. This is where our tax money are going.

Anonymous said...

What, no pork dishes? I want my bacon wrapped scallops!

Zenster said...

I'll bet Hamas is in a tizzy over this. They probably can't decide whether to blow the place up because it is a decadent Western-style luxury lounge or hold their next executive board meeting in one of the private dinning rooms.

I can hear them arguing about it right now:

Terrorist 1: This bourgeois abomination must be leveled to the ground!

Terrorist 2: But they have the most delight hummus and it's served with those little radishes carved into roses!

Terrorist 1: Radish roses? My favorite Auntie knew how to make those.

Terrorist 2: And they use shallots in the tabouleh!

Terrorist 1: That was my Auntie's secret ingredient as well. By the Prophet's beard, maybe it isn't such a bad place after all!

Terrorist 2: Let's do lunch!

Terrorist 1: Well ... all right but we have to blow something else up first to compensate for our self-indulgence.

Terrorist 2: Deal!

imnokuffar said...

AAARGH these people are hypocritical liars of the first dimension.

This should be widely promoted particularly to the "starving masses" in Hamas held territory.

Green Infidel said...

The poor and oppressed Gaza beating London and NYC for fine dining?

Surely this calls for another big transfer of aid money.